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#17022 Enhance Validator for "Missing attribute - Railway crossing without railway=level_crossing" team enhancement normal fixed
#17370 [PATCH] add deprecated tags from Osmose checks Klumbumbus enhancement normal fixed
#17786 Complain about misusing building key to describe building state (building=damaged, building=collapsed) Klumbumbus enhancement normal fixed
#17886 Multipolygon test possibly wrong Don-vip defect normal fixed
#17901 Remove warning directing cycleway and footway taggings toward highway=path team defect normal latest fixed
#17932 Update to enable propper logging Don-vip defect normal fixed
#17938 False positive: Unknown property value - Value 'tilt' for key 'bridge:movable' is unknown, maybe 'lift' is meant? team defect normal fixed
#17967 Complain about highway=cycleway cycleway=track team enhancement normal fixed
#17970 False positive: missing tag - highway without a reference team defect normal latest fixed
#17973 warn if foot/cycle way is missing segregated=* team enhancement normal fixed
#17990 convert roof:shape=half_hipped to roof:shape=half-hipped team enhancement normal fixed
#17997 Required values: warns about generator:source, generator:method or generator:type without power=generator team enhancement normal fixed
#18000 "Building with an almost square angle" on nodes outside download area Don-vip defect normal latest fixed
#18003 Warn about bridge_name team enhancement normal fixed
#18007 warn about access=public team enhancement normal fixed
#18059 MAPCSS ParseException: Encountered at line 1259, column 14 Klumbumbus defect normal latest fixed
#18060 throw a warning for nodes with cycleway=crossing team enhancement normal fixed
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