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#10133 add "route" role (to presets?) team enhancement normal fixed
#10825 add validator warning for tags on isolated nodes, which should be part of a way Klumbumbus enhancement normal fixed
#10869 Better handling of semicolon in values II: Warn about empty values team enhancement normal latest fixed
#10223 False positive: "Missing pedestrian crossing information" team defect normal latest fixed
#9844 [PATCH] mysterious validator message - Member for role '<empty>' does not match 'highway=path || highway=footway || highway=track' (1) team defect normal fixed
#3733 [PATCH] SimilarNamedWays naïvely uses Levenshtein distance and marks a lot of false positives team defect normal latest fixed
#10837 Some more validation rules for JOSM Klumbumbus enhancement normal fixed
#10862 URL contains non-ascii characters warning ? team defect normal fixed
#10810 UrlValidator: False positive for team defect normal tested fixed
#10851 Validation tests for foot/footway/sidewalk team defect normal fixed
#9992 Validator doesn't allow for oneway (parts of) hiking and cycling routes team defect normal latest fixed
#10896 Validator rule: change needed for junction=yes team defect normal fixed
#10195 Warning when empty role found in hiking relations team defect normal latest fixed
#10083 Wrong *:lanes counting team defect normal latest fixed
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