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#20739 Layers not working in MapCSS styles new team defect major
#6129 (PATCH needs rework) have even more flexiblity in mapcss new team enhancement normal
#7151 MapCSS: support multiple relations per child selector new team enhancement normal
#7974 Scalable fill icons new team enhancement normal
#8023 Nodes not affected by opacity when zoomed out new team defect normal
#8385 better caching for mappaint styles from the server new team defect normal
#8917 Opacity between mapstyles new team enhancement normal
#9319 Lines with higher layer value should be drawn on top of lines of lower layer value (also while line with lower layer is marked) new team enhancement normal
#9385 colour of arrows on oneway paths with bicycle=designated, foot=designated new team defect normal
#10058 [Patch in progress] MapCSS: 'line' selector and the future of the standard new team enhancement normal
#10106 mapcss: grouping doesn't work correctly new team defect normal
#10211 Using ∈ and ⧉ in mappaint styles new team defect normal
#10369 mapcss display area text on top of its outline new team enhancement normal
#10377 text halo is not smooth new team defect normal
#10435 Improvements to user-settings for mapcss mappaint styles new team enhancement normal
#10474 Scaling of fill-image new team enhancement normal
#11487 [WIP PATCH] Have josm render data to tiles reopened team enhancement normal
#11796 MapCSS text-offset implementation not compatible to MapCSS specification new team defect normal
#11994 left and right casing rendering not synchronous new team defect normal
#12055 toggling draw.rawgps.lines.force does not affect drawing immediately new team defect normal
#12085 Droid fonts no longer shipped by Android upstream, switch to Noto fonts new team enhancement normal
#12285 Hide name on ways during dragging to allow precise alignment new team enhancement normal
#13604 IAE: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (OsmDataLayer) reopened team defect normal
#14006 Multipolygon: combinedPolygons not updated on node merge new team defect normal
#15925 AIOOBE in Java2D rendering code (wireframe/AA mode with large dataset) new team defect normal
#15984 Image forward direction in drawing direction way, problem. new team defect normal
#16120 DividedScale$RangeViolatedError: the new range must be within a single subrange (2) new team defect normal
#16174 please consider adding offset-start and offset-end style setting for lines new team enhancement normal
#16183 StackOverFlowError when using `:areaStyle` in map paint style reopened team defect normal 18.04
#16205 map paint style menu in JOSM - icon changes when enabling a setting new team defect normal
#16348 DividedScale$RangeViolatedError: the new range must be within a single subrange new team defect normal
#16748 Map is briefly displayed without filters after load_and_zoom new team defect normal
#17189 mapcss should be able to use previous fields in the selector in additional fields new team defect normal
#17497 Pseudo class for features in inactive layer new team enhancement normal
#17672 class at different zoomlevels for dashes, not overruled new team defect normal
#17954 highlighting of virtual nodes is not working correctly new team defect normal
#18211 Allow to handle direction arrows in MapCSS new team enhancement normal
#20084 Road on a bridge tagged with "layer = 1" is rendered as if it were running under the crossing road while it should be on top new team defect normal
#20572 Overflowing text labels in the corner of the display new team defect normal
#21085 Make OSM Data layer usable in two map views new team enhancement normal
#21193 MapCSS: distance function new team enhancement normal
#21201 Display problem for riverbank multipolygon new team defect normal
#21656 Abort rendering when obsolete new team defect normal
#22301 Variable circle degree possibly with different colors new team enhancement normal
#22541 [MapCSS] Color first/last half of way new team enhancement normal
#22778 reconsider mapcss function osm_timestamp() new team enhancement normal
#9920 make plus sign between two nodes of a line changeable with macss mappaint style new team enhancement minor
#10420 Reload images on change new team enhancement minor
#20657 MAPCSS :selected pseudoclass doesn't update for child items with selection change new team defect minor
#8588 MapCSS: pixels per meter new team defect trivial
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