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#11856 Provide ability to choose zoom level of tiles wiktorn enhancement normal tested fixed
#11702 HTTP trace and WMS/TMS cache team defect normal latest fixed
#11836 Zoom out with Gamma adjusted on imagery causes Exception team defect normal latest fixed
#11881 untranslated string in WMS/TMS configuration tab wiktorn defect minor latest fixed
#7289 Bing: There should be a repaint when attribution data is ready team defect normal fixed
#10417 Selectable Gamma value for background imagery Nipel-Crumple enhancement normal fixed
#10623 support WMTS imagery services team enhancement normal fixed
#11805 Request for addition to standard imagery team enhancement normal fixed
#11821 JOSM freezes while Bing attribution data is loaded team enhancement normal fixed
#11872 WMS caching prevents using more than one layer from a particular WMS_endpoint wiktorn defect normal fixed
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