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#15969 when uploading: Primitive cannot be modified in read-only dataset team defect blocker latest fixed
#15847 JOSM got stuck (deadlocked) while merging layers team defect major fixed
#8039 Readonly layers for private data should block downloading OSM data into it team enhancement normal fixed
#10456 Locked layers team enhancement normal fixed
#14224 Jump to position advanced preference team enhancement normal fixed
#15734 Icon and Shortcut checker warnings team enhancement normal fixed
#15870 [PATCH] Fix Andhra Pradesh/Arunachal in boundaries.osm team defect normal latest fixed
#15887 crash on invalid url in selection tooltip team defect normal fixed
#15888 Add changeset link to upload confirmation popup team enhancement normal fixed
#15898 NPE at RestartAction.getCommands team defect normal fixed
#15899 Command Line Option --help crashes on Windows team defect normal fixed
#15910 <code> looks like Normal Text in Help Browser team defect normal fixed
#15985 Cannot Reach Trac Anchors in Help Browser team defect normal latest fixed
#15987 Open External Pages in an External Browser team enhancement normal fixed
#16021 imagery_eliout.imagery.xml is incomplete stoecker defect normal fixed
#16030 NPE at ButtonMarker.paint team defect normal fixed
#16034 Using 'Copy' (not 'Copy Tags') when multiple tags selected causes crash on 'Paste tags from buffer team defect normal fixed
#15901 --load-preferences crashes on simple filename team defect minor fixed
#15950 Preferences Help button should go directly to selected Preferences tab Help page team enhancement minor fixed

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#15943 Misbehaviour or wrong description of search string 'key=' team defect normal tested
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