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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#5869 history of last edits in download-dialog team enhancement major fixed
#10780 Undeleted relation not displayed in "Relations" window team defect normal fixed
#10838 on incomplete relation: "combine way" deletes all ways team defect major fixed
#12162 Unglue node of self intersecting way creates "duplicated way node" team defect normal latest fixed
#12545 Exception when object version higher than in OSM DB team defect normal latest fixed
#12870 Undo while extrude causes exception / unpredictable behaviour team defect normal latest fixed
#13973 UnsatisfiedLinkError: no awt in java.library.path team defect major fixed
#14923 [patch] JOSM search by preset in the search dialog team enhancement normal fixed
#14997 Filter button disappeared Don-vip defect normal tested fixed
#15016 Select "Layer" with no data loaded (Bing background) results in Crash Don-vip defect normal fixed
#15034 NPE at MapMode.updateStatusLine team defect normal fixed
#15036 [PATCH] Add provinces of China and India to data/boundaries.xml team enhancement normal fixed
#15055 IndexOutOfBoundsException when resolving conflicts team defect normal fixed
#15056 Click on download results in NPE at BookmarkList.load team defect normal latest fixed
#15062 NPE while loading JOSM (related with IPv6 it seems) team defect normal fixed
#15079 NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class sun.awt.image.ShortInterleavedRaster team defect normal fixed
#15089 [Patch] UploadDialog: bind Ctrl+Enter to upload action team enhancement normal fixed
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