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#11111 OSX: Two instances of the preferences dialog if using shortcut ⌘+ team defect normal fixed
#11342 All Command+X keys are doubled in Mac OS X team defect normal tested fixed
#12012 On Mac OS X, quiting with unsaved changes asks for saving twice team defect normal latest fixed
#14833 [PATCH] Selectively added details to data/boundaries.xml Don-vip enhancement minor fixed
#14840 [patch] Add separation borders to search screen bafonins enhancement minor fixed
#14854 DataIntegrityProblemException when backspace is used several times to revert the creation of a closed way michael2402 defect major fixed
#14868 Add support import *.JPEG image team defect normal fixed
#14877 make projection setting transient team enhancement normal fixed
#14886 NPE at SelectAction.getLastCommandInDataset michael2402 defect normal fixed
#14890 Remove org/openstreetmap/josm/gui/widgets/ team defect normal fixed
#14901 restrict plugin classpath team enhancement normal fixed
#14916 Remove "Toggle GPX Lines" menu entry team enhancement normal fixed
#14924 NPE while reading nmea file Don-vip defect normal fixed
#14929 Automatic filters on numeric tag values Don-vip enhancement major fixed
#14938 Crash on startup team defect normal fixed
#14945 InvalidPathException at startup when invalid URL is registered for map paint style team defect normal fixed
#14946 "Reverse way direction" does not work team defect major latest fixed
#14956 wrong link to taginfo if value contains whitespace team defect normal fixed
#14959 NullpointerException while trying to fix overlap of forest and lake team defect normal fixed
#14973 Ctrl Click crash gorgonz defect normal fixed
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