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#10470 Add tag: problem with position in drop down list team defect normal latest fixed
#10050 align nodes in line moves outer instead of inner node team defect normal latest fixed
#10855 Bug report screen occurred while looking at SeaWorld Orlando map team defect normal tested fixed
#10801 checkgroup in chunk leads to checks added multiple times team defect normal latest fixed
#10836 ClassCastException when decoding shop=art SVG icon team defect normal latest fixed
#10884 Crash when I run JOSM without Internet connection team defect normal fixed
#10164 DataIntegrityProblemException: pseudo class :unconnected blocks adding tags team defect major fixed
#10816 Empty keys are not validated on upload team defect major latest fixed
#10858 HelpTopicsList: Some links need manual adjustment team defect normal fixed
#10830 Improvement after history-window disappearance team enhancement normal fixed
#10877 motorway_junction.svg optimization team defect trivial latest fixed
#6430 [patch] add tag: problem with number as values(WAS: values is always the last added (even if the key is changed)) team defect normal latest fixed
#10872 Please ignore BOM as first character on preset files team defect normal fixed
#10026 Preferences, user data and caches should be stored in the appropriate places on Mac OS X team enhancement normal fixed
#10860 set initial viewport correctly when mapview is opened team defect normal fixed
#10863 typo in history browser team defect normal fixed
#10861 Zoom to layer when opening new file team enhancement normal fixed
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