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#8470 Extrude mode: allow dragginng nodes along adjacent segments Core 6 years ago
#8846 Copying and pasting a node places that node at the screen centre (in Mac OS) Core 6 years ago
#7436 Shortcut/toolbar redefinition bug dealing with the "Update Data" function Core 6 years ago
#8815 [Patch] to defaultpresets.xml : toilets/drinking water/farm stands Internal preset 6 years ago
#8829 relation editor broken badly in r6037 Core 6 years ago
#3645 Implement Photoshop like "TAB" key feature Core 6 years ago
#5120 moving tags from outer way to MP-relation Core multipoly 6 years ago
#8827 HTML rendering differ if run before or after having launched Help Browser Core 6 years ago
#8809 open Location; "no suitable download task is available"; documentation at point of error message. Core 6 years ago
#8822 NoSuchElementException in DuplicatedWayNodes Core validator 6 years ago
#8447 Settings for helper "rubber" line Core 6 years ago
#6704 Please provide shortcut configuration (for presets) Core 6 years ago
#7438 Drawing tool changes mode when tab is pressed in different dialog Core 6 years ago
#6546 single key shortcuts get triggered in tags control of relation editor Core 6 years ago
#7846 Harmonize Relation popup menus Core 6 years ago
#7449 Support shortcut schemas Core 6 years ago
#8483 Missing option to reset preferences Core 6 years ago
#8652 [patch] enable TAB to quickly toggle dialogsPanel Core 6 years ago
#8818 bug window shows up after passing screensaver login (xp) Core 6 years ago
#8792 "Save as" window cancels/closes completely if you forget to type .osm Core 6 years ago
#8799 visitor pattern Core 6 years ago
#8800 irreführende presets-übersetzung Internal preset 6 years ago
#8788 Unnamed nodes are not exported as GPX waypoints Core 6 years ago
#8806 After removing data layer, dragging causes stack Core 6 years ago
#8796 [patch] Extruding a way with 3 or 4 nodes closes is unexpectedly Core 6 years ago
#8793 NullPointerException in DistributeAction Core 6 years ago
#8794 NumberFormatException in Geometry.getCentroid() Core 6 years ago
#6293 [Patch] add amenity=parking_space and amenity=parking_entrance to the taglist Internal preset 6 years ago
#8773 [Patch] Railway=(level_)crossing optional tags Internal preset 6 years ago
#8742 Cannot import SVG files generated with Microsoft Visio Core 6 years ago
#4468 Status -> OutOfMemory after copying layer Core 6 years ago
#8775 IllegalComponentStateException: when closing the dialog for terminating active changesets without confiming Core 6 years ago
#8737 preset: option "length=" for combos Core 6 years ago
#8771 <changeset> with no ID rejected Core 6 years ago
#8770 JOSM calls lsb-release for every single action Core 6 years ago
#4445 Duplicated node test fails to detect them properly Core validator 6 years ago
#5867 No longer possible to fix dupe nodes Core validator 6 years ago
#7863 ConcurrentModificationException merging layers Core 6 years ago
#8760 Removing duplicate node (and then auto dress other errors) on element vertex also remove related building Core validator 6 years ago
#7700 CCE merging layers Core 6 years ago
#8213 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException (0 >= 0) when showing DeleteFromRelationConfirmationDialog Core 6 years ago
#8631 DataIntegrityProblemException when undoing parallel way creation Core 6 years ago
#5362 irregular behaviour deleting ways while pressing Alt Core 6 years ago
#8693 When clicking on a preset in the search window I get An unexpected exception occurred Core 6 years ago
#7642 In ImproveWayAccuracy-mode relations not to handle Core 6 years ago
#8730 Don't parse HTML code in key-value OSM Core 6 years ago
#8736 [Patch] "editable=" missing in documentation section Internal preset 6 years ago
#8750 error after deleting layer Core 6 years ago
#8741 translating "problem" for .de Core 6 years ago
#8661 preset: default on check is not set Core 6 years ago
#8723 left click on position in status bar no longer opens lat/lon window Core 6 years ago
#8728 Path preset in German contains faulty sac_scale description Internal preset 6 years ago
#5618 Value 'DK' for key 'addr:country' not in presets Internal preset 6 years ago
#7731 Version mismatch in the startup page Core 6 years ago
#5790 No layer information for Imagery Sources Core imagery 6 years ago
#8710 Inconsistent MapMode focus behaviour Core 6 years ago
#8714 time span of opened gpx file not correct Core 6 years ago
#4579 Warning Msg for bad Java version Core 6 years ago
#3484 Allow setting keyboard shortcuts for specific presets Core 6 years ago
#8412 Add tag and Edit tag dialogs: context menu Core 6 years ago
#8697 Cannot restart after having installed a new plugin Core restart 6 years ago
#4061 Add "Report a problem" to the Help menu Core 6 years ago
#8690 select way on copy Core 6 years ago
#8610 [Patch] getAreaText corrupts some area values Core 6 years ago
#8692 NPE in ImproveWayAccuracyAction/UndoRedoHandler Core 6 years ago
#7658 [Patch] Splash screen displays `logo.png` from working directory Core 6 years ago
#8522 [Patch] "audio - repeat current audiowaypoint" action Core audio 6 years ago
#8409 [Patch] barrier=guard_rail not supported Internal preset 6 years ago
#8685 No browser for internal links from StartupPage Core 6 years ago
#8680 History dialog missing new version after a revert Core 6 years ago
#8679 Reverting a changeset removes unmodified tags Core 6 years ago
#8681 [Patch] remove german translation from defaultpreset Internal preset 6 years ago
#3295 Allow reloading WMS tiles when the downloading program issued an error Core imagery 6 years ago
#5680 unexpected exception when resolving conflict Core 6 years ago
#8665 adding office="government" to the JOSM internal style Internal mappaint style 6 years ago
#8677 NPE when closing JOSM with history dialog still opened Core 6 years ago
#8673 presets with lanes=* questionable Internal preset 6 years ago
#8674 Error while sending changes to OSM Core 6 years ago
#7951 incorrect contents of combolists when clicking on a "Recently added tags": Core 6 years ago
#8250 [patch] add lanes=* entry to highway=service preset Internal preset 6 years ago
#8655 [PATCH] Removed unecessary toString() calls on Strings Core 6 years ago
#8648 Width warning Core validator 6 years ago
#8638 GUI - tag vending for vending_machine with ";" Core 6 years ago
#8641 Address nodes with no addr:street in interpolation way Core validator 6 years ago
#8642 coding issue message when a calc is deleted with validation of data Core 6 years ago
#8643 [patch] Very slow Purge command - O(N^2) Core 6 years ago
#8561 Replace 'warning, you will need to restart' alert after plugin installation with confirmation box Core 6 years ago
#8627 JOSM never falls back to IPv4 if IPv6 stack available Core 6 years ago
#8570 JOSM does not clean up temporary jar_cache files Core 6 years ago
#8582 I was correcting osm errors modify and sending this error when i try to load another element by click on web link (8111 port) Core 6 years ago
#8613 joining two layers Core 6 years ago
#8616 Cannot determine OS detailed information on not LSB-compliant Linux systems Core 6 years ago
#8614 Mapcss in zip-file doesn't work if there's xml-files also in there Core 6 years ago
#8602 System info very detailed for Windows, but not for Linux Core 6 years ago
#8556 [PATCH] Added the new layer option in the import remote control handler. Core remotecontrol 6 years ago
#8611 Audio slower broken since revision r1023 Core audio 6 years ago
#5052 error on audioplayback Core audio 6 years ago
#8609 Merging existing revert-changeset information to empty dataset fails Core 6 years ago
#8558 [PATCH] update + unification of leisure and amenity presets Internal preset 6 years ago
#8605 Data loss - about tag vending for vending_machine Core 6 years ago
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