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#1 Import of background images from an image server Core 3 years ago
#3 Different colors for tagged nodes/segments/ways Core 13 years ago
#5 plural forms in Core 13 years ago
#9 Update Icons Core 10 years ago
#11 remove selection and move mapmodes... pls discuss Core 12 years ago
#30 Hotkey for toggle Layer Visibility Core 8 years ago
#33 more unit tests, then remove the release-version and declare josm-latest as "always stable" Core 10 years ago
#38 Focus and initializing problems with progress bar Core 12 years ago
#39 Align nodes in circle bugfix Core 3 years ago
#40 A new patch to align nodes in a straight line Core 12 years ago
#41 Line from previous node to the cursor Core 11 years ago
#43 Data download dialog box breaks if not in focus Core 12 years ago
#44 down/upload dialog box weirdness Core 3 years ago
#45 merge and exported gpx file doesn't validate </metadata> Core 12 years ago
#51 After cancelling a download, new downloads or uploads no longer works Core 12 years ago
#52 Making the dialog windows dockable (again) Core 12 years ago
#53 Make icons in Layer list snapshots of actual layer content Core 11 years ago
#56 "Convert to data layer" should warn users Core 12 years ago
#63 View/hide button for each layer Core 11 years ago
#67 [patch/plugin] Help with drawing parallel ways Core 8 years ago
#68 Help with drawing boxes Core 11 years ago
#72 Make GPX tracks editable Core 10 years ago
#74 Auto zoom is hard to understand Core 10 years ago
#75 dialogues on right side don't update Core 12 years ago
#76 case sensitive searchin Core 12 years ago
#79 display bug when downloading incomplete ways Core 12 years ago
#81 Showing incomplete ways with names Core 12 years ago
#84 memory overflow loading/working with photos Core 4 years ago
#92 Combobox shows Spinbox instead of desired contents Core 12 years ago
#94 Dialogs such as 'road name'/'road number' should put cursor in input field Core 12 years ago
#98 New toolbars, folder in toolbars Core 11 years ago
#103 gpx file can't be read (expected Element) Core 12 years ago
#104 Patch for JOSM to support relative URL's in Markers Core 12 years ago
#112 Near-click plugin for "selecting things with tablet pen" Core 12 years ago
#113 SimplePaintVisitor.drawOrderNumber should be protected Core 12 years ago
#114 PleaseWaitRunnable keeps showing previous error message Core 12 years ago
#121 Preferences folder in wrong location on Windows Core 12 years ago
#122 Properties dialog doesn't display <different> at the right times Core 12 years ago
#124 download and upload progress dialog boxes should remain over parent JOSM window Core 10 years ago
#126 If the OSM api returns the error message details, display those to the user Core 12 years ago
#129 Fix typo in "Download incomplete way" dialog Core 12 years ago
#130 "translate" osm server errors into human readable strings Core 11 years ago
#136 Patch for uploading hooks Core 12 years ago
#138 Command Stack cleared even if upload fails Core 12 years ago
#139 Make area chooser support x,y and zoom level as used in slippy map Core 11 years ago
#142 failure downloading OSM data, still using API 0.3 Core 12 years ago
#146 Measuring tool Core 12 years ago
#147 Propose possible values Core 12 years ago
#148 A method to remove downloaded data from RAM but without sending it for deletion Core 9 years ago
#149 greyed-out / semi-transparent outside downloaded area Core 10 years ago
#158 PropertiesDialog messes around with tag values Core 12 years ago
#160 unable to use cyrillic chars for bookmark names Core 11 years ago
#162 tag suggestions are more work than before. Core 12 years ago
#163 Key/value auto-completion Core 12 years ago
#178 josm doesn't remember main window size Core 10 years ago
#179 After creation of a new layer layers are drawn in wrong order Core 12 years ago
#182 Entering values in "Change values?" box Core 11 years ago
#183 Changeset 275 broke download Core 12 years ago
#184 JOSM "phones home" without asking Core 12 years ago
#186 JOSM start numbering objects from -1 to minus infinity Core 12 years ago
#189 Info Tab in Help -> About Core 4 years ago
#192 Deprecate Plugin.copy() Core 12 years ago
#193 plugins use wrong directories Core 12 years ago
#196 Add ray line drawing and other "relative" drawing mode support Core 10 years ago
#199 create parallel set of segments Core 11 years ago
#201 SelectionListener is called twice on selection Core 12 years ago
#202 Wrong URL sometimes generated on Windows Core 11 years ago
#205 implementing a ruler to measure the distance between nodes Core 12 years ago
#206 Saving GPX file doesn't include all data Core 11 years ago
#212 Command stack does not follow layer changes Core 12 years ago
#214 layers opacity Core 8 years ago
#216 Value field of change values? dialog is blanked when recieving focus Core 11 years ago
#222 Select all text in the URL download text box when it receives input focus Core 11 years ago
#230 Warn before allowing changes outside of downloaded area Core 11 years ago
#231 Popup dialogs waste space Core 11 years ago
#237 Error while parsing Core 11 years ago
#254 Save data crash Core 12 years ago
#256 trim whitespaces in preferences Core 11 years ago
#259 Plugin installation problem (line breaks in file names!) Core 11 years ago
#260 Reword save dialog Core 11 years ago
#262 Deleting a layer with modifications Core 11 years ago
#263 Data upload not fail-safe Core 11 years ago
#268 broken "preferences" file overwritten without backup copy Core 11 years ago
#269 Splitting ways does not work Core 12 years ago
#271 Too many icons in the side bar Core 10 years ago
#272 crash when save as Core 12 years ago
#273 Problem while saving Core 12 years ago
#275 Saving a file Core 12 years ago
#276 Open geotagged jpg-files when given on command-line Core 9 years ago
#277 error during save Core 10 years ago
#279 GPX Import failed caused by Namespace Issue Core 12 years ago
#336 Properties input window misbehaviour Core 11 years ago
#349 Deletion of Relation does not update relations panel Core 12 years ago
#350 edit relation dialog exceptions if no member selected Core 11 years ago
#352 Direction of way is not shown Core 12 years ago
#358 After upload of modified relationship JOSM still thinks in needs uploading again. Core 12 years ago
#359 412 precondition failed - Split and merge ignore relations? Core 12 years ago
#360 Selecting, editing overlapping ways Core 11 years ago
#371 inactive layer can be edited (leads to no modification-warnings and -display) Core 11 years ago
#375 Undo stack fails to delete newly created 'way-segment' Core 12 years ago
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