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#14921 Support Sentinel 2 data directly reopened wiktorn, Klumbumbus, simon04, naoliv, michael2402, lists@…, imagico, SimonPoole, mnalis team enhancement major
#7151 MapCSS: support multiple relations per child selector new imagic, plepe team enhancement normal
#10435 Improvements to user-settings for mapcss mappaint styles new skyper, imagic, richlv team enhancement normal
#18488 Lane count validation new imagic team enhancement normal
#18944 Extend bus (psv) lane rendering support new imagic team enhancement normal
#19159 Lanes support for destination new baditaflorin, imagic team enhancement normal
#20004 Most of the icons only rendered with access: but not with vehicle: new imagic team defect normal
#20436 Use lane_markings tag new Imagic team enhancement normal
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