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#9400 validate source:maxspeed new gaben team enhancement normal
#12124 area icons new Klumbumbus, gaben team enhancement normal
#14018 JOSM is very slow new HarryKane, gaben team defect normal
#17201 fix common typo in progressMonitor beginTask() new gaben team task normal
#17533 Check waterway flow direction reopened Klumbumbus, gaben, taylor.smock, skyper team enhancement normal
#18364 [WIP PATCH] Find routing islands new gaben team enhancement normal
#19722 Turn restriction validator warning inconsistency new dafadllyn, gaben team defect normal
#20832 Unknown turn restriction for restriction:hgv:conditional=no_left_turn new GerdP, gaben GerdP defect normal
#20879 History browser: which version changed a tag (git blame)? reopened gaben simon04 enhancement normal
#22328 [Patch] Nodes should be exclude from "construction:highway without highway and construction" new mkoniecz, gaben team defect normal
#22651 Combine ways may not find best solution with oneways new taylor.smock, gaben team defect normal
#22695 MAPCSS, Note on: icon-rotation: way; text-rotation: way; coordinate transformation, documentation new gaben team enhancement normal
#22614 [WIP patch] Combine ways is very slow new gaben, stoecker team defect minor
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