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#20832 Unknown turn restriction for restriction:hgv:conditional=no_left_turn new GerdP, gaben GerdP defect normal
#20919 Review/apply/reject all pending patches new stoecker, Don-vip, GerdP, Klumbumbus, skyper, taylor.smock team task major
#20805 Replace Locale.ENGLISH by Locale.ROOT? new GerdP, mdk team enhancement normal
#19788 Remove icon file extensions (.svg) from internal presets and mappaint style, prefer svg over png new stoecker, GerdP team enhancement normal
#16988 [Patch] Plugin importvec should not create duplicate nodes new GerdP Upliner defect normal
#4626 parallelize validator checks new Don-vip, GerdP, skyper team enhancement normal
#21674 IllegalStateException: Already registered a conflict for primitive (merging) new GerdP team defect normal
#19498 Combine way: Never ofter "oneway=-1" new GerdP team enhancement normal
#19394 Combine way: Instead of denying, offer help working outside downloaded area new GerdP team enhancement normal
#20686 Cancel of MultiFetchServerObjectReader does not work new GerdP team defect normal
#19331 AssertionError after download, purge, download, undo new GerdP team defect normal
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