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(edit) @9504   9 years Don-vip add robustness to mapcss rules unit test
(edit) @9501   9 years Don-vip make the distinction between unit tests (* and integration …
(edit) @9469   9 years Don-vip map paint styles unit test robustness
(edit) @9458   9 years Don-vip timeouts for unit/performance tests
(edit) @9400   9 years Don-vip see #12282 - detect missing icons for MapCSS styles
(edit) @9334   9 years Don-vip see #12282 - handle warnings for mappaint styles: - Log warnings that …
(edit) @9231   9 years Don-vip javadoc update
(edit) @9166   9 years Don-vip set a 10 minutes timeout for extensions unit tests to avoid network hang
(edit) @8962   9 years Don-vip Double connect/read timeouts in presets validation unit test
(edit) @8959   9 years Don-vip improve unit test detecting invalid presets
(edit) @8954   9 years Don-vip cleaner output in unit tests
(edit) @8940   9 years Don-vip better assertion message in unit test
(edit) @8937   9 years Don-vip add unit tests to check validity of all map paint styles and tagging …
(edit) @8936   9 years Don-vip add unit test to check syntax validity of all MapCSSTagChecker rules
(edit) @8857   9 years Don-vip improve/cleanup unit tests
(edit) @8836   9 years Don-vip fix Checkstyle issues
(edit) @8510   9 years Don-vip checkstyle: enable relevant whitespace checks and fix them
(edit) @8509   9 years Don-vip fix many checkstyle violations
(edit) @8423   9 years wiktorn Fix unit tests and findbugs warning. Closes: #11466
(edit) @7937   10 years bastiK add subversion property svn:eol=native
(edit) @7005   10 years Don-vip see #8465 - use diamond operator where applicable
(add) @3175   14 years jttt Allow to set parameters for actions on toolbar. Used by SearchAction …
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