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(edit) @4108   10 years stoecker fix #6405 - patch by bilbo - wms cache accepting absolute filenames
(edit) @4082   10 years bastiK applied #6347 (patch by glebius) - doesn't compile
(edit) @4077   10 years jttt Fix #6320 imagery: Concurrent Modification Exception using jahoo sat
(edit) @4067   10 years jttt Better message (no stacktrace) when wms cache index file doesn't exist yet
(edit) @4065   10 years jttt Improved wms cache - files saved in original format (no need to …
(edit) @4016   10 years Upliner fix #5863 add ability to cancel changes in Imagery providers list
(edit) @4014   10 years Upliner fix #6177 NPE when using sharpen with Yahoo imagery
(edit) @3978   10 years bastiK fix reload of imagery sources
(edit) @3974   10 years bastiK see #6088 - ImageryInfo.url is null (added additional check)
(edit) @3966   10 years Upliner use abs in offset conversion re #6049
(edit) @3962   10 years Upliner fix #6049 auto-update scale factor of Mercator offset bookmarks
(edit) @3961   10 years mjulius fix issue of default list of imagery providers being duplicated when …
(edit) @3934   10 years framm Changed the way in which JOSM handles imagery layer blacklisting. …
(edit) @3878   10 years Upliner Add support for ScanEx IRS tilesource (patch by glebius)
(edit) @3872   10 years stoecker see #5532 - add missing addProjectsions() function nobody seems able …
(edit) @3826   10 years framm Add a "blacklisted" property to imagery layers; set this property from …
(edit) @3808   11 years jttt wmslayer - when overlapping is enabled, keep (and cache) only visible …
(edit) @3779   11 years Upliner Identify projections in offset bookmarks by EPSG codes, bugfixes in …
(edit) @3775   11 years Upliner Record mapview center coordinates for offeset bookmarks. Requested by …
(edit) @3747   11 years jttt Make sure wms layer will not try to download the same area twice
(edit) @3737   11 years Upliner make possible to place imagery offset action to the top toolbar and …
(edit) @3734   11 years Upliner fix #5756 -- allow to overwrite offset bookmarks
(edit) @3720   11 years bastiK added missing svn:eol-style
(edit) @3719   11 years bastiK added missing license information
(edit) @3718   11 years Upliner Add WMSPlugin/SlippyMap settings migration dialog, fixes #5732
(add) @3715   11 years Upliner Added imagery plugin to josm core. Imagery plugin is union of …
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