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(edit) @5395   7 years bastiK gpxreader: minor refactoring, read version & creator (see #7927)
(edit) @5170   8 years Don-vip cleanup svn:mime-type properties preventing Java sources from being …
(edit) @5108   8 years xeen remove superfluous calls to recalculateBounds() and add clarifying comment.
(edit) @4431   8 years jttt Custom primitive name formatters via tagging presets
(edit) @4282   8 years jttt Allow to specify custom pattern for marker text labels
(edit) @4129   8 years stoecker speedup GPX drawing due to better clipping
(edit) @4126   8 years bastiK memory optimizations for Node & WayPoint (Patch by Gubaer, modified) …
(edit) @3321   9 years jttt Validate tagging presets when they're added in Preferences dialog
(edit) @3119   10 years jttt Cache offscreen buffer for GpxLayer
(edit) @3083   10 years bastiK added svn:eol-style=native to source files
(edit) @3075   10 years jttt Remove unused class
(edit) @2908   10 years jttt Improve gpx loading performance
(edit) @2907   10 years jttt Gpx refactoring - GpxTrack and GpxTrackSegment is now interface, …
(edit) @2874   10 years bastiK use PrimaryDateParser to parse time of GPS points (for geoimage)
(edit) @2867   10 years jttt Better gpx layer tooltip, don't add gpx layer if gpx file is empty
(edit) @2795   10 years jttt Allow to load incomplete gpx files
(edit) @2247   10 years jttt Fixed #2480
(edit) @2151   10 years Gubaer applied #3526: patch by glebius@...: be more verbose about available …
(edit) @2017   10 years Gubaer removed OptionPaneUtil cleanup of deprecated Layer API cleanup of …
(edit) @1998   10 years stoecker fixed calculation error
(edit) @1911   10 years Gubaer fixed #3193: No layer is left highlighted when the bottom most one is …
(edit) @1724   10 years stoecker some more changes and bug fixes related to new projection stuff - GPX …
(edit) @1722   10 years stoecker Large rework in projection handling - now allows only switching and …
(edit) @1721   10 years david trac 2784: properly take account of timezones in GPX files. …
(edit) @1677   10 years stoecker remove all these ugly tab stops introduced in the last half year
(edit) @1574   10 years stoecker close #2214 - patch by Henrik Niehaus - GPX export metadata handling
(edit) @1425   11 years stoecker fixed #1642. patch by xeen
(edit) @1185   11 years stoecker close bug #1896. Patch by Teemu Koskinen
(edit) @1169   11 years stoecker removed usage of tab stops
(edit) @1167   11 years stoecker added better NMEA reader. Closes bug #1448
(edit) @813   11 years stoecker support of Garmin time stamps in GPX import. patch by Roland Ramthun
(edit) @748   11 years stoecker some cleanups
(edit) @655   11 years ramack patch by bruce89, closes #812; thanks bruce
(edit) @647   11 years ramack improve info on GpxLayers, closes #756 and also gives track length
(edit) @646   11 years framm - patch by Henry Loenwind (ticket #720) to speed up gps rendering
(edit) @627   11 years framm - added svn:eol-style prop to all .java files. it is suggested that …
(edit) @582   12 years framm - got rid of a few compiler warnings
(edit) @571   12 years tom_e Restored time/setTime semantics accidentally broken in r553.
(edit) @553   12 years david (a) add preference dialog, (b) add audio tracing
(edit) @552   12 years david audio synchronization for tracks without waypoints
(edit) @447   12 years gebner Reduce GPX data memory usage.
(add) @444   12 years framm - patch for better GPX file support by Raphael Mack …
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