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(edit) @728   12 years ce added the hockey icon
(edit) @720   12 years ce removed foot=desgnated from the trails to avoid messing them with …
(edit) @715   12 years stoecker added layer to water presets
(edit) @712   12 years ce added hiking trails
(edit) @698   12 years ce added arching and shooting
(edit) @696   12 years ce forgot the canoe icon
(edit) @695   12 years ce added canoeing
(edit) @686   12 years ce two new icons for the sport menu.
(edit) @679   12 years stoecker finished XML based translations of presets fixes #960 correct bounding …
(edit) @678   12 years ce added man_made=surveillance
(edit) @677   12 years ce Added religion and denomination to cemeteries and grave yards.
(edit) @676   12 years ce changed even more copper- to cobblestone
(edit) @675   12 years ce changed copper- to cobblestone. Must have been drinken as I added …
(edit) @674   12 years framm - various patches by Dirk Stoecker <openstreetmap@…> - Add …
(edit) @673   12 years ce Reordered place of worship denominations alphabetically
(edit) @671   12 years ce Added denomination=protestant to place of worships. Interestingly it …
(edit) @666   12 years ce added landuse=farmyard and changed landuse=farm to landuse=farmland
(edit) @651   12 years ce added icon for drinking_water (c) by Martin Koppenhöfer
(edit) @649   12 years ce Some major and monor improvements.
(edit) @641   12 years framm - new presets (forgot these in the last commit)
(edit) @614   12 years framm - support for sub-menus in tagging presets (simply name them "Foo/Bar" …
(edit) @579   12 years (none) various improvements to the presets file (including new icons for …
(edit) @472   12 years framm fix for presets.xml by christoph eckert
(edit) @465   12 years framm modified presets by christoph eckert <ce@…>: removed …
(edit) @461   12 years (none) fix bug #481: replace highway=minor with highway=tertiary in the presets
(edit) @451   12 years gebner Typo in presets: s/cemetary/cemetery/
(add) @397   12 years framm - added a built-in set of tagging presets. this can be disabled from …
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