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(edit) @7260   9 years bastiK applied #10145 - improve icon of turning_circle (patch by Klumbumbus)
(edit) @4841   12 years bastiK add icon for expert mode switch
(edit) @4668   12 years bastiK session support (first part, see #4029) Idea: Save and load the …
(edit) @4244   12 years stoecker zoom to layer also when loading NMEA files
(edit) @4173   12 years stoecker fix mime type
(edit) @4172   12 years stoecker remove unused icons, make connection timouts configurable and increase …
(edit) @4134   12 years bastiK see #67 - new parallel way drawing mode (patch by Ole Jørgen Brønner)
(edit) @4086   12 years bastiK new follow line action (author: Germán Márquez Mejía) fixes #4190
(edit) @3894   13 years bastiK integrate wireframe into mappaint dialog; rename 'shortdescription' to …
(edit) @3863   13 years bastiK extended mappaint style dialog
(edit) @3845   13 years stoecker fix #5899 - added icons
(edit) @3843   13 years bastiK first version of mapstyle dialog; still hidden because its unfinished …
(edit) @3715   13 years Upliner Added imagery plugin to josm core. Imagery plugin is union of …
(edit) @3714   13 years Upliner Remove metadata from my png and svn:executable attributes on images
(edit) @3704   13 years bastiK added multipoly plugin to josm core. authors: bilbo and Viesturs …
(edit) @3345   13 years stoecker #fix 5174 - add style for fixme nodes (red/white F)
(edit) @3299   13 years stoecker some minor cleanups
(edit) @2981   14 years stoecker images cleanup
(edit) @2967   14 years stoecker cleanup icons a bit
(edit) @2965   14 years bastiK image updates, rearranged order of toggle dialogs image sources: * …
(edit) @2964   14 years bastiK image update (source:, license: PD)
(edit) @2923   14 years mjulius New action: DownloadPrimitiveAction This allows to download a specific …
(edit) @2916   14 years stoecker moved unused image to DirectUpload plugin
(edit) @2902   14 years mjulius get rid of DownloadUrlAction again. This was redundant.
(edit) @2899   14 years mjulius new action: DownloadUrlAction This opens a dialog to allow the user to …
(edit) @2812   14 years stoecker (re-)moved unused icons
(edit) @2808   14 years stoecker first version of a tool to detect icon usage, does not yet detect all …
(edit) @2758   14 years mjulius fixes #1653 - zoom to the previously shown area This adds menu entries …
(edit) @2705   14 years stoecker moved svg's to images_nodist
(edit) @2698   14 years stoecker moved file to where it belongs
(add) @2258   14 years stoecker removed some useless images
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