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(edit) @2274   13 years Gubaer Improved help browser layout (now uses custom CSS shipped with JOSM) …
(edit) @1941   13 years stoecker fixed NPE
(edit) @1751   13 years Gubaer patch by dmuecke - improved unit tests and test targets in build.xml
(edit) @1683   13 years Gubaer reverting build.xml - should not have been comitted in r1682
(edit) @1682   13 years Gubaer removed old conflict resolution code fixed bug in OsmApi (missing …
(edit) @1660   13 years stoecker fix #2708 - patch by jpstotz - cleanup build
(edit) @1651   13 years Gubaer removed local target (should not have been committed in r1650)
(edit) @1650   13 years Gubaer added concept of "merge pairs" (my vs. merged, my vs. their, their vs. …
(edit) @1584   14 years stoecker updated gettext
(edit) @1492   14 years stoecker added MacOS support in build. patch by Thilo Hannemann
(edit) @1141   14 years stoecker supply default version
(edit) @1079   14 years stoecker added version support in svn
(edit) @1058   14 years mfloryan Changed infrastructure of JOSM translations. lang-* plugins are now …
(edit) @1023   14 years stoecker close bug #1622. Keyboard shortcuts and specific OS handling
(edit) @799   14 years stoecker changed build again
(edit) @793   14 years stoecker I18N
(edit) @790   14 years stoecker some cleanup in mappaint and presets
(edit) @764   14 years stoecker Updated automatic tag corrections
(edit) @639   15 years gebner build.xml: Use UTF-8 as encoding for source files.
(edit) @529   15 years gebner Part one of patch by Dave Hansen <dave@…> - Remove unused …
(edit) @486   15 years framm - built-in mappaint. mappaint plugin no longer required and will be …
(edit) @445   15 years (none) make sure that builds target the VM version 1.5
(edit) @413   15 years gebner Enable debugging info by default.
(edit) @407   15 years gebner Add incompleteness checks.
(edit) @397   15 years framm - added a built-in set of tagging presets. this can be disabled from …
(edit) @392   15 years gebner Fix build for the IcedTea JDK.
(copy) @321   15 years (none) - restructure of repository to support branches. Do 'svn switch …
copied from build.xml:
(edit) @319   15 years imi - removed MinML2 dependency (use javax.xml) - fixed reorder action …
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