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(edit) @18649   34 hours taylor.smock

Fix #22712: ignore list doesn't work

This occurred due to OsmValidator#save modifying the list, and expecting
all error codes to be positive.

TestErrorTest now checks one of the tests known to have a negative hashcode.

This also adds some additional JUnit 5 annotations. The additional
annotations are:

  • @LayerManager (cleans up layers after each test run)
    • This is automatically registered for all tests
  • @Projection (sets up the ProjectionRegistry for each test)
(edit) @18648   5 days taylor.smock

Fix #22693: PresetListEntry should use trc instead of tr for display_value

(edit) @18647   5 days Klumbumbus

see #22481 - fix building:level validator message

(edit) @18646   9 days stoecker

see #18258 - add a note why current_id is here

(edit) @18645   12 days taylor.smock

i18n update

(edit) @18644   2 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #20539, see #18659, see #18719 - Deprecate car in favor for motorcar also for non charging stations

(edit) @18643   2 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #22473 - Don't warn about "Way end node near other way" for natural=arete and natural=ridge

(edit) @18642   2 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #22481 - Deprecate building:level in favor of building:levels

(edit) @18641   2 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #22599 - Add colour:back to City Limit Sign preset

(edit) @18640   2 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #22574 - Preset menu: Add "Animal" group in "Facilities" group and move some presets there

(edit) @18639   3 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #22588 - Fix BE AE mix

(edit) @18638   3 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #22660, see #22574 - Fix typo in animal_breeding list

(edit) @18637   3 weeks taylor.smock

See #18230: Move RightAngleBuildingTest error code to 4101 from 3701.

This is due to clashing with an error code from pt_assistant.

See also #21423: Ensure validator codes are unique -- replace missed
since xxx with since 18636.

(edit) @18636   3 weeks taylor.smock

Fix #21423: Prevent error codes from clashing

This works by creating a unique code using the test class name. The new
format for ignore entries will look like UNIQUECODE_CODE_MESSAGE_STATE.
The switchover date for the new entries is set at 2024-01-01 in order to
give users sufficient time to update, such that if a user has multiple
installations of JOSM, all versions will be able to use the same ignore
list. The compatibility code is intended to be removed in 2025.

(edit) @18635   3 weeks taylor.smock

Fix #22626: Geotagged images from GPX files cannot be closed when rotated by exif data

This is due to the initial implementation of RemoteEntry#equals using the
width and height fields for calculating hashCode and equals. Since we may
set those two fields when showing the image, it does not make sense to use
them for hashCode or equals.

(edit) @18634   3 weeks taylor.smock

Fix #22638: NoSuchFileException can occur when a gpx track points at non-existent images

(edit) @18633   4 weeks taylor.smock

Fix #22561: change site_type to archaeological_site

See osmwiki:Proposed_features/Key:archaeological_site for the proposal
documentation. Of note, the proposal was approved on 2022-12-04, and
there have been no changes to osmwiki:Key:archaeological_site where
the definition of archaeological_site has changed.

(edit) @18632   4 weeks taylor.smock

Fix #22630, see #22442: Add field for crossing:markings to crossing preset (patch by Woazboat)

The proposal was approved on 2022-09-17, and the wiki page has not had any
significant changes since it was created. As of 2023-01-11, TagInfo usage
is at 63k.

(edit) @18631   4 weeks taylor.smock

See #22378: Fix hover preview setting changes not being applied immediately (patch by Woazboat)

(edit) @18630   4 weeks taylor.smock

see r18628: {apikey} fails for Swedish historic orthophoto endpoint imagery

This fixes and adapts a test for WMS endpoints

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