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(edit) @18367   34 hours taylor.smock

fix #21797: IOOBE in ImageryProvidersPanel$ImageryDefaultLayerTableModel.getValueAt

This was caused by a race condition in newer JVM's when the cancel button is
pressed. This splits out the code forcing a refresh of the tables into its own
method, and calls that method in the worker thread after we finish
redownloading the imagery list.

(edit) @18366   3 days taylor.smock

Replace usages of System.exit with Lifecycle.exitJosm

This fixes some coverity scan issues (spotbugs) with respect to exiting the VM.

See #15182: Standalone JOSM validator

(edit) @18365   4 days Don-vip

see #15182 - make JOSM callable as standalone validator (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @18364   3 weeks GerdP

checkstyle + sonarlint issues

(edit) @18363   3 weeks GerdP

see #6725, #21438
correct @since xxx

(edit) @18362   3 weeks GerdP

fix #21730: Not all JosmActions registering in toolbar

  • separate again between all registered actions and those which appear in menus (regression from r18321)
  • replace global map actions by local one to avoid memory leak
(edit) @18361   3 weeks GerdP

fix #6725: Plugins need to be loaded before tool definitions for toolbar buttons

  • use a flag to indicate that all plugins were loaded and suppress INFO messages unless that was done
(edit) @18360   4 weeks Don-vip

upgrade to checkstyle 9.2.1

(edit) @18359   4 weeks Don-vip

i18n update

(edit) @18358   4 weeks Don-vip

see #21657 - upgrade to proguard 7.2.0-beta5, which itselfs update to log4j 2.17.0

(edit) @18357   4 weeks Don-vip

remove TLD from IANA

(edit) @18356   4 weeks Don-vip

see #21396 - ignore vending=parcel_pickup;parcel_mail_in

(edit) @18355   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #21688 - drop the warning for highway=milestone (patch by skyper)

(edit) @18354   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #21694 - fix IOOBE in MapPaintMenu.toggleStyle

(edit) @18353   4 weeks Don-vip

fix #21696 - add robustness in case NaN coordinates are being projected (just log a warning)

(edit) @18352   5 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #21716 - Add value 6 and + and - to all values of mtb:scale

(edit) @18351   6 weeks Don-vip

see #21396 - ignore healthcare=alternative

(edit) @18350   6 weeks Don-vip

see #21005 - fix assumption

(edit) @18349   6 weeks Don-vip

see #21005 - Assume security manager property is set on Java >= 18

Doesn't work right now, don't know why

(edit) @18348   6 weeks Don-vip

see #20522 see #21005 - Allow security manager via sysproperty (only for Java 17 and above)

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