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(edit) @17476   26 hours GerdP

fix #20293: Relations containing same members is not an error

  • lower severity
(edit) @17475   4 days GerdP

fix #20134: Bug with Source-Dropdown in Upload-dialog

  • make sure that no item is selected before setting a new text. Without this the code in BasicComboPopup assumes that the editor field is equal to the selected entry.
(edit) @17474   4 days Don-vip

test all WMS projections

(edit) @17473   7 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • clear also virtual ways when exiting SelectMode
(edit) @17472   7 days stoecker

fix #20402, I18n update

(edit) @17471   7 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • use String.intern() for field role in RelationMemberData constructor.
  • clear HistoryDataSet when last HistoryBrowserDialog instance is closed

We have route relations with +1000 members and +1000 versions. It's probably not a good idea to create all the RelationMemberData instances in advance. Will open a separate ticket for that.

(edit) @17470   8 days Klumbumbus

fix #20286 - Improve barrier=cycle_barrier icon (self created, idea of previous icon, PD and CC0 licensed)

(edit) @17469   8 days Klumbumbus

fix #20392 - Add shoulder=* to major roads presets and warn about shoulder=none

(edit) @17468   8 days Klumbumbus

fix #20338 - Deprecate amenity=embassy in favor of office=diplomatic (icon derived from office=government and amenity=embassy icons, PD and CC0 licensed)

(edit) @17467   8 days Klumbumbus

fix #20351 - Don't warn about "Value urology for key healthcare:speciality is unknown, maybe biology is meant"

(edit) @17466   8 days Klumbumbus

fix #20326 - Support railway:position instead of distance for railway=milestone

(edit) @17465   9 days GerdP

fix #20345: Corrupted GeoPropertyIndex due to wrong rounding?

  • remove method index(), iterate over real BBox instances instead to avoid edge cases
(edit) @17464   10 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • clear also refs to Conflicts which refer to OSM data in DataSet
(edit) @17463   10 days Don-vip

fix #20332 - add required fonts-noto ubuntu package

(edit) @17462   11 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • clear refs to OSM objects in popup memu of PropertiesDialog
(edit) @17461   11 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • clear refs to OSM objects when Extrude Mode is ended
(edit) @17460   12 days Don-vip

see #20363 - fix NPE

(edit) @17459   12 days Don-vip

fix #20363 - Extract necessary method for QuadBuckets into separate interface (patch by taylor.smock, modified)

(edit) @17458   13 days GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • clear collection rememberMovements in OrthogonalizeAction when no edit layer exits
  • clear refs to layers which may disturb GC, maybe because of the complex cyclic deps
(edit) @17457   2 weeks GerdP

fix #20318: Asking to tag segregated=no on highway=footway bicycle=yes is pointless

  • only complain about missing segregated tag if way is designated for bicycle AND foot
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