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(edit) @18997   40 hours taylor.smock

Fix #23361: Add mouth as an optional role for waterway relations (patch by hhtznr)

Additional notes:

(edit) @18996   2 days stoecker

see #23506, see #23408 - readd the bracket lost in last checkin

(edit) @18995   3 days taylor.smock

Add turning_circle tag (a subkey for highway=turning_circle) (patch by guylamar2006, see

(edit) @18994   3 days stoecker

fix #23506, see #23408 - fix the save/upload layer preconditions - neither the original, nor the #23408 variant makes real sense

(edit) @18993   3 days taylor.smock

Update actions to ones that support node 20 (patch by guylamar2006, see )

(edit) @18992   3 days taylor.smock

See #23485/r18989: Fix broken tests

The tests just needed to have a category set.

(edit) @18991   3 days taylor.smock

Fix #22810: OSM OAuth 1.0a/Basic auth deprecation and removal

As of 2024-02-15, something changed in the OSM server configuration. This broke
our OAuth 1.0a implementation (see #23475). As such, we are removing OAuth 1.0a
from JOSM now instead of when the OSM server removes support in June 2024.

For third-party OpenStreetMap servers, the Basic Authentication method has been
kept. However, they should be made aware that it may be removed if a non-trivial
bug occurs with it. We highly recommend that the third-party servers update to
the current OpenStreetMap website implementation (if only for their own security).

Failing that, the third-party server can implement RFC8414. As of this commit,
we currently use the authorization_endpoint and token_endpoint fields.
To check and see if their third-party server implements RFC8414, they can go
to <server host>/.well-known/oauth-authorization-server.

Prominent third-party OpenStreetMap servers may give us a client id for their
specific server. That client id may be added to the hard-coded client id list
at maintainer discretion. At a minimum, the server must be publicly
available and have a significant user base.

(edit) @18990   5 days taylor.smock

Fix #23472: Decrease cost of Geometry#polygonIntersectionResult (specifically for geometry.mapcss)

When profiling the validator with an overpass download of Mesa County, Colorado,
~50% of the total CPU time are taken up by Geometry#polygonIntersectionResult.

Specifically (inside the function), the improvements for this patch are as follows:

  • CPU cycles: -95.7%
  • Memory allocations: -97.9%

When taken as a whole, the total time taken by the validator was reduced by ~75%.

(edit) @18989   5 days taylor.smock

Fix #23485: JOSM crashes when opening Imagery Preferences

  • now checks to see if imagery entries are valid; if not, it prints the missing fields and the standard description.
  • ImageryInfo now has isValid and getMissingFields; the latter method should only be called in tests or SyncEditorLayerIndex.
  • ImageryLayerInfo removes invalid ImageryInfo objects after parsing the source
(edit) @18988   9 days GerdP

fix #23305: conflict detection not working for combine way with one null and one tag set

  • adds code to check if a conflict exists where one or more tagged ways don't have the same tag value and - if so - show the conflict dialog.
  • adds a preference combine-conflict-precise . If set to false the old behaviour is restored.
  • changes the preference for the non-expert relation member ship warning popup from combine_tags to combine_relation_member, so that both dialogs have separate settings
(edit) @18987   9 days GerdP

fix #23477: crash when undoing changes while in extrude mode

  • add sanity checks in performExtrusion() to detect when undo was pressed, this always cancels the current extrude
  • removes the try/catch clause which might hide a data corruption (reverts r12512)
(edit) @18986   10 days taylor.smock

See #23355: Sanity check JVM arguments on startup

Change the icon for Continue and be a more lenient when comparing expected JVM
arguments against actual JVM arguments.

This additionally updates the Eclipse launch files.

(edit) @18985   11 days taylor.smock

Fix #23355: Sanity check JVM arguments on startup

See #17858: JOSM will no longer continue running if the user is on an unsupported
Java version (for this commit, older than Java 11; message indicates Java 17).
This does update the link for Azul from Java 17 to Java 21 as well.

In order to (hopefully) reduce confusion, the webstart and Java update nags will
also be reset in the event that JOSM will exit due to old Java versions. This is
mostly so that users will get the messages to update to OpenWebstart or the
appropriate Java link for their platform and architecture.

Additionally, this will (hopefully) reduce the number of tickets we have to close
due to missing JVM arguments by informing users of the missing arguments at startup.

(edit) @18984   11 days GerdP

see #17035: enable counter that shows "{0} of {1} elements done" for the tested OSM elements also in TagChecker

(edit) @18983   11 days taylor.smock

Fix #23471: fix an inconsistency between fast ASCII sort and slower unicode-aware sort

(edit) @18982   11 days taylor.smock

See #23471: Temporarily disable fast sorting

(edit) @18981   11 days taylor.smock

See #23290/r18980: Update test messages

(edit) @18980   12 days taylor.smock

Fix #23290: Improve region check messages and run region checks when informational warnings are disabled

(edit) @18979   12 days taylor.smock

Dependency updates


  • OpeningHoursParser: 0.28.0 -> 0.28.1
  • junit: 5.10.1 -> 5.10.2
  • equalsverifier: 3.15.5 -> 3.15.6
  • tag2link: 2023.11.21 -> 2024.2.8


  • proguard: 7.4.1 -> 7.4.2
  • error_prone: 2.24.0 -> 2.24.1
(edit) @18978   12 days taylor.smock

See #23468: Improve performance in the validator tree window

Add missing - character.

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