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(edit) @17438   2 months GerdP

fix #20289: Unglue Node shows confusing "Where should the tags of the node be put" for node with converted_by=* tag

  • check isTagged() instead of hasKeys() like in other methods
(edit) @17437   2 months GerdP

fix #20342: Validator results not cleared

  • add code to make sure that invalidation listeners are called when buildTree is called even if the tree is empty

The new method buildTreeInternal() is not strictly needed but I think it was too easy to add a return statement somewhere without looking at the very end of the complex method and thus skipping the line

(edit) @17436   2 months GerdP

see #20342: Validator results not cleared

  • make sure that validator tree is rebuild even if all found errors are ignored (regression from r13893)
(edit) @17435   2 months Don-vip

fix #20335 - NPE in changeset manager when sorting open changesets

(edit) @17434   2 months Don-vip

fix #20337 - support dog:conditional

(edit) @17433   2 months Don-vip

fix #20339 - see #19672 - distinguish context for gender values, as "mixed" is also used for leaf_type

(edit) @17432   2 months GerdP

fix #20253: Weird area shading at a corner

  • use closePath() instead of lineTo(first) (Patch by michael2402)
(edit) @17431   2 months GerdP

fix #20311: NPE at josm.actions.DownloadAlongAction.actionPerformed()

  • call updateEnabledState() in constructor
(edit) @17430   2 months GerdP

fix #20330: Crossing landuse=residential and natural=water should not produce a warning

  • ignore crossing ways when one is landuse=residential and the other is natural=water or landuse=reservoir

(both should be implemented in mapcss rules if wanted)

  • add unit test
(edit) @17429   2 months GerdP

fix #20325: Update Multipolygon removes tags instead of moving them to relation

  • rewrite handling of update multipolygon cases
  • let removeTagsFromWaysIfNeeded() check if getDataset() returns null instead of checking isNew(). I assume it was always meant to work like this. JoinAreasAction works fine with that and I hope no plugin relies on the old behaviour.
  • add regression unit test and more unit tests to improve coverage
(edit) @17428   2 months Klumbumbus

fix #20307 - Don't warn about unknown values for keys ending with :maxstay

(edit) @17427   2 months GerdP

fix #20304: Missing small button to invoke list of recent relations

  • call super.dispose() earlier so that recent relation list is properly filled
(edit) @17426   2 months simon04

I18n update

(edit) @17425   3 months GerdP

fix #20031: area:highway validation produces false positive "Overlapping ways"

  • add area:highway to the list of tags that describe an area so that it is ignored by the OverlappingWays test
(edit) @17424   3 months GerdP

fix #20123: "null" Preference Tab

  • log error and ignore preference is a TabPreferenceSetting which doesn't provide an icon
(edit) @17423   3 months GerdP

see #20228: JOSM hangs when downloading children relations

  • partly revert r17206 (don't wait) , this should fix the hanging situation
  • register / unregister listeners to avoid EDT violations when relation editor doesn't show the "Tags and Members" dialog tab
(edit) @17422   3 months GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • reset selection in selectRelationAction (not a real problem, but makes it harder to find real leaks)
(edit) @17421   3 months GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • reset field lastUsedNode in draw mode (not a real problem, but makes it harder to find real leaks)
(edit) @17420   3 months GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • don't keep list of OSM data in validator tests (not a real problem, but makes it harder to find real leaks)
(edit) @17419   3 months GerdP

see #19296: Actions should avoid to install listeners which are not needed

  • DownloadAlongAction doesn't use the listeners but is created for each right click on a GPX layer, stores a ref to GpxData and blocks GC
(edit) @17418   3 months GerdP

see #17184: Memory leaks

  • remove listener when layer is removed (regression of r13608)
(edit) @17417   3 months Don-vip

fix #20262 - make ImageryReader robust to the fact imagery layers sometimes can't be created successfuly

(edit) @17416   3 months GerdP

i18n: use "Nothing changed" instead of "nothing changed" as in CreateMultipolygonAction

(edit) @17415   3 months GerdP

see #20019: Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes.

  • use tag key + "=forward|backward" in messages so that we don't get separate messages for each direction
(edit) @17414   3 months GerdP

see #19296: Actions should avoid to install listeners which are not needed

  • both Note actions don't use SelectionChangeListener or LayerChangeListener
(edit) @17413   3 months GerdP

see #20019: Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes.

  • revert changes in from 17412
  • improve test coverage (nodes with positive ids)
(edit) @17412   3 months GerdP

see #20019: Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes.

  • simplify source
  • improve test coverage
(edit) @17411   3 months GerdP

fix #20019: Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes.

  • show error for unconnected node Unconnected node with {0}. Use angle or cardinal direction
  • show warning for node that is connected, but not to a suitable way Node with {0} should be connected to a linear way
  • show information for Node with {0} on end of way and Node with {0} on a connection of multiple ways, both in group Disputed usage of direction on node
  • special handling for highways: if there is a major highway as defined in Highways.CLASSIFIED_HIGHWAYS, ignore minor ways like footway, path to reduce false positives at traffic lights.
(edit) @17410   3 months Klumbumbus

fix #20241 - Don't warn about icao and iata tags on aerodrome=heliport

(edit) @17409   3 months Klumbumbus

fix #20234 - Don't warn about unclosed natural=mountain_range

(edit) @17408   3 months GerdP

fix #20238: update multipolygon on old-style multipolygon action cannot be fully undone

  • make sure that a command to update the relation is generated
  • add unit test
(edit) @17407   3 months Don-vip

remove TLD from IANA

(edit) @17406   3 months GerdP

fix #20230: update multipolygon action removes tags from ways without adding them to relation

  • create ChangeCommand if tags of updated relation were changed

Todo: refactoring to remove class CreateUpdateMultipolygonTask

(edit) @17405   3 months GerdP

fix #20038: Autofix in RightAngleBuildingTest should be removed

  • remove code which creates a rather useless move command
(edit) @17404   3 months GerdP

fix #19006: Incorrect plugins path used
revert r3130, only scan directory returned by Preferences.main().getPluginsDirectory()

(edit) @17403   3 months Don-vip

see #16567 - JUnit 5: enable parallel execution mode with command line parameters


(edit) @17402   3 months wiktorn

Refuse to download tiles if the tileset is too large

Use TileSet in overloadTiles and move decision whether to load the tileset or not to loadAllTiles.

Closes: #20207

(edit) @17401   3 months GerdP

fix #20222: Relation editor: Changes in member order are lost when updates are applied

  • correct logic which decides what type of command is needed, regression from r17358
(edit) @17400   3 months GerdP

fix #20121: Confusing handling of water objects in CrossingWays

  • report all self crossing ways with the same message
  • ignore corssing water areas because they are reported by mapcss geometry tests
  • don't ignore crossing between water areas and highway, railway, barrier, or building
  • remove redundant and missleading checks in CrossingWays.Ways.ignoreWaySegmentCombination()
  • add unit test for coverage and test of these changes
  • fix @since
(edit) @17399   3 months GerdP

fix #20213: Command stack: Edits in relation editor are listed in wrong stack and lead to exception

  • revert changes for #17196, this approach was too simple because relation editor may save changes for an inactive edit layer
(edit) @17398   3 months Don-vip

see #16073 - prefix test name by country code, if any

(edit) @17397   3 months GerdP

see #19885: memory leak with "temporary" objects in validator and actions

  • always call way.setNodes(null)
(edit) @17396   3 months Don-vip

fix #20143 - make restart work with new macOS package built with jpackage

(edit) @17395   3 months GerdP

see #19098: Unable to update plugin after crash of plugin

  • restore and document old behaviour to return null in case of errors in public method loadLocallyAvailablePluginInformation()
(edit) @17394   3 months GerdP

fix checkstyle issue

(edit) @17393   3 months GerdP

see #10205: Strange align nodes in circle behavior

  • allow to define center node also when a single unclosed way is selected
  • add robustness and more unit tests for evaluation of valid selections
  • if only nodes and no way are selected, order the nodes using the angle to the agv. east-north position. This should produce a predictable result
  • if way(s) are selected the order the nodes is determined by the occurence in the way(s). Self-Intersecting polygons are rejected if no center node is given
  • don't throw InvalidSelection when selection is valid but no point was moved, let buildCommand() return null instead

With a selection that gives a center point and way(s) which are not even close to a circular shape the result might still be surprising. Sometimes the way nodes are arranged around the center node, sometimes they are moved so that a circle arc with nearly the same length is produced. The result changes significantly when the way nodes are also selected. Subject to further improvements.

(edit) @17392   3 months GerdP

fix #19098: Unable to update plugin after crash of plugin

  • wait for completion of threads
  • don't start PluginHandler.updateOrdisablePluginAfterException(e) in EDT

tested with old buildings_tool.jar version 34113 which causes an immediate crash when a new data layer is created.
TODO: Why didn't any unit test find this obvious bug? Seems we are mocking too much?

(edit) @17391   3 months Don-vip

see #13784 - restart robustness

(edit) @17390   3 months Don-vip

fix #13784 - restart robustness

(edit) @17389   3 months Klumbumbus

Add water=basin

(edit) @17388   3 months Klumbumbus

fix #20117 - Warn about abbreviated street names:

  • Bnd for Bend
  • Cv for Cove
  • Trl for Trail
  • Xing for Crossing
  • Vw for View
(edit) @17387   3 months Klumbumbus

fix #20193 - Warn about transformer=* on ways

(edit) @17386   3 months GerdP

fix #20041: Align nodes in Circle creates Command which changes nothing

  • only create move command if node is visibly moved
  • reject a self-intersecting way
  • reject old nodes outside of download area (the original code only shows an info and continues)
  • add some unit tests to improve coverage
(edit) @17385   3 months GerdP

fix #20187: Invalid warning: unclosed natural=earth_bank

  • add earth_bank to exclude list
(edit) @17384   3 months GerdP

fix #20182: NumberFormatException in ConnectivityRelations.parseConnectivityTag

  • fix crash with invalid connectivity=right_turn or a single number like connectivity=1
  • remove code which looks for "bw" after "bw" was replaced by -1000.
  • some more cleanup and code simplifications
  • use JOSMTestRules() instead of JOSMFixture

I don't like that method parseConnectivityTag() is public but didn't change it so far. It seems a bit strange to return an empty map for different kinds of problems found in the connectivity tag.

(edit) @17383   3 months Don-vip

see #16567 - better assertion error messages for rules/plugins integration tests

(edit) @17382   3 months GerdP

fix #20174: Exclude administrative borders, especially national administrative borders from "very long segment"

  • exclude ways with boundary=* from test LongSegment
(edit) @17381   3 months GerdP

fix checkstyle issue

(edit) @17380   3 months stoecker

missing counter increase, fix #CID1437607

(edit) @17379   3 months GerdP

see #17196 Undo/Redo may change data in inactive layer

  • fix sonar issue: Make UndoRedoHandler.clean(Dataset dataset) static
(edit) @17378   3 months GerdP

fix #17196 Undo/Redo may change data in inactive layer

  • fix case when there are two layers with changes and one layer is closed. The undo stack for the other layer disappeared.
(edit) @17377   3 months GerdP

fix javadoc

(edit) @17376   3 months GerdP

fix issues reported by sonar / coverity, simplify code, add unit tests to improve coverage

(edit) @17375   3 months GerdP

fix #20163: Split way corrupts relation when splitting via way

  • if via way in turn restriction is split we have to insert new member
(edit) @17374   3 months GerdP

see #20167: [patch] Improve code readability by replacing indexed loops with foreach
Patch by gaben, slightly modified
I removed the changes for

  •, they introduce a TODO
  • (no improvement in readability)
(edit) @17373   3 months Don-vip

see #20146 - Improvements to macOS build and github actions (patch by Stereo)


  • Separate the create-release github action to pass the release url to all subsequent jobs, to be able to...
  • Upload .jar artefacts from all runs, and a separate .app for all java versions for macOS
  • Better caching for ant/junit
  • Support for the release workflow from #20146
  • A few cosmetic fixes, more readable syntax, etc.
(edit) @17372   3 months Don-vip

fix deprecation warning

(edit) @17371   3 months GerdP

fix #18533: changeset manager: tags tab: width of column (almost) not changeable

  • use ReadOnlyTableModel as in PropertiesDialog to allow resizing of column width
  • don't allow reordering of column headers in Changeset dialogs (because content doesn't match header if allowed)
(edit) @17370   3 months GerdP

fix #20165: Changset manager: Discussion tab: Problem with sorting by date

  • implement special sorter for date

Cannot use automatically created row sorter because it uses Object.toString() for sorting and the format returned by Date.toString() (e.g. "Sat May 30 08:54:31 CEST 2020") is not usable for sorting.

(edit) @17369   3 months simon04

see #20141 - Revert "ImageProvider: cache rendered SVG images using JCS"

(edit) @17368   3 months stoecker

fix i18n, see #20019

(edit) @17367   3 months GerdP

see #19885: memory leak with "temporary" objects in validator and actions

  • simplify code in SplitWayCommand, no need to create a way when we only need to know the nodes
(edit) @17366   3 months Klumbumbus

remove TLD from IANA

(edit) @17365   3 months GerdP

see #19885: memory leak with "temporary" objects in validator and actions

  • revert fix of counter of relations, it is used in a popup and should in fact count all relations
(edit) @17364   3 months simon04

see #20141 - ImageProvider: cache rendered SVG images using JCS

This experimental feature is disabled by default. Set the advanced preference jcs.cache.use_image_resource_cache=true to enable. No cache eviction for altered images is implemented at the moment.

(edit) @17363   3 months simon04

see #20141 - Extract BufferedImageCacheEntry.pngEncoded

(edit) @17362   3 months GerdP

see #19885: memory leak with "temporary" objects in validator and actions

  • fix memory leaks in SplitWayAction and SplitWayCommand
  • fix (not yet used) counter of modified relations
(edit) @17361   3 months GerdP

Fix #18372: Notes description does not fit in box (sometimes)

  • increase magic number to 20 as proposed by mnalis
(edit) @17360   3 months Don-vip

see #16567 - print parameterized tests display name in failure messages

(edit) @17359   3 months GerdP

see #19885: memory leak with "temporary" objects in validator and actions

  • revert changes made in r17358 in SplitWayCommand , they break a unit test and I do not yet see why
(edit) @17358   3 months GerdP

see #19885: memory leak with "temporary" objects in validator and actions

  • (hopefully) fix memory leaks in complex actions
  • handle complex cases with presets and RelationEditor

I hope these changes don't break plugins which extend or overwrite RelationEditor

(edit) @17357   3 months GerdP

see #19885: memory leak with "temporary" objects in validator and actions
Minor changes:

  • add hint regarding memory leak in javadoc to copy constructors for Way and Relation
  • decrease memory footprint of incomplete ways
(edit) @17356   3 months simon04

see #20152 - GeoJSONReader: better exception for illegal FeatureCollection

(edit) @17355   3 months Don-vip

presets refactoring

(edit) @17354   3 months Don-vip

remove TLD from IANA

(edit) @17353   3 months GerdP

fix #12536: Conflict window completely hides relation 'conflicts' while doing a "Replace Geometry"

  • improve calculation of divider location

When resizing the dialog the refreshed result is still poor but I hope that's less annoying.

(edit) @17352   3 months GerdP

see #20019: Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes.

  • fix parenthesis
(edit) @17351   3 months GerdP

fix sonar issue

(edit) @17350   3 months GerdP

fix #19465: Make "Overlapping ways" less aggressive

  • new preference overlapping-ways.ignore-layer with default false
  • new preference overlapping-ways.only-known-linear with default true
  • new message texts
  • improved list in method hasAreaTags(). Probably many more candidates could be added.
  • still produces info message Ways share segment when overlapping-ways.only-known-linear is changed to false. I tend to think that this test can be removed. It's kind of a mop up message for ways which are not clearly linear or area.
  • fix typo in TestError javadoc
(edit) @17349   3 months GerdP

see #20019: Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes.

  • implement new test DirectionNodes which uses error codes 4000-4099

TODO: unit test

(edit) @17348   3 months GerdP

fix #20089: Don't flag railway=rail crossing railway=yard

  • ignore crossings of ways if one is railway=yard and the other is not and both have the railway key
(edit) @17347   3 months GerdP

fix #17196: Undo/Redo may change data in inactive layer

  • use separate stacks for each edit layer
  • show empty undo/redo stack when active layer isn't an edit layer
(edit) @17346   3 months GerdP

checkstyle issues

(edit) @17345   3 months simon04

fix #20142 - Fix in man pages

(edit) @17344   3 months simon04

SearchCompiler: tune logging

(edit) @17343   3 months GerdP

fix #20110: "Update multipolygon" strips natural=coastline from member ways

  • fix and unit test
(edit) @17342   4 months GerdP

fix #20098: Corrupted undo/redo stack after unsuccesful undo

  • Keep undo/redo stack intact if Command.undo() throws Execption
(edit) @17341   4 months GerdP

fix #20091: Downloading incomplete, deleted members leads to data inconsitency

  • changes the logic of "download members" so that all non-new members of all selected relations are downloaded. It doesn't recurse down on child relations. The old code did a download of members using the relation id, so the server returned the members of the version as known by the server. Disadvantage: The new code is slower.
  • changes and simplifies DataSetMerger to fix the wrong handling of deleted objects in the source
  • additional unit tests to cover more branches in mergeById()
  • also fixes #19783
(edit) @17340   4 months GerdP

fix #19792: Error during conflict resolution after complex import operation

  • ConflictResolver: initialize resolvedCompletely in populate()
  • fix typo in PropertiesMerger
  • create copies of lists in buildResolveCommand() implementations
  • revert r17273 (not needed)
(edit) @17339   4 months simon04

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