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(edit) @17358   7 weeks GerdP

see #19885: memory leak with "temporary" objects in validator and actions

  • (hopefully) fix memory leaks in complex actions
  • handle complex cases with presets and RelationEditor

I hope these changes don't break plugins which extend or overwrite RelationEditor

(edit) @17357   7 weeks GerdP

see #19885: memory leak with "temporary" objects in validator and actions
Minor changes:

  • add hint regarding memory leak in javadoc to copy constructors for Way and Relation
  • decrease memory footprint of incomplete ways
(edit) @17356   7 weeks simon04

see #20152 - GeoJSONReader: better exception for illegal FeatureCollection

(edit) @17355   7 weeks Don-vip

presets refactoring

(edit) @17354   7 weeks Don-vip

remove TLD from IANA

(edit) @17353   8 weeks GerdP

fix #12536: Conflict window completely hides relation 'conflicts' while doing a "Replace Geometry"

  • improve calculation of divider location

When resizing the dialog the refreshed result is still poor but I hope that's less annoying.

(edit) @17352   8 weeks GerdP

see #20019: Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes.

  • fix parenthesis
(edit) @17351   8 weeks GerdP

fix sonar issue

(edit) @17350   8 weeks GerdP

fix #19465: Make "Overlapping ways" less aggressive

  • new preference overlapping-ways.ignore-layer with default false
  • new preference overlapping-ways.only-known-linear with default true
  • new message texts
  • improved list in method hasAreaTags(). Probably many more candidates could be added.
  • still produces info message Ways share segment when overlapping-ways.only-known-linear is changed to false. I tend to think that this test can be removed. It's kind of a mop up message for ways which are not clearly linear or area.
  • fix typo in TestError javadoc
(edit) @17349   8 weeks GerdP

see #20019: Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes.

  • implement new test DirectionNodes which uses error codes 4000-4099

TODO: unit test

(edit) @17348   8 weeks GerdP

fix #20089: Don't flag railway=rail crossing railway=yard

  • ignore crossings of ways if one is railway=yard and the other is not and both have the railway key
(edit) @17347   8 weeks GerdP

fix #17196: Undo/Redo may change data in inactive layer

  • use separate stacks for each edit layer
  • show empty undo/redo stack when active layer isn't an edit layer
(edit) @17346   8 weeks GerdP

checkstyle issues

(edit) @17345   8 weeks simon04

fix #20142 - Fix in man pages

(edit) @17344   8 weeks simon04

SearchCompiler: tune logging

(edit) @17343   8 weeks GerdP

fix #20110: "Update multipolygon" strips natural=coastline from member ways

  • fix and unit test
(edit) @17342   8 weeks GerdP

fix #20098: Corrupted undo/redo stack after unsuccesful undo

  • Keep undo/redo stack intact if Command.undo() throws Execption
(edit) @17341   8 weeks GerdP

fix #20091: Downloading incomplete, deleted members leads to data inconsitency

  • changes the logic of "download members" so that all non-new members of all selected relations are downloaded. It doesn't recurse down on child relations. The old code did a download of members using the relation id, so the server returned the members of the version as known by the server. Disadvantage: The new code is slower.
  • changes and simplifies DataSetMerger to fix the wrong handling of deleted objects in the source
  • additional unit tests to cover more branches in mergeById()
  • also fixes #19783
(edit) @17340   8 weeks GerdP

fix #19792: Error during conflict resolution after complex import operation

  • ConflictResolver: initialize resolvedCompletely in populate()
  • fix typo in PropertiesMerger
  • create copies of lists in buildResolveCommand() implementations
  • revert r17273 (not needed)
(edit) @17339   8 weeks simon04

(edit) @17338   8 weeks simon04

build.xml: add descriptions to Ant tasks

(edit) @17337   8 weeks simon04

ShowStatusReportAction: migrate to PrintWriter

(edit) @17336   8 weeks GerdP

fix #20037: Overpass query wizard generates wrong query with "*=value"

  • remove obsolete getInstance()
  • fix bug and add unit test
(edit) @17335   8 weeks Don-vip

see #20139 - avoid shortcut conflict between "open location" actions

(edit) @17334   8 weeks Don-vip

see #20129 - rename file to match new class name

(edit) @17333   8 weeks Don-vip

see #20129 - Fix typos and misspellings in the code (patch by gaben)

(edit) @17332   8 weeks Don-vip

fix #20131 - fix unit tests and codestyle violations

(edit) @17331   8 weeks GerdP

fix #19825: Advanced preferences table is empty w/o search text on Java 8

(edit) @17330   8 weeks Don-vip

fix #20131 - remote control: report errors in case of OSM API error (load_and_zoom) or no valid identifier (load_object)

(edit) @17329   8 weeks stoecker

also use oldid's for ELI checks

(edit) @17328   8 weeks stoecker

special handling for recent ELI WMS_URL switches

(edit) @17327   8 weeks simon04

I18n update

(edit) @17326   8 weeks GerdP

fix #20022: Do not warn about destination_sign relations with same members

  • ignore type=destination_sign
(edit) @17325   8 weeks GerdP

fix #19966 and #20115
don't open relation editor in modal mode

(edit) @17324   8 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #20119 - Don't warn about smoothness on barrier=kerb or kerb=*

(edit) @17323   2 months Don-vip

fix #20099 - make sure "OSM Server" preferences display a vertical scrollbar if needed

(edit) @17322   2 months Don-vip

fix #20018 - disable repaint timer when no animation extension is enabled

(edit) @17321   2 months Don-vip

fix #20026 - fix tooltip for Date/time in gpx filter dialog

(edit) @17320   2 months Don-vip

fix #20066 - NPE with nodes without coordinates

(edit) @17319   2 months Don-vip

fix #20095 - New macOS icon to match macOS Big Sur icon guidelines (created by Stereo)

Guidelines at ​

(edit) @17318   2 months Don-vip

fix #20096 - restore comment initialization from dataset changeset hashtags if specified through remote control (regression from recent upload dialog changes)

(edit) @17317   2 months Don-vip

see #7548 - deprecate MapPreferenceTest until we remove MapPreference

(edit) @17316   2 months Don-vip

see #7548 - fix #20094 - fix NPE

(edit) @17315   2 months Don-vip

see #7548 - deprecate MapPreference, not used anymore

(edit) @17314   2 months Don-vip

see #7548 - make clear which preferences settings allow new tabs from plugins. Make color preferences extensible. Hide tab area if a single tab is defined.

(edit) @17313   2 months Don-vip

see #7548 - make tab width dynamic + add 5px padding between icon and text

(edit) @17312   2 months Don-vip

see #7548 - fix UI issues in proxy preferences panel

(edit) @17311   2 months Don-vip

see #7548 - distinguish i18n context of "Display" string

(edit) @17310   2 months Don-vip

see #16567 - rewrite ImageDataTest to get rid of problematic JMockit annotation

(edit) @17309   2 months Don-vip

i18n update

(edit) @17308   2 months Don-vip

fix #19995 - upload dialog: separate instances for cell renderer and editor (patch by DevCharly, modified)

(edit) @17307   2 months GerdP

see #7548: Re-organize the preference dialog

  • move code for expert toggle into expertChanged() and make sure that a tab is selected
  • always use SwingUtilities.invokeLater() when the PreferenceDialog should be opened with a special tab
(edit) @17306   2 months GerdP

see #7548: Re-organize the preference dialog

  • let selectTabBy() always select a tab, either the wanted or the first if the wanted doesn't exist

TODO: fix memory leak caused by listeners

(edit) @17305   2 months GerdP

see #7548: Re-organize the preference dialog

  • Correct handling of expert mode toggle (when enable/disable expert mode ... no content displayed)

(regression introduced by r17265)

(edit) @17304   2 months Don-vip

see #16567 - use our own patched version of JMockit to see if it solves the JUnit 5/Java 8 test failures manually uploaded to

(edit) @17303   2 months GerdP

fix sonarlint issue

(edit) @17302   2 months Don-vip

upgrade to Checkstyle 8.35

(edit) @17301   2 months Klumbumbus

fix color code for invalid ELI shapes

(edit) @17300   2 months simon04

I18n update

(edit) @17299   2 months simon04

see #19819 - Obtain link color using UIManager (default to JOSM blue)

(edit) @17298   2 months simon04

see #7548 - Re-organize the preference dialog (Look and Feel as subtab in display preferences)

(edit) @17297   2 months simon04

see #7548 - Re-organize the preference dialog (disable tab titles for

(edit) @17296   2 months GerdP

fix javadoc link

(edit) @17295   2 months GerdP

see #19906: Scale, rotate & create areas tool: bottom toolbar unusable to view angle/scale factor/offset measurement
update statusline when exiting DrawAction

(edit) @17294   2 months Klumbumbus

fix #20034 - Add building=gatehouse

(edit) @17293   2 months Klumbumbus

see #7548 - Move "Look an Feel" combobox to the top

(edit) @17292   2 months simon04

see #7548 - Re-organize the preference dialog (disable tab titles for macOS)

(edit) @17291   2 months Klumbumbus

fix #20021 - Add holding_position:type (patch by Claudius)

(edit) @17290   2 months GerdP

see #19582: Stays silent if download is incomplete cause of timeouts

  • re-throw OsmTransferException (19582-core.patch)
(edit) @17289   2 months GerdP

fix #20013: When combining two ways and one of them needs to have the direction changed then JOSM doesn't consider effects on stop and give way signs

(edit) @17288   3 months Don-vip

see #16567 - fix integration tests

(edit) @17287   3 months Don-vip

fix #20009 - Build macOS bundles on Java 15, not 16-ea (yet)

(edit) @17286   3 months Klumbumbus

fix #19952 - Change sport combo to multiselect, update ignorelist

(edit) @17285   3 months Klumbumbus

fix #18266 - Warn about multiple values in telecom:medium

(edit) @17284   3 months Klumbumbus

see #19383 - Deprecate tower:type=transition and pole:type=transition in favor of location:transition=yes

(edit) @17283   3 months GerdP

fix #19438: DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted node referenced during conflict solving

  • use Way.calculateRemoveNodes() if way is not incomplete
(edit) @17282   3 months GerdP

see #20005: DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted member referenced undoing conflict resolutions
partly revert r17226: Don't use Utils.toUnmodifiableMap()

It seems this can lead to a change in the order of objects returned when iterating over the clonemap.

(edit) @17281   3 months Klumbumbus
(edit) @17280   3 months Don-vip

see #16567 - fix assertEquals parameters order

(edit) @17279   3 months Don-vip

see #16567 - revert r17275 for CycleLayerActionTest / MinimapDialogTest

They depend on fakeImagery, which does not work yet with JUnit 5

(edit) @17278   3 months Don-vip

upgrade test reference images to match today's Ubuntu upgrades:

  • openjdk-11-jre:amd64 (11.0.9+11-0ubuntu1~18.04.1) over (11.0.8+10-0ubuntu1~18.04.1)
  • openjdk-8-jre:amd64 (8u272-b10-0ubuntu1~18.04) over (8u265-b01-0ubuntu2~18.04)
(edit) @17277   3 months Don-vip

see #16567 - fix more obvious test errors

(edit) @17276   3 months Don-vip

see #16567 - fix obvious test errors + upgrade tests dependencies

(edit) @17275   3 months Don-vip

see #16567 - upgrade almost all tests to JUnit 5, except those depending on WiremockRule


(edit) @17274   3 months Klumbumbus

fix #20001 - Add vending=water

(edit) @17273   3 months GerdP

see #6529: Deleting locally referenced objects in conflict resolution breaks data integrity

  • Correct calculation of commands when a selection of conflicts is resolved to "my" or "their" version

The old code computed a list of commands before executing any of them. This fails when the execution of a command changes the data that is used by following commands. I don't know if this fixes all problems. I expected that these conflicts also require a special order, but there is no code to sort them. The displayed list doesn't seem to be ordered.

(edit) @17272   3 months Don-vip

Drop the patches directory, not needed anymore

(edit) @17271   3 months Don-vip

see #7548 - remove unused variable

(edit) @17270   3 months Don-vip

fix #19997 - Disable MapPaint style submenu for empty settings (patch by jBeata, modified)

(edit) @17269   3 months Don-vip

fix #19993 - handle multiline note comments in notes dialog

(edit) @17268   3 months Klumbumbus

see #19907 - Avoid that the fix button of some numeric tests produces a still wrong value

(edit) @17267   3 months Klumbumbus

see #19907 - Remove foot/inch from maxweight/maxaleload regular expressions

(edit) @17266   3 months Klumbumbus

fix #19907 - Adjust some numeric regular expessions to warn about cases with missing numbers after decimal separator (width=10'2." or maxheight=2. m), don't warn about values without inch (feet only)

(edit) @17265   3 months GerdP

see #7548: Re-organize the preference dialog
Apply 7548-no-empty.patch to avoid empty top panel

  • make sure that a panel is selected when selectPreviouslySelectedPreferences() is called and nothing was previously selected
  • reverts r17097
(edit) @17264   3 months GerdP

see #7548: Re-organize the preference dialog

  • revert r17256, doesn't help and maybe worsens the problem on some systems
(edit) @17263   3 months Klumbumbus

see #19383 - Add line_management to power support presets, warn about line_management on ways, deprecate pole:type and power related tower:type values

(edit) @17262   3 months Klumbumbus

see #14964 - fix ignorelist

(edit) @17261   3 months GerdP

see #19956 Double check if error still exists before executing autofix

  • revert r17252. There are more tests that don't work with this. Have to double check my patch first ;)
(edit) @17260   3 months Klumbumbus

fix #19989 - update TLD from IANA

(edit) @17259   3 months Klumbumbus

fix #14964 - Add residential=apartments|rural|urban

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