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(edit) @15196   8 weeks Don-vip

fix #17845 - Add a MapCSS method to check for roles in relations (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @15195   2 months Klumbumbus

see #17808 - add traffic_signals:direction to Traffic Signal preset

(edit) @15194   2 months Klumbumbus

fix #17844 - don't warn about maxspeed on suspicious object if traffic_sign:forward or traffic_sign:backward is present

(edit) @15193   2 months Don-vip

fix #17831 - make sure we don't ask to update to current version of Java by mistake

(edit) @15192   2 months Don-vip

see #17434 - fix doors icon name

(edit) @15191   2 months Klumbumbus

see #10447 - add bridge=boardwalk and remove deprecated bridge=swing in rendering, sort values

(edit) @15190   2 months Klumbumbus
  • fix #17815 - add direction=* to traffic_sign presets
  • warn about traffic_sign=maxspeed without maxspeed=*
(edit) @15189   2 months Klumbumbus

fix #17791 - add junction:ref=* to motorway_link, trunk_link and primary_link presets

(edit) @15188   2 months Klumbumbus
  • fix #17434 - add shop=party, icon self created, derived from internal theme_park icon, CC0 and PD licensed
  • see #17434 - add shop=doors, icon self created, derived from internal apartments icon, CC0 and PD licensed
  • fix #17834 - add railway=railway_crossing, icon self created, CC0 and PD licensed
  • less obtrusive railway=switch icon, icon self created, CC0 and PD licensed, old icon moved to nodist folder
  • add railway:switch=* combo in railway=switch preset
(edit) @15187   2 months Don-vip

see #17835 - detect invalid plugin versions

(edit) @15186   2 months Don-vip

fix #17810 - incompletely downloaded turn restrictions sometimes break when splitting the from way (patch by taylor.smock, modified)

(edit) @15185   2 months Don-vip

fix #17823 - increase statusbar.decimal-format precision, for those crazy cartographers who do high-precision mapping

(edit) @15184   2 months Don-vip

fix #17825 - support Geo URIs with WGS84 CRS and/or uncertainty

(edit) @15183   2 months GerdP

fix #17768: Create / Update multipolygon did not work wich touching inner rings

(edit) @15182   2 months Don-vip

see #17819 - minor performance improvement, avoid to compute size twice

(edit) @15181   2 months Don-vip

see #17516 - use qualified access to Thread.yield() as it is a restricted identifier in Java 13, see

(edit) @15180   2 months Don-vip

see #13201, see #17825 - allow to download geo: URI from the command line

(edit) @15179   2 months Don-vip

fix #17824 - Use %U code for Linux desktop Exec parameter to allow URLs in addition to file path

(edit) @15178   2 months GerdP

fix #17819

  • Create ArrayList instead of modifying a CopyList instance in joinWays()
  • Avoid to remove node, instead add sublist to avoid duplicate nodes, always use addAll().
  • use HashSet to store larger collections of way ids, Collections.singleton for single ids

Result: Multipolygon.load() performance is much better for very complex multipolygons (1.6 secs instead of 30), no changes for normal sized relations.

(edit) @15177   2 months Don-vip

see #14208 - NPE

(edit) @15176   2 months Don-vip

fix #14208 - improve filter dialog table header (dynamic width, sortable)

(edit) @15175   2 months Klumbumbus

fix #17814 - add man_made=street_cabinet (icon derived from power street cabinet icon, CC0 and PD licensed), unify the three presets

(edit) @15174   2 months Klumbumbus

see #17798, see #17817 - fix typo again, sorry for the noise

(edit) @15173   2 months Klumbumbus

see #17798, see #17817 - move opening_hours:kitchen combo to restaurant preset which was wrongly added to the fast food preset

(edit) @15172   2 months Klumbumbus
  • see #17798, fix #17817 - fix typo in preset key opening_hours:kitchen (patch by julianladisch)
(edit) @15171   2 months Klumbumbus

see #17689, see #17690, see #17692 - add rendering for telecom presets

(edit) @15170   2 months Klumbumbus
(edit) @15169   2 months Klumbumbus

fix #17804 - Add cemetery=sector and warn about cemetery=sector together with landuse=cemetery, icon self created, CC0 and PD licensed, little reorder in preset menu

(edit) @15168   2 months Don-vip

fix #17805 - return null when MergeNodesAction has nothing to do

(edit) @15167   2 months Don-vip

see #16047, fix #17794 - add java.sql module when loading JOSM with Java 11+

(edit) @15166   2 months Klumbumbus
  • fix #17043 - add Diet preset and link it in some others, add more cuisine=* values, deprecate cuisine=vegan|vegetarian in favor of diet:vegan|vegetarian (patch by naoliv) icon self created, derived from our farm icon, CC0 and PD licensed, improve the farm icon too
  • fix #17798 - add opening_hours:kitchen=*, deprecate kitchen_hours=* in favor of opening_hours:kitchen=*, add reservation=* to more presets
  • fix #17799 - add wetland=fen
(edit) @15165   3 months Klumbumbus

fix #17797 - add building=bakehouse, removes warning "...'bakehouse' unknown maybe 'warehouse' is meant?"

(edit) @15164   3 months Don-vip

remove TLD from IANA

(edit) @15163   3 months Don-vip

fix URL parsing errors

(edit) @15162   3 months GerdP

see #17768: activate unit test

(edit) @15161   3 months GerdP

fix checkstyle issue

(edit) @15160   3 months GerdP

fix #17768: Use code in MultipolygonTest to improve CreateMultipolygonAction

  • implement new method makeFromWays() in MultipolygonTest
  • let MultipolygonBuilder.makeFromWays() use the new method, it is much faster and detects more cases where the geometry is invalid.
  • remove now obsolete code in MultipolygonBuilder, add javadoc for some public fields
  • let CreateMultipolygonAction use the new method and add some code to improve user feedback when update removes members or when nothing was changed but the relation is still not a valid multipolygon.
  • let Geometry use final field JoinedPolygon.nodes instead of method JoinedPolygon.getNodes() as this is not a getter but a calculation routine which should be changed later.
(edit) @15159   3 months Klumbumbus
  • see #17770 - ignore service=irrigation for now
  • fix #17787 - make siren:purpose a multiselect and searchable
(edit) @15158   3 months Don-vip

fix #17781 - filter imagery list by (localized) country name

(edit) @15157   3 months Don-vip

add nudism attribute to beach, beach resort and campsite presets

(edit) @15156   3 months Don-vip

fix #17780 - add amenity=car_pooling

(edit) @15155   3 months Don-vip

i18n update

(edit) @15154   3 months Don-vip

fix #17779 - make sure imagery entries without shapes are displayed in imagery menu

(edit) @15153   3 months Don-vip

see #16301 - fix activation problem when filtering imagery sources

(edit) @15152   3 months Don-vip

more uses of Java 8 stream API

(edit) @15151   3 months Don-vip

see #10391 - report building=hangar outside of aeroway

(edit) @15150   3 months Don-vip

i18n update

(edit) @15149   3 months Don-vip

fix #17774 - NPE

(edit) @15148   3 months Don-vip

see #17719 - add missing text

(edit) @15147   3 months Don-vip

see #17744 - register JMapViewer SettingsAdapter so that the Bing API key can be set using

(edit) @15146   3 months Don-vip

fix #17769 - test ISRG Root works

(edit) @15145   3 months Don-vip

see #17772 - make sure all JMapViewer instances in JOSM behave the same

(edit) @15144   3 months Klumbumbus

see #17486 - don't warn about addr:housenumber=bb in Bosnia and Herzegovina

(edit) @15143   3 months GerdP

fix #17767 (again)

  • make sure that we don't create multipolygon in update mode
  • ignore filtered relations when only ways are selected
(edit) @15142   3 months Don-vip

see #17668 - fix typo

(edit) @15141   3 months GerdP

see #17767 and #17768: add non regression unit tests
Test testTicket17768() fails with current code and is ignored for now.

(edit) @15140   3 months GerdP

see #17762: add resource=peat to ignoretags.cfg for now

(edit) @15139   3 months Don-vip

fix #17719 - Pipeline valve preset extension

(edit) @15138   3 months GerdP

use git mirror for apache commons jcs

(edit) @15137   3 months GerdP

fix #17767: "Update multipolygon" may change route relation to multipolygon
If no relation is selected but at least one way: Collect the multipolygon relations which have the selected way(s) as members. If the collection contains exactly one relation the action is enabled.
The implementation stops early when more than one multipolygon relation is found.

(edit) @15136   3 months GerdP

add test for handling of multipolygon ways

(edit) @15135   3 months Don-vip

Increase traditional timeouts to avoid random problems

(edit) @15134   3 months GerdP

see #17765: fix / add unit tests

(edit) @15133   3 months GerdP

see #17765: Further simplify code

(edit) @15132   3 months GerdP

fix #17765: Move code for error "Area style way is not closed" to UnclosedWays
This simplifies the code. Method UnclosedWays.getCheckedKeys() is no longer needed
by any code in core or the plugins directory, but I did not dare to remove it.

(edit) @15131   3 months Klumbumbus

see #17623 , see #17765 - fix validator warning, don't treat highway=services as linear object

(edit) @15130   3 months GerdP

fix wrong ticket number in javadoc

(edit) @15129   3 months GerdP

see #17011: Ignore relations without members in DuplicateRelation test

Don't produce "Relations with same members" for relations without members. They will be flagged as empty relations.

(edit) @15128   3 months Don-vip

see #16047, see #16498, see #17516, fix #17723

  • add java.scripting module when loading JOSM with Java 11+
  • detect java 12/13 on Linux
(edit) @15127   3 months Don-vip

fix #17724 - Allow DataSet merges without merging the Bounds (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @15126   3 months Don-vip

fix #15030 - make sure deleting a relation effectively removes it from selection

(edit) @15125   3 months Don-vip

fix #17740 - Lock the dataset before we get the selection to avoid disappearing primitives (patch by taylor.smock)

(edit) @15124   3 months Don-vip

fix #17668 - load "Microsec e-Szigno Root CA 2009" certificate, used by city of Budapest

(edit) @15123   3 months GerdP

improve javadoc: document some problems with intersection test PolyData.contains()

(edit) @15122   3 months Don-vip

see #17763 - use interfaces where possible

(edit) @15121   3 months Don-vip

sonarqube, javadoc

(edit) @15120   3 months GerdP

fix copy+paste error in javadoc

(edit) @15119   3 months GerdP

See #17055: Don't produce warning "Unknown property value - Value 'bank' for key 'building' is unknown, maybe
'barn' is meant?"
See also

(edit) @15118   3 months Don-vip

don't throw warning "node connects highway and building" for entrance nodes

(edit) @15117   3 months Don-vip

make sure upload comments are not remembered if upload.comment.max-age is <= 0

(edit) @15116   3 months Don-vip

fix #16301 - add filter for default imagery entries

(edit) @15115   3 months Don-vip

see #16301 - extract ImageryProvidersPanel

(edit) @15114   3 months Don-vip

see #16301 - display tooltips for all columns

(edit) @15113   3 months GerdP

fix #17746: Detect invalid MapCSS search expressions

(edit) @15112   3 months Don-vip

fix #17689, fix #17690, fix #17692 - add telecom presets (street_cabinet=telecom, telecom=exchange, telecom=connection_point, telecom=service_device)

(edit) @15111   3 months Don-vip

fix #17759 - use git mirror for apache commons logging

(edit) @15110   3 months Klumbumbus

fix #17644 - warn about power=plant together with generator:*=* and power=generator together with plant:*=*

(edit) @15109   3 months GerdP

fix #17754: Search dialog input field doesn't react on changes in radio buttons

(edit) @15108   3 months GerdP

simplify code (see #15558):
also removes side-effect: The order of the list searchExpressionHistory is no longer reversed.

(edit) @15107   3 months GerdP

see #17745: ignore unclosed ways and multipolygons with unclosed outer rings in methods Geometry.filterInsidePolygon() and Geometry.filterInsideMultipolygon()
TODO: implement correct algorithm for unclosed ways

(edit) @15106   3 months Don-vip

see #16047 - fix javadoc warning on Java 11+

(edit) @15105   3 months GerdP

see #10391: replace * by area for the right selector with ∈

(edit) @15104   3 months GerdP

fix SonarLint issue: extract class IndexData (Reduce this class from 102 to the maximum allowed 100 or externalize it in a public class)

(edit) @15103   3 months GerdP

see #14287: improve results when Test.partialSelection is true. This happens when either elements are selected or when the test is performed before uploading data.
In a final step the surrounding objects of the tested elements are also tested with a reduced set of rules which will find problems like "amenity inside amenity".

(edit) @15102   3 months GerdP

fix #10391: Add support for "not element of" operator

  • implement 4 new operators: ⊆,⊈,⊇,⊉
  • ⊆ is a synonym for the existing ∈ operator that uses the ContainsFinder, it

matches for elements which contain one or more elements matching the left Selectors

  • ⊈ matches for elements which do not contain any element matching the left Selectors (also uses the ContainsFinder)
  • ⊇ matches for elements which are contained in an element matching the left Selectors, it uses the InsideOrEqualFinder and is typically slower than ⊆, so it is probably only usefull for the search dialog
  • ⊉ matches for elements which are NOT contained in any element matching the left Selector
  • Both ContainsFinder and InsideOrEqualFinder work with areas, an area is either descibed by a closed way or a valid, complete relation of type=multipolygon or type=boundary. Incomplete objects do not contain something, invalid objects produce unpredictable results.
  • An element A contains another element B when it is an area and when B is either a Node inside the area of A, or when it is also an area that is fully inside or equal to A. An element is not inside a relation when it is a member of that relation.
  • hint: with ∈,⊆,⊈ prefer to use area selector instead of * for the right side, for ⊇,⊉ use area selector on the left side
(edit) @15101   3 months Don-vip

ignore by url (faster)

(edit) @15100   3 months Don-vip

ignore by url, increase timeout

(edit) @15099   3 months Don-vip

fix ConcurrentModificationException

(edit) @15098   3 months Don-vip

nicer test names

(edit) @15097   3 months Don-vip

fix parallel execution of integration tests

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