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(edit) @5482   6 years Don-vip

i18n update

(edit) @5481   6 years stoecker

some cleanup, mainly javadoc

(edit) @5480   6 years Don-vip

fix #8008 - validator doesn't detect duplicated closed way

(edit) @5479   6 years Don-vip

fix #8003 - Recently used tag button does not fill in last used single-digit value

(edit) @5478   6 years Don-vip

fix #7999 - Change r5464 broke display of texts for marker layer

(edit) @5477   6 years stoecker

fix GPX eport

(edit) @5476   6 years Don-vip

OsmChange downloading:

  • download nodes for incomplete ways. This increases download time but ensures the downloaded data is correct (currently it can lead to 0-nodes ways)
  • fix progress monitor advancement
  • Try/catch and display error message on stderr in case of AssertionError
(edit) @5475   6 years bastiK

applied #7811 - Vague "Suspicious tag/value combinations" message for absent denomination tag (patch by mrwojo, slightly modified)

(edit) @5474   6 years Don-vip

fix #7994 - WGS84-DMS-ordinates are shown as 01'60,0" instead of 02'00,0"

(edit) @5473   6 years stoecker

fix typo

(edit) @5472   6 years Don-vip

see #7980 - fix another two memory leaks

(edit) @5471   6 years Don-vip

see #7980 - fix another memory leak

(edit) @5470   6 years Don-vip

fix #7865 - Map icons should be less prominent when disabled or inactive (patch by mrwojo)

(edit) @5469   6 years Don-vip

Do not try to init JosmUserIdentityManager from OAuth if no access token is set

(edit) @5468   6 years jttt

EDT violation

(edit) @5467   6 years Don-vip

fix #7982 - Revert unwanted Preferences.getBoolean change that prevents some plugins to start

(edit) @5466   6 years Don-vip

see #2519, see #7981 - revert r5458 to allow again several instances of a single imagery provider

(edit) @5465   6 years Don-vip

Refactor Imagery preferences settings panels to allow future reuse

(edit) @5464   6 years Don-vip

Rework Properties a bit to simplify management of Color properties

(edit) @5463   6 years jttt

Fix some memory leaks (see #7980)

(edit) @5462   6 years Don-vip

fix #6723 - Cannot change Imagery fade color from Imagery settings

(edit) @5461   6 years Don-vip

fix #5567 - Do not mix case in WMS requests parameters

(edit) @5460   6 years Don-vip

global use of Main.isDisplayingMapView()

(edit) @5459   6 years Don-vip

fix #2961 - Improve usability of WMS Layer Saving/Loading

  • Replaced the unconventional method of creating a blank layer, then loading a .wms file to a standard File->Open approach
  • Fixed memory leaks with some actions registered as listeners but never destroyed
  • Layer interface modified to allow a generic approach of layer saving in SaveActionBase rather than the previous one restricted to OSM and GPX data
  • FileImporters and FileExporters can now be enabled/disabled at runtime, for example when the active layer changes
(edit) @5458   6 years Don-vip

fix #2519 - do not allow multiple identical imagery layers

(edit) @5457   6 years Don-vip

Restrict WMS "save as" and "load" dialogs to WMS FileFilter + refactor WMS layer import/export to make WMSLayerImporter/Exporter real classes

(edit) @5456   6 years Don-vip

Restrict GPX "save as" and "export" dialogs to GPX FileFilter

(edit) @5455   6 years Don-vip

see #6985 - rescale audio, remotecontrol and validator icons to 48x48 pixels (with pngout compression)

(edit) @5454   6 years Don-vip

see #6985 - Rescale preferences tab icons to 48x48 pixels

(edit) @5453   6 years Don-vip

fix OsmPrimitiveTypesComboBox

(edit) @5452   6 years Don-vip

Code refactorisation on EDT calls

(edit) @5451   6 years Don-vip

fix #7978 - Merging nodes and upload were broken due to improper combobox initialization

(edit) @5450   6 years Don-vip

fix #7917 - Control the number of items displayed at once in all comboboxes (replaced configurable method with a dynamic method based on screen height and look and feel)

(edit) @5449   6 years jttt

Show multikey shortcut hint in menu

(edit) @5448   6 years Don-vip

Prevents MapView from being repainted multiple times when adding the first active layer

(edit) @5447   6 years Don-vip

Select action: only repaint MapView when needed (here, the repaint() method is called from MapView after a selectionChanged event)

(edit) @5446   6 years Don-vip

Select action: only repaint MapView when needed

(edit) @5445   6 years Don-vip

fix #7963 - remotecontrol v1.4 : Add min_zoom and max_zoom parameters for /imagery command

(edit) @5444   6 years Don-vip

fix #7964 - remotecontrol imagery name encoding

(edit) @5443   6 years akks

see #7888: Ctrl-Drag moves the node/way under cursor; fix dragging after rotation; minor refactoring of SelectAction

(edit) @5442   6 years bastiK

filter: improved multipolygon handling (fixes #5149, see #6160)

(edit) @5441   6 years bastiK

remove duplicate class

(edit) @5440   6 years Don-vip

fix #7716 - History shows same version number, wrong date, user, and CT for modified objects

(edit) @5439   6 years Don-vip

Adapt OAuth user identification mechanism so it is no longer reserved to changeset dialog and that it is only asked again when necessary

(edit) @5438   6 years Don-vip

fix #6733 - File Open dialog incorrectly accepts folder selection

Major rework of how the JFileChooser are created in JOSM

  • Simple need: use DiskAccessAction.createAndOpenFileChooser methods
  • Complex need: use directly the new class JFileChooserManager

Concerning the directory selection for geottaged images, this is still possible via:

  • right-click on GPX layer -> Import Photos
(edit) @5437   6 years bastiK

fixed #7948 - inverted filter "child type:way" disables untagged nodes of ways

(edit) @5436   6 years stoecker

update i18n, deprecate licensechange plugin

(edit) @5435   6 years akks

hope to fix #7082: ctrl-dragging near virtual node problem

(edit) @5434   6 years Don-vip

fix #6594 - Fetch user details with supplied OAuth credentials to download changesets without having to set user name in "Basic authentication" tab + fix a bug in languages parsing

(edit) @5433   6 years Don-vip

fix #7671 for good (forgot this last fill() in my last commit). Thanks to AlfonZ for the bug report.

(edit) @5432   6 years Don-vip

fix #7822 - display the EXIF/GPS time for geotagged images, when known

(edit) @5431   6 years Don-vip

fix #7864 - desaturate the colors for inactive areas to alpha of 0.33f

(edit) @5430   6 years Don-vip

fix #7873 - select geotagged image should not be allowed in add node mode

(edit) @5429   6 years Don-vip

fix #7917 - Control the number of items displayed at once in all comboboxes (20 by default, configurable with gui.combobox.maximum-row-count)

(edit) @5428   6 years Don-vip

Forgot this in previous commit, sorry

(edit) @5427   6 years Don-vip

fix #7671 - Fix (last ?) problem with recently added tags (unwanted autocompletion when the key already exists)

(edit) @5426   6 years stoecker

fix #7950 - broken build

(edit) @5425   6 years Don-vip

see #7671, see #7951 - prevents unwanted line breaks with values composed of several words

(edit) @5424   6 years Don-vip

see #7671, see #7951 - incorrect contents of value combobox when clicking on a "Recently added tags"

(edit) @5423   6 years bastiK

doc + cosmetics (see #7948)

(edit) @5422   6 years Don-vip

see #7943 - Introduce OsmApi.DEFAULT_API_URL, better handling of change of API URL in OAuth management, javadoc improvements

(edit) @5421   6 years stoecker

fix javadoc, remove unused code

(edit) @5420   6 years Don-vip

fix #7926 - Add highway=secondary_link and highway=tertiary_link to presets

(edit) @5419   6 years stoecker

fix typos

(edit) @5418   6 years akks

fix #7082 (?) - CTRL-drag in selection mode problem, see #7888: SelectAction and MoveCommand rework

(edit) @5417   6 years stoecker

some Javadoc fixes

(edit) @5416   6 years Don-vip

see #7938 - code optimization (patch by verdy_p)

(edit) @5415   6 years Don-vip

fix #7936 - Validator dialog is not updated when the active edit layer is deleted

(edit) @5414   6 years Don-vip

fix #7942 - Unexplained NPE in Conflict Dialog

(edit) @5413   6 years Don-vip

fix #7938 - fix StackOverflowError when painting conflicts of a cyclic relation (patch by verdy_p) + improve javadoc

(edit) @5412   6 years Don-vip

see #7943 - fix NPE when switching back to default OSM API server after having tried to upload data to another server instance

(edit) @5411   6 years Don-vip

see #7943 - Fix OAuth rejection error message

(edit) @5410   6 years Don-vip

see #7934 - Prevents NPEs with null EastNorth, override Node.isDrawable() to check lat/lon is known, improves Node javadoc

(edit) @5409   6 years Don-vip

see #7934 - forgot this file in previous commit due to a method signature change in Way (no plugin seems to be impacted)

(edit) @5408   6 years Don-vip

see #7934 - Only throw DataIntegrityProblemException for *visible* complete nodes without coordinates + fix javadoc of Way

(edit) @5407   6 years bastiK

prevent paint cache invalidation from beeing swallowed during paint operation (that was invoked previously by an unrelated event)

(edit) @5406   6 years Don-vip

see #7280 - Change synchronization mechanism of MapView when being notified of paint preferences change.

The previous mechanism leads to a deadlock when the paint() method triggers itself a paint preference change, such as when a TMS layer wants to paint attribution.
This caused an HMI freeze of 1s and Bing layer to never display tiles at its first display without cached attribution.

(edit) @5405   6 years bastiK

fix EDT violations, don't block main worker thread for preset image loading (see #6964)

(edit) @5404   6 years jttt

Speed up tagging preset dialog with lots of comboboxes

(edit) @5403   6 years bastiK

fixed #7841 - Flying street name labels

(edit) @5402   6 years Don-vip

see #7910 - resolve NPE when trying to suggest imagery layers for a dataset without download bounds

(edit) @5401   6 years Don-vip

fix #7918 - Trying to split a way at the end node should not throw an error

(edit) @5400   6 years Don-vip

fix #7925 - tag conflict dialog shows wrong information in title

(edit) @5399   6 years bastiK

fixed #7929 - You can't add new tag

(edit) @5398   6 years bastiK

convert gpx 1.0 to 1.1 (fixes #7927)

(edit) @5397   6 years bastiK

fix element ordering when writing gpx (see #7927)

(edit) @5396   6 years bastiK

respect attributes that are already present, when exporting gpx

(edit) @5395   6 years bastiK

gpxreader: minor refactoring, read version & creator (see #7927)

(edit) @5394   6 years akks

see #7888, smaller refactoring or SelectAction (cycling) (behavior should not change)

(edit) @5393   6 years bastiK

beautify gpx output

(edit) @5392   6 years bastiK

applied #7922 - "ant clean dist" doesn't work (patch by AlfonZ)

(edit) @5391   6 years bastiK

add session support for imagery layers

(edit) @5390   6 years bastiK

use individual imagery icons in layer list

(edit) @5389   6 years bastiK

fixed #7872 - adjustable tile size for wms (based on patch by Cobra)

(edit) @5388   6 years simon04

see #7910 - fix r5381 - Wrong suggested imagery layer providers (use of shapes when defined)

(edit) @5387   6 years Don-vip

fix #7914 - Concurrent fetching of primitives

The default and maximum number of threads is set to 2, to comply with OSM API usage policy:

The property`can be set to 1 do restore single-thread download (it may still be faster than before as we have a download thread and a thread that merges the primitives in the data set)

(edit) @5386   6 years Don-vip

see #7914 - Introduce OsmApi.MAX_DOWNLOAD_THREADS and improve javadoc in some classes of package

(edit) @5385   6 years Don-vip

Hope it fixes #7671 layout bug (happened only once and cannot reproduce)

(edit) @5384   6 years bastiK

applied #7878 - Add a new background layer on top of the topmost background layer (patch by Daeron)

(edit) @5383   6 years Don-vip

fix #7671 - Show last N used tags in "Add key/value" dialog for selecting with a single click

LRU tags are shown in reverse order (most recent first).

This can be customized by setting the property properties.recently-added-tags to an integer between 1 and 9.
This can be disabled by setting the same property to a number lesser or equal to 0.

Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+9 are available in the context of the "Add property" dialog only.

(edit) @5382   6 years Don-vip

Small code cleanup/refactorization in shortcut unregistration

(edit) @5381   6 years Don-vip

fix #7910 - Wrong suggested imagery layer providers (use of shapes when defined)

(edit) @5380   6 years bastiK

fixed #5679 - Validator: value of name tag not in presets if a preset specifies a name value (patch by mrwojo)

(edit) @5379   6 years bastiK

fixed #5679 - Validator: value of name tag not in presets if a preset specifies a name value

(respect key ignore rules E, S and F also for tags where some value for this key is found in the presets)

(edit) @5378   6 years bastiK

fixed #7032 - can't easily add tags to recently drawn way

(edit) @5377   6 years akks

patch by JB: Moving 400 ways takes more than 20 seconds, see #7888 (moving with arrows)

(edit) @5376   6 years Don-vip

see #7907 - MapCSS fixes

(edit) @5375   6 years Don-vip

fix again indentation (sorry for this bad Eclipse configuration, won't happen again)

(edit) @5374   6 years Don-vip

fix #7907 - NPE when rendering way name at low zoom

(edit) @5373   6 years Don-vip

fix indentation from previous commit

(edit) @5372   6 years Don-vip

fix #7909 - NPE upon selection of "file" -> "load object"

(edit) @5371   6 years Don-vip

fix #7908 - Wrong comparison of strings (modified patch by Skyman)

(edit) @5370   6 years akks

see #5341: faster nodes moving (by JB) beginUpdate/endUpdate) + big refactoring of
behavior of Select tool should NOT change (just more structured code), see #7888

(edit) @5369   6 years simon04

Suggest imagery layers for downloaded area based on <bounds>.

(edit) @5368   6 years simon04

Fix a IndexOutOfBoundsException bug

IndexOutOfBoundsException occurred when deleting an imagery entry in the
preferences which is being edited at the same time.

(edit) @5367   6 years Don-vip

see #7626 - Fix usage of key "Enter' in dialogs

(edit) @5366   6 years Don-vip

URL-encode user name when querying changesets in order to download changesets of deleted OSM user accounts such as "huohw%5pqefhewq[ojmfq]w"

(edit) @5365   6 years stoecker

fix help text

(edit) @5364   6 years akks

fix #7899 by Don-vip: exception hen hitting the "w" button when drawing a line.

(edit) @5363   6 years stoecker

change version output on start

(edit) @5362   6 years stoecker

reintroduce the feature to give the build a name

(edit) @5361   6 years Don-vip

fix #7879 - Allow to open local and remote gzipped/bzipped osmChange files + remote osm.gz files + make some public constants of File filters to share between same importers/exporters

(edit) @5360   6 years Don-vip

fix #7776 - Selection of deleted objects

(edit) @5359   6 years Don-vip

fix #7812 - Validator: warn about missing power=tower/pole within powerlines, even for first and last node of the line.

(edit) @5358   6 years Don-vip

fix #6345 - Display shortcut accelerators in tooltips with the language used by JOSM

(edit) @5357   6 years stoecker

improve task handling for jmapviewer in JOSM context

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