When one or more ways are selected, the shape is adjusted such, that all angles are 90 or 180 degrees.

You can add two nodes to the selection. Then, the direction is fixed by these two reference nodes. (Afterwards, you can undo the movement for certain nodes:
Select them and press the shortcut for Orthogonalise / Undo. The default is Shift-Q.)rPlease enter an OAuth Access Token which is authorised to access the OSM server ''{0}''.PAn error occurred while restoring backup file.
Error is:
{0}AAn error occurred while saving.
Error is:
{0}×Authentication at the OSM server with the OAuth token ''{0}'' failed.
Please launch the preferences dialogue and retrieve another OAuth token.ÚAuthorisation at the OSM server with the OAuth token ''{0}'' failed.
The token is not authorised to access the protected resource
Please launch the preferences dialogue and retrieve another OAuth token.NClick {0} to finish merging my and their entriesMClick {0} to start merging my and their entriesuCould not load plug-in {0} because the plug-in
main class ''{1}'' was not found.
Delete from preferences?ÚFailed to access the OSM server ''{0}''
with the Access Token ''{0}''.
The server rejected the Access Token as unauthorised. You will not
be able to access any protected resource on this server using this token.­Failed to authenticate at the OSM server ''{0}''.
You are using OAuth to authenticate but currently there is no
OAuth Access Token configured.
Please open the Preferences Dialogue and generate or enter an Access Token.ĺFailed to initialise communication with the OSM server {0}.
Check the server URL in your preferences and your internet connection.dFailed to initialise preferences.
Failed to create missing preference directory: {0}aFailed to initialise preferences.
Failed to reset preference file to default: {0}bFailed to initialise preferences.
Preference directory ''{0}'' is not a directory.đJOSM has successfully retrieved an Access Token. You can now accept this token. JOSM will use it in the future for authentication and authorisation to the OSM server.

The access token is: ╗JOSM successfully retrieved a Request Token. JOSM is now launching an authorisation page in an external browser. Please login with your OSM username and password and follow the instructions to authorise the Request Token. Then switch back to this dialogue and click on {0}

If launching the external browser fails you can copy the following authorise URL and paste it into the address field of your browser.║Loading of the plug-in "{0}" was requested.
This plug-in is no longer developed and very likely will produce errors.
It should be disabled.
Delete from preferences?pPlease make sure all selected ways head in a similar direction
or orthogonalise them one by one.§Please select one the following standard queries. Select Download my changesets only if you only want to download changesets created by yourself.
Note that JOSM will download max. 100 changesets.ŹPlug-in {0} requires JOSM version {1}. The current JOSM version is {2}.
You have to update JOSM in order to use this plug-in.ŃRun a fully automatic procedure to get an access token from the OSM website.
JOSM accesses the OSM website on behalf of the JOSM user and fully
automatically authorises the user and retrieves an Access Token.=Step 2/3: Authorise and retrieve an Access TokenThe automatic process for retrieving an OAuth Access Token
from the OSM server failed because JOSM was not able to build
a valid login URL from the OAuth Authorise Endpoint URL ''{0}''.

Please check your advanced setting and try again.▀The automatic process for retrieving an OAuth Access Token
from the OSM server failed.

Please try again or choose another kind of authorisation process,
i.e. semi-automatic or manual authorisation.┬The openstreetbugs plug-in is using the old server at appspot.com.
A new server is available at schokokeks.org.
Do you want to switch to the new server? (Strongly recommended)Uploading failed because the server has a newer version of one
of your nodes, ways, or relations.

Click {0} to synchronise the entire local dataset with the server.
Click {1} to abort and continue editing.
ˇUploading failed because the server has a newer version of one
of your nodes, ways, or relations.
The conflict is caused by the {0} with id {1},
the server has version {2}, your version is {3}.

Click {4} to synchronise the conflicting primitive only.
Click {5} to synchronise the entire local dataset with the server.
Click {6} to abort and continue editing.
&Uploading failed because you tried to delete node {0} which is still in use in way {1}.

Click {2} to download all parent ways of node {0}.
If necessary JOSM will create conflicts which you can resolve in the Conflict Resolution Dialogue.DA plug-in that allows JOSM to be controlled from other applications.3A plug-in to trace water bodies on Landsat imagery.cA special handler of the French cadastre wms at www.cadastre.gouv.fr

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use here (in French):
before any upload of data created by this plug-in.$Abort tag editing and close dialogue3Accept the new plug-in sites and close the dialogueCAccording to the information within the plug-in, the author is {0}.!Add JOSM Plug-in description URL.┐Adds a tagging preset tester to the help menu, which helps you developing of tagging presets (quick preview of the dialogue that will popup). You can start the jar-file as standalone as well.WAdjustable {0} not registered yet. Cannot set participation in synchronised adjustment.UAll installed plug-ins are up to date. JOSM does not have to download newer versions.\All points and track segments will have the same colour. Can be customised in Layer Manager.VAllows the user to anonymise timestamps and delete parts of huge GPX tracks very fast.0Allows the user to create different colour schemes and to switch between them. Just change the colours and create a new scheme. Used to switch to a white background with matching colours for better visibility in bright sunlight. See dialogue in JOSM's preferences and 'Map Settings' (strange but true :-)@Allows to tune the track colouring for different average speeds.3already registered a conflict for primitive ''{0}'' An error occurred in plug-in {0}MAn unexpected exception occurred that may have come from the ''{0}'' plug-in.«Another plug-in to match images to the waypoints in a GPX file. A match is made when the 'name', 'cmt' or 'desc' attribute of a waypoint tag matches the filename of an image.$Apply edited tags and close dialogue/Apply resolved conflicts and close the dialogue(Apply the updates and close the dialogue Audio synchronised at point {0}.$Authorise JOSM to access the OSM APIAuthorise URL: Authorise now>Authorising OAuth Request token ''{0}'' at the OSM website ...$Authorising request token ''{0}''... Auto-CentreBorder Control point Camp Site1Cancel conflict resolution and close the dialogue)Cancel the updates and close the dialogue%cannot apply undecided tag merge item!cannot resolve undecided conflict Centre Once-Centre the LiveGPS layer to current position. Centre viewChangeset Management Dialogue!Checking plug-in preconditions...Choose a colourChoose a colour for {0}Choose a predefined licenceŕClick ''{0}'' to continue uploading to additional new changesets.
Click ''{1}'' to return to the upload dialogue.
Click ''{2}'' to abort uploading and return to map editing.
Click to close the dialogueDClick to close the dialogue and remove the object from the relations=Click to close the dialogue and to abort deleting the objects4Click to close the dialogue and to abort downloading1Click to close this dialogue and continue editing#Click to delete the plug-in ''{0}''$Click to disable the plug-in ''{0}''!Click to keep the plug-in ''{0}'',Click to minimise/maximise the panel contentDClick to redirect you to the authorisation form on the JOSM web site&Click to return to the Upload Dialogue-Click to skip updating the activated plug-ins5Click to step through the OAuth authorisation processUClick to step through the OAuth authorisation process and generate a new Access Token&Click to update the activated plug-ins%Close dialogue and cancel downloadingClose the dialogue3Close the dialogue and abort querying of changesets.Close the dialogue and accept the Access Token+Close the dialogue and cancel authorisation(Close the dialogue and create a new node,Close the dialogue, do not create a new node=Close the preferences dialogue and discard preference updates.Close this dialogue and resume editing in JOSMColour Colour (hex) Colour SchemeColour SchemesColourstColours points and track segments by dilution of position (HDOP). Your capture device needs to log that information..Colours points and track segments by velocity.*Colours used by different objects in JOSM.>Communications with {0} established using protocol version {1}Configure Plug-in SitesConfigure available plug-ins.>Configure the list of sites where plug-ins are downloaded from:Continuously centre the LiveGPS layer to current position.YCopy my selected elements after the first selected element in the list of merged elementsZCopy my selected elements before the first selected element in the list of merged elementsCCopy my selected elements to the end of the list of merged elementsGCopy their selected element to the start of the list of merged elements]Copy their selected elements before the first selected element in the list of merged elementsFCopy their selected elements to the end of the list of merged elementsCould not export "{0}"4Could not load plug-in {0}. Delete from preferences?Customise ColourCustomise line drawing&Customise the elements on the toolbar.Determine plug-ins to load...Disable plug-invDisplay a moving icon representing the point on the synchronised track where the audio currently playing was recorded.ZDo not ask again and remember my decision (go to Preferences->Plug-ins to change it later)Download Plug-in=0), got ''{1}''Gillegal value for mandatory attribute ''{0}'' of type long, got ''{1}'' Initialising,Initialising a session at the OSM website... Initialising nodes to update ...$Initialising relations to update ...Initialising ways to update ...Installing updated plug-insoInvert the original black and white colours (and all intermediate greys). Useful for texts on dark backgrounds.Is not vectorised.Is vectorised.item {0} not found in list&JOSM PicLayer plug-in calibration dataJOSM Plug-in description URLJOSM Tag Editor Plug-in╚JOSM expected to find primitive [{0} {1}] in dataset but it is not there. Please report this at http://josm.openstreetmap.de. This is not a critical error, it should be safe to continue in your work.*JOSM version {0} required for plug-in {1}. Keep plug-in Preschool(Label audio (and image and Web) markers.Lakewalker Plug-in Preferences+Last plug-in update more than {0} days ago.Launch in maximised mode+Launch the dialogue for querying changesets Launches the tag editor dialoguelayer not in list.LicenceAlist in role {0} is currently not participating in a compare pairLoading early plug-insLoading plug-in ''{0}''...Loading plug-insLoading plug-ins ...Max. Height (metres)Max. Length (metres)Max. Width (metres)jMaximum grey value to accept as water (based on Landsat IR-1 data). Can be in the range 0-255. Default 90.,Maximum grey value to count as water (0-255)ZMaximum length (in metres) to draw lines for local files. Set to ''-1'' to draw all lines.JMaximum length (in metres) to draw lines. Set to ''-1'' to draw all lines.Maximum length (metres)'Maximum length for local files (metres)#mandatory attribute ''{0}'' missingOpen a merge dialogue of all selected items in the list above.0Open a preferences dialogue for global settings.;Opens a dialogue that allows to jump to a specific location OrthogonaliseOrthogonalise / UndoOrthogonalise ShapeOrthogonalise Shape / UndojOrthogonalise Shape / Undo Please select nodes that were moved by the previous Orthogonalise Shape action!*parameter {0} not in range 0..{1}, got {2}8Parse error: invalid document structure for gpx document&Parsing plug-in list from site ''{0}''Photo Geotagging Plug-indPlease click on Download list to download and display a list of available plug-ins.fPlease decide whether JOSM shall automatically update active plug-ins after a certain periode of time.pPlease decide whether JOSM shall automatically update active plug-ins at startup after an update of JOSM itself.XPlease enter an OAuth Access Token which is authorised to access the OSM server ''{0}''.8Please restart JOSM to activate the downloaded plug-ins.*Please select an authorisation procedure: Plug-in bundled with JOSMÂPlug-in cadastre-fr used traditionaly for grabbing the key shortcut F11 which is currently allocated for full-screen switch by default Would you like to restore F11 for grab action ?Plug-in informationPlug-in update failedPlug-in update policyPlug-insPlug-ins up to date7pos {0} is out of range. current number of members: {1}5Preference ''{0}'' missing. Cannot initialise OsmApi.Processing plug-in files...)Processing plug-in list from site ''{0}''&Processing plug-in site cache files...AProlog of OsmChange document not written yet. Please write first.╚Provide a measurement dialogue and a layer to measure length and angle of segments, area surrounded by a (simple) closed way and create measurement paths (which also can be imported from a gps layer).7Provides a dialogue for editing tags in a tabular grid.XPut text labels against audio (and image and Web) markers as well as their button icons.Railway#Reading local plug-in information..How to you want to proceed?Updating plug-ins...Use Address dialogue/Use the current colours as a new colour scheme.version > 0 expected. Got {0}2Visualises routing information as a routing graph.kWARNING: Normalising value of attribute ''version'' of element {0} to {2}, API version is ''{3}''. Got {1}.WMS Plug-in PreferencesjWarning: Cannot download plug-in ''{0}''. Its download link ''{1}'' is not a valid URL. Skipping download.\Warning: Cannot download plug-in ''{0}''. Its download link is not known. Skipping download.]Warning: Failed to initialise preferences. Failed to create missing preference directory: {0}[Warning: Failed to initialise preferences. Preference directory ''{0}'' is not a directory.YWarning: Failed to initialise preferences.Failed to reset preference file to default: {0}GWarning: Failed to scan file ''{0}'' for plug-in information. Skipping.EWarning: ignoring exception because task is cancelled. Exception: {0}iWarning: failed to create plug-in directory ''{0}''. Cannot cache plug-in list from plug-in site ''{1}''.3Warning: failed to delete outdated plug-in ''{0}''.4Warning: failed to download plug-in information listŐWarning: failed to install already downloaded plug-in ''{0}''. Skipping installation. JOSM is still going to load the old plug-in version.aWarning: failed to install plug-in ''{0}'' from temporary download file ''{1}''. Renaming failed.TWarning: failed to put Credential Dialogue always on top. Caught security exception.MWarning: failed to put option pane dialogue always on top. Exception was: {0}Sewerage PlantWidth (metres)+Writing plug-in list to local cache ''{0}''aYou do not have an Access Token yet to access the OSM server using OAuth. Please authorise first.pYou need to SHIFT-drag the play head onto an audio marker or onto the track point where you want to synchronise.MYou need to pause audio at the moment when you hear your synchronisation cue.zYou should also update your plug-ins. If neither of those help please file a bug report in our bugtracker using this link:zYou updated your JOSM software.
To prevent problems the plug-ins should be updated as well.

Update plug-ins now?Faster ForwardsForwards Jump forwardsSlower Forwards lawn bowlscanoeing cricket nets dog racingmisspelt key name no left turn no right turnno straight on no U turnonly turn leftonly turn rightonly straight on {0} metres  >Downloading the following plug-in has failed:CDownloading the following {0} plug-ins has failed:8Downloading {0} incomplete child of {1} parent relations;Downloading {0} incomplete children of {1} parent relationssuccessfully:NThe following {0} plug-ins have been downloaded successfully:FThe following plug-in is no longer necessary and has been deactivated:IThe following plug-ins are no longer necessary and have been deactivated:&The plug-in is not going to be loaded.(The plug-ins are not going to be loaded.dThis turn restriction refers to an object which was deleted outside of this turn restriction editor:gThis turn restriction refers to {0} objects which were deleted outside of this turn restriction editor:*Updating the following plug-in has failed:+Updating the following plug-ins has failed: