[dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss] [id: {0}] # Objects % of east: % of north:(# requests unknown) (1 request) (Code={0})6(Hint: You can edit the shortcuts in the preferences.)5(The text has already been copied to your clipboard.) (URL was: ,(Use international code, like +12-345-67890)%(Warning: verify north with arrow !!)(What does that mean?)(at line {0}, column {1}) (deactivated) (no object)(none)'({0}/{1}) Downloading changeset {2} ...&({0}/{1}) Downloading changeset {2}...2({0}/{1}) Downloading content for changeset {2}...%({0}/{1}) Loading parents of node {2})({0}/{1}) Loading parents of relation {2}$({0}/{1}) Loading parents of way {2}"({0}/{1}) Uploading {2} objects...*({0}/{1}): Downloading relation ''{2}''...F* One node that is used by more than one way and one of those ways, or0* One node that is used by more than one way, or* One tagged node, orJ* One way and one or more of its nodes that are used by more than one way.K* One way that has one or more nodes that are used by more than one way, or'... other transportation modes possible... refers to relation/PATH/TO/JOSM/FOLDER/ 10pin24/77th Series (OS7) )-name:Bak - not 'Bak' in the name.>Baker Street - 'Baker' and 'Street' in any key or name.Zoom: Mousewheel, double click or Ctrl + Up/Down Move map: Hold right mousebutton and move mouse or use cursor keys. Select: Hold left mousebutton and draw a frame.:"Baker Street" - 'Baker Street' in any key or name.\changeset:... - object with given changeset id (0 objects without assigned changeset)Jchild expr - all children of objects matching the expression)foot: - key=foot set to any value.8id:... - object with given ID (0 for new objects)*incomplete - all incomplete objects%modified - all changed objects-name:Bak - 'Bak' anywhere in the name.Snodes:... - object with given number of nodes (nodes:count or nodes:min-max)Jparent expr - all parents of objects matching the expression&selected - all selected objectsOtags:... - object with given number of tags (tags:count or tags:min-max)ytimestamp:... - objects with this timestamp (2009-11-12T14:51:09Z, 2009-11-12 or T14:51 ...)Ltype: - type of the object (node, way, relation)gtype=* - key 'type' with any value. Try also *=value, type=, *=*, *=:type=route - key 'type' with value exactly 'route'.&untagged - all untagged objects-user:... - all objects changed by user>user:anonymous - all objects changed by anonymous usersVversion:... - object with given version (0 objects without an assigned version)$
Error message(untranslated): {0} -

Keyboard Shortcuts

Modifier Groups

`''{0}'' isn't a valid OSM API URL.
Please check the spelling and validate again.(

Warning: The password is stored in plain text in the JOSM preferences file. Furthermore, it is transferred unencrypted in every request sent to the OSM server. Do not use a valuable password.

JOSM has successfully retrieved an Access Token. You can now accept this token. JOSM will used it the future for authentication and authorisation at the OSM server.

The access token is: JOSM successfully retrieved a Request Token. JOSM is now launching an authorisation page in an external browser. Please login with your OSM username and password and follow the instructions to authorise the Request Token. Then switch back to this dialog and click on {0}

If launching the external browser fails you can copy the following authorise URL and paste it into the address field of your browser.rPlease enter an OAuth Access Token which is authorised to access the OSM server ''{0}''._

Delete the file {0} from disk?

The image file will be permanently lost!

Error when retrieving help information

The content for the help topic {0} could not be loaded. The error message is (untranslated):

Help content for help topic missing

Help content for the help topic {0} is not available yet. It is missing both in your local language ({1}) and in english.

Please help to improve the JOSM help system and fill in the missing information.You can both edit the help topic in your local language ({1}) and the help topic in english.

gCurrent download area (minlat,minlon, maxlat, maxlon): {0}, {1}, {2}, {3}Failed to delete relation {0}. It is still referred to by relation {1}.
Please load relation {1}, remove the reference to relation {0}, and upload again.wA relation membership was copied to all new ways.
You should verify this and correct it when necessary.A role based relation membership was copied to all new ways.
You should verify this and correct it when necessary.RAn error occurred while communicating with the server
Details: {0}OAn error occurred while restoring backup file.
Error is:
{0}@An error occurred while saving.
Error is:
{0}lAn upload and/or save operation of one layer with modifications
was cancelled or has failed.qAuthenticating at the HTTP proxy ''{0}'' failed. Please enter a valid username and a valid password.nAuthenticating at the OSM API ''{0}'' failed. Please enter a valid username and a valid password.Authentication at the OSM server with the OAuth token ''{0}'' failed.
Please launch the preferences dialog and retrieve another OAuth token.Authentication at the OSM server with the username ''{0}'' failed.
Please check the username and the password in the JOSM preferences.Authorisation at the OSM server with the OAuth token ''{0}'' failed.
The token is not authorised to access the protected resource
Please launch the preferences dialog and retrieve another OAuth token.{Can''t upload {0} objects in one request because the
max. changeset size {1} on server ''{2}'' is exceeded.5Cannot open directory.
Please select a file!OClick {0} to finish merging my and their entries.NClick {0} to start merging my and their entries.eClosing of changeset {0} failed
because it has already been closed.lClosing of changeset {0} failed
because it has already been closed on {1}.DCould not find a unique node to start downloading from.GCould not read bookmarks from
Error was: {1}?Could not read file ''{0}''.
Error is:
{1}8Could not read files.
Error is:
{0}Could not retrieve the list of your open changesets because
JOSM doesn't know your identity.
You've either chosen to work anonymously or you are not entitled
to know the identity of the user on whose behalf you are working.-Could not write bookmark.
{0}BEnter a tag key, i.e. fixmeLEnter a tag value, i.e. check membersaEnter an Access Token manually if it was generated and retrieved outside
of JOSM.sEnter the town,village or city name.
Use the syntax and punctuation known by www.cadastre.gouv.fr .Failed to access the OSM server ''{0}''
with the Access Token ''{0}''.
The server rejected the Access Token as unauthorised. You will not
be able to access any protected resource on this server using this token.Failed to build URL ''{0}'' for validating the OSM API server.
Please check the spelling of ''{1}'' and validate again.Failed to connect to the URL ''{0}''.
Please check the spelling of ''{1}'' and your Internet connection and validate again.`Failed to create an URL because the encoding ''{0}''
was missing on this system.Failed to initialize communication with the OSM server {0}.
Check the server URL in your preferences and your internet connection.dFailed to initialize preferences.
Failed to create missing preference directory: {0}aFailed to initialize preferences.
Failed to reset preference file to default: {0}aFailed to initialize preferences.
Preference directory ''{0}'' isn't a directory.lFailed to load the list of style sources from

Details (untranslated):
{1}Failed to open a connection to the remote server
Host name ''{1}'' couldn''t be resolved.
Please check the API URL in your preferences and your internet connection.sFailed to open a connection to the remote server
Please check your internet connection.Failed to open a connection to the remote server
for security reasons. This is most likely because you are running
in an applet and because you didn''t load your applet from ''{1}''.Failed to open help page for url {0}.
This is most likely due to a network problem, please check your
your internet connectionFailed to retrieve a list of changesets from the OSM API server at
''{1}''. The server responded with the return code {0} instead of 200.
Please check the spelling of ''{1}'' and validate again.Failed to retrieve information about the current userfrom the OSM server ''{0}''.
This is probably not a problem caused by the tested Access Token, but
rather a problem with the server configuration. Carefully check the server
URL and your Internet connection.}Failed to sign the request for the OSM server ''{0}'' with the token ''{1}''.
The token ist probably invalid.Failed to upload data to or download data from
due to a problem with transferring data.
Details(untranslated): {1}mFailed to upload to changeset {0}
because it has already been closed on {1}.wJOSM is about to reset the OAuth settings to default values.
The current custom settings are not saved.JOSM is currently running with an anonymous user. It can't download
your changesets from the OSM server unless you enter your OSM user name
in the JOSM preferences.lJOSM will have to remove your local primitive with id {0}
from the dataset.
Do you agree?Layer ''{0}'' already has a conflict for primitive
Please resolve this conflict first, then try again.lLayer ''{0}'' already has a conflict for primitive
This conflict can't be added.Loading of {0} plugin was requested.
This plugin is no longer developed and very likely will produce errors.
It should be disabled.
Delete from preferences?WMark locally deleted objects to be deleted on the server.lMark modified objects from the current selection to be uploaded to the server.BMatched {0} of {1} photos to GPX track.Neither {0} nor {1} is enabled.
Please chose to either download OSM data, or GPX data, or both.Neither a node nor a way with an endpoint outside of the
current download areas is selected.
Select a node on the start or end of a way or an entire way first.0No more connected ways to download.sNone of the objects in the content of changeset {0} is available in the current
edit layer ''{1}''.bPlease click on {0} to retrieve an OAuth Request Token from ''{1}''.aPlease confirm to remove 1 object from 1 relation.dPlease confirm to remove 1 object from {0} relations.gPlease confirm to remove {0} objects from {1} relations.cPlease enter valid date/time values to restrict
the query to a specific time range.xPlease enter valid longitude/latitude values to restrict
the changeset query to a specific bounding box.;Please select the changesets you want to closeEPlease select the values to keep for the following tags.Preferences file had errors.
Making backup of old one to
and creating a new default preference file.XReally mark this issue as ''done''?

You may add an optional comment:BRetrieving an OAuth Access Token from ''{0}'' failed.CRetrieving an OAuth Request Token from ''{0}'' failed.Run a fully automatic procedure to get an access token from the OSM website.
JOSM accesses the OSM website on behalf of the JOSM user and fully
automatically authorises the user and retrieves an Access Token.BRun a semi-automatic procedure to get an access token from the OSM website.
JOSM submits the standards OAuth requests to get a Request Token and an
Access Token. It dispatches the user to the OSM website in an external browser
to authenticate itself and to accept the request token submitted by JOSM.ySelect to download data into a new data layer.
Unselect to download into the currently active data layer.`Select to enable entering a tag which will be applied
to all modified relations.uSelect to restrict the query to your changsets only.
Unselect to include all changesets in the query.Select to save the Access Token in the JOSM preferences.
Unselect to use the Access Token in this JOSM session only.Select to show changesets for the currently selected objects only.
Unselect to show all changesets for objects in the current data layer.6Step 1/3: Retrieve an OAuth Request Token=Step 2/3: Authorise and retrieve an Access Token=Step 3/3: Successfully retrieved an Access TokenSuccessfully used the Access Token ''{0}'' to
access the OSM server at ''{1}''.
You''re accessing the OSM server as user ''{2}'' with id ''{3}''.Take a photo of your GPS receiver while it displays the time.
Display that photo here.
And then, simply capture the time you read on the photo and select a timezone
`The current value isn't a valid user name.
Please enter an non-empty user name.1The AccessToken ''{1}'' is known to the OSM server ''{0}''.
The test to retrieve the user details for this token failed, though.
Depending on what rights are granted to this token you may nevertheless use it
to upload data, upload GPS traces, and/or access other protected resources.The OSM API server at ''{0}'' didn''t return a valid response.
It is likely that ''{0}'' isn''t an OSM API server.
Please check the spelling of ''{0}'' and validate again.The OSM server
reported an internal server error.
This is most likely a temporary problem. Please try again later.The automatic process for retrieving an OAuth Access Token
from the OSM server failed because JOSM wasn't able to build
a valid login URL from the OAuth Authorise Endpoint URL ''{0}''.

Please check your advanced setting and try again.The automatic process for retrieving an OAuth Access Token
from the OSM server failed. JOSM failed to log into {0}
for user {1}.

Please check username and password and try again.The automatic process for retrieving an OAuth Access Token
from the OSM server failed.

Please try again or choose another kind of authorisation process,
i.e. semi-automatic or manual authorisation.The base URL
for this WMS layer does neither end with a ''&'' nor with a ''?''.
This is likely to lead to invalid WMS request. You should check your
preference settings.
Do you want to fetch WMS tiles anyway?OThe child relation
is deleted on the server. It can't be loadedThe combined ways are members in one ore more relations. Please decide whether you want to keep these memberships for the combined way or whether you want to remove them.
The default is to keep the first way and remove the other ways that are members of the same relation: the combined way will take the place of the original way in the relation.The current URL {0}
is an external URL. Editing is only possible for help topics
on the help server {1}.The data in the GPX layer ''{0}'' has been downloaded from the server.
Because its way points don''t include a timestamp we can''t correlate them with audio data.The data in the GPX layer ''{0}'' has been downloaded from the server.
Because its way points don''t include a timestamp we can''t correlate them with images.The merged nodes are members in one ore more relations. Please decide whether you want to keep these memberships for the target node or whether you want to remove them.
The default is to keep the first node and remove the other nodes that are members of the same relation: the target node will take the place of the original node in the relation.The openstreetbugs plugin is using the old server at appspot.com.
A new server is available at schokokeks.org.
Do you want to switch to the new server? (Strongly recommended)The selected data contains data from OpenStreetBugs.
You cannot upload this data. Maybe you have selected the wrong layer?AThe server reported that it has detected a conflict.iThe server reported that it has detected a conflict.
Error message (untranslated):
{0}The server reports that an object is deleted.
Uploading failed if you tried to update or delete this object.
Downloading failed if you tried to download this object.

The error message is:
{0}The test failed because the server responded with an internal error.
JOSM couldn''t decide whether the token is valid. Please try again later.There are multiple changesets necessary in order to upload {0} objects. What strategy do you want to use?There are multiple changesets necessary in order to upload {0} objects. Which strategy do you want to use?SThere are no layers the source layer
could be merged to.CThere are no ways connected to node ''{0}''. Aborting.`There are unresolved conflicts in layer ''{0}''.
You have to resolve them first.There are {0} additional nodes used by way {1}
which are deleted on the server.

Do you want to undelete these nodes too?There are {0} additional primitives referred to by relation {1}
which are deleted on the server.

Do you want to undelete them too?GThere are {0} primitives in your local dataset which
might be deleted on the server. If you later try to delete or
update them the server is likely to report a

Click {1} to check the state of these primitives
on the server.
Click {2} to ignore.
BThere aren''t further connected ways to download.
A potential duplicate node of the currently selected node was found, though.

The currently selected node is ''{0}''
The potential duplicate node is ''{1}''
Merge the duplicate node onto the currently selected node and continue way downloading?There is at least one member in this relation referring
to the relation itself.
This creates circular dependencies and is discouraged.
How do you want to proceed with circular dependencies?:There is currently no download area selected.fThis action will require {0} individual
download requests. Do you wish
to continue?This relation already has one or more members referring to
the primitive ''{0}''

Do you really want to add another relation member?This relation has been changed outside of the editor.
You can't apply your changes and continue editing.

Do you want to create a conflict and close the editor?To keep your local version, JOSM
has to reset the id of primitive {0} to 0.
On the next upload the server will assign
it a new id.
Do yo agree?sUpload of unprocessed GPS data as map data is considered harmful.
If you want to upload traces, look here:zUpload of unprocessed GPS data as map data is considered harmful.
If you want to upload traces, look here:Uploading failed because the server has a newer version of one
of your nodes, ways, or relations.

Click {0} to synchronize the entire local dataset with the server.
Click {1} to abort and continue editing.
Uploading failed because the server has a newer version of one
of your nodes, ways, or relations.
The conflict is caused by the {0} with id {1},
the server has version {2}, your version is {3}.

Click {4} to synchronize the conflicting primitive only.
Click {5} to synchronize the entire local dataset with the server.
Click {6} to abort and continue editing.
$Uploading failed because you tried to delete node {0} which is still in use in way {1}.

Click {2} to download all parent ways of node {0}.
If necessary JOSM will create conflicts which you can resolve in the Conflict Resolution Dialog.Uploading failed because you''ve been using
changeset {0} which was already closed at {1}.
Please upload again with a new or an existing open changeset.Uploading to the server failed because your current
dataset violates a precondition.
The error message is:
{0}IUse photo of an accurate clock,
e.g. GPS receiver displayBUse the default OSM server URL ({0})?Value of key "source" when autosourcing is enabledIVersion {0} created on {1}KVersion {0} currently edited in layer ''{1}''Warning: depending on the authentication method the proxy server uses the password may be transferred unencrypted.You are setting an empty role on {0} primitives.
This is equal to deleting the roles of these primitives.
Do you really want to apply the new role?You are trying to add a relation to itself.

This creates circular references and is therefore discouraged.
Skipping relation ''{0}''.You are using the EPSG:4326 projection which might lead
to undesirable results when doing rectangular alignments.
Change your projection to get rid of this warning.
Do you want to continue?HYou didn''t finish to merge the differences in this conflict.
Conflict resolutions won't be applied unless all differences
are resolved.Click {0} to close anyway.Already
resolved differences won't be applied.

Click {1} to return to resolving conflicts.You''ve sucessfully retrieved an OAuth Access Token from the OSM website. Click on {0} to accept the token. JOSM will use it in subsequent requests to gain access to the OSM API.{0} relations build a cycle because they refer to each other.
JOSM can''t upload them. Please edit the relations and remove the cyclic dependency. 1

Furthermore, the shortcuts are activated when the actions are assigned to a menu entry of button for the first time. So some of your changes may become active even without restart --- but also without collistion handling. This is another reason to restart JOSM after making any changes here.

Please note that shortcuts keys are assigned to the actions when JOSM is started. So you need to restart JOSM to see your changes.


Thank you for your understanding


The last page lists the modifier keys JOSM will automatically assign to shortcuts. For every of the four kinds of shortcuts there are three alternatives. JOSM will try those alternative in the listed order when managing a conflict. If all alternatives would result in shortcuts that are already taken, it will assign a random shortcut instead.


The pseudo-modifier 'disabled' will disable the shortcut when encountered.

You may notice that the key selection list on the next page lists all keys that exist on all kinds of keyboards Java knows about, not just those keys that exist on your keyboard. Please use only those values that correspond to a real key on your keyboard. So if your keyboard has no 'Copy' key (PC keyboard don't have them, Sun keyboards do), the do not use it. Also there will be 'keys' listed that correspond to a shortcut on your keyboard (e.g. ':'/Colon). Please also do not use them, use the base key (';'/Semicolon on US keyboards, '.'/Period on German keyboards, ...) instead. Not doing so may result in conflicts, as there is no way for JOSM to know that Ctrl+Shift+; and Ctrl+: actually is the same thing on an US keyboard...

Special targets: >> bottom> topA A By Distance A By Time-A name is missing, even though name:* exists. A name:* translation is missing.CA plugin that allows JOSM to be controlled from other applications.2A plugin to trace water bodies on Landsat imagery.+A primitive with ID = 0 can't be invisible.:A special handler for the French land registry WMS server.bA special handler of the French cadastre wms at www.cadastre.gouv.fr

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use here (in French):
before any upload of data created by this plugin.API Capabilities ViolationAPI version: {0}Abandoned RailAbort Abort MergingAbout About JOSM...Accept Access TokenAccess Access TokenAccess Token Key:Access Token Secret:Access Token URL: AccomodationBAccording to the information within the plugin, the author is {0}.Account or loyalty cardsAccuracy of Douglas-Peucker line simplification, measured in degrees.
Lower values give more nodes, and more accurate lines. Default 0.0003. Accuracy:ActionActivateActivate the selected layer Active stylesActualAdd Add JOSM Plugin description URL. Add Node...Add PropertiesAdd Rectified ImageAdd "source=..." to elements?7Add a bookmark for the currently selected download area Add a comment+Add a filename or an URL of an active styleAdd a new icon path'Add a new key/value pair to all objectsAdd a new layer!Add a new node to an existing wayAdd a new source to the list. Add a new tag.Add a node by entering latitude and longitude.HAdd all primitives selected in the current dataset after the last memberQAdd all primitives selected in the current dataset after the last selected memberJAdd all primitives selected in the current dataset before the first memberSAdd all primitives selected in the current dataset before the first selected memberAdd an empty tagAdd author informationAdd conflict for ''{0}''eAdd each to the initial selection. Can be a google-like search string or an URL which returns osm-xml Add filter.Add grid Add new layerAdd nodeAdd node into wayAdd node into way and connect Add node {0}Add relation {0}Add routing layer>Add the selected available styles to the list of active styles Add way {0}Added node on all intersectionsAdded {0} objectsAddress Interpolation AddressesAdds a tagging preset tester to the help menu, which helps you developing of tagging presets (quick preview of the dialog that will popup). You can start the jar-file as standalone as well.)Adds no left turn for sets of 4 or 5 ways*Adds no left turn for sets of 4 or 5 ways. Adjust WMS9Adjust the position of the WMS layer (raster images only)-Adjust the position of the selected WMS layerAdjust timezone and offset"Adjustable {0} not registered yet.VAdjustable {0} not registered yet. Can't set participation in synchronized adjustment.AdministrativeAdvancedAdvanced OAuth parametersAdvanced OAuth propertiesAdvanced Preferences AerialwayAirportAlcoholAlign Nodes in CircleAlign Nodes in LineAll All Formats[All points and track segments will have the same color. Can be customized in Layer Manager.DAll values joined as ''{0}'' are going to be applied for key ''{1}'' Allotments4Allow adding markers/nodes on current gps positions.)Allow to download your private GPS tracesAllow to read your preferencesAllow to upload GPS tracesAllow to upload map dataAllow to write your preferencesAllowed traffic:Allows multiple layers stackingMAllows opening gpx/osm files that intersect the currently visible screen areaVAllows the user to anonymize timestamps and delete parts of huge GPX tracks very fast.+Allows the user to create different color schemes and to switch between them. Just change the colors and create a new scheme. Used to switch to a white background with matching colors for better visibility in bright sunlight. See dialog in JOSM's preferences and 'Map Settings' (strange but true :-)9Allows to import various file formats into JOSM directly.?Allows to tune the track coloring for different average speeds. Alpha channel Alphabetic)Alphabetic address must end with a letter Alpine Hiking Alpine Hut4Already registered a conflict for primitive ''{0}''.Also rename the file^Alternatively, if that doesn't work you can manually fill in the informationbelow at this URL: AmenitiesAmount of CablesAmount of SeatsVAn OSM data validator that checks for common errors made by users and editor programs.An OSM data validator. It checks for problems in data, and provides fixes for the common ones. Spellcheck integrated for tag names.An empty value deletes the tag.An error occurred in plugin {0}}An error occurred while trying to match the photos to the GPX track. You can adjust the sliders to manually match the photos.An error occurred: {0}LAn unexpected exception occurred that may have come from the ''{0}'' plugin.An unexpected exception occurred. This is always a coding error. If you are running the latest version of JOSM, please consider being kind and file a bug report.An unknown error has occurredAngle Angle between two selected NodesAnother plugin to match images to the waypoints in a GPX file. A match is made when the 'name', 'cmt' or 'desc' attribute of a waypoint tag matches the filename of an image.Apply Apply Changes Apply PresetApply Resolution Apply Role Apply Role:Apply also for childrenFApply antialiasing to the map view resulting in a smoother appearance.Apply resolved conflicts-Apply resolved conflicts and close the dialogApply selected changes=Apply tags of contents of paste buffer to all selected items./Apply tags to the changeset data is uploaded toApply the current updates&Apply the updates and close the dialogApply this role to all membersApply?Archaeological SiteArchery Are you sure?AreaArea style way is not closed.Areas around places Arts CentreArtworkAssociate with street using:Authorising OAuth Request token ''{0}'' at the OSM website ...$Authorising request token ''{0}''...Authors Auto Zoom Auto sourcing Auto zoom: Auto-Center Auto-GuessAutoSave LiveDataAutoload Tiles: Automated Teller MachineAutomatic downloadingAutomatic tag correctionpAutomatically create audio markers from trackpoints (rather than explicit waypoints) with names or descriptions.NAutomatically make a marker layer from any waypoints when opening a GPX layer. AvailableAvailable styles (from {0}) B By Distance B By Time Baby HatchBackBackrest Bad RequestBakerBankBarBarriersBaseballBasicBasin Basketball Batteries BattlefieldBayBeachBeaconBench BeveragesBicycle Biergarten Bike DealerBikes Blank LayerBlock Board ContentBoatBoatyardBollard Book Store BookmarksBorder ControlBotanical NameBoule BoundariesBoundary Stone Bounding BoxBoundsBowlsBridge Bridleway Brownfield Bug ReportsBug listBuilding Buildings Bump Gate Bus Guideway Bus Platform Bus StationBus StopBus TrapButcherC C By Distance C By TimeCICS Cable CarCache Format ErrorCache Lambert Zone ErrorCadastre Cadastre: {0}CadastreGrabber: Illegal url.CafeCamping Camping Site"Can not draw outside of the world.OCan''t assign a changesetId > 0 to a new primitive. Value of changesetId is {0}FCan''t compare primitive with ID ''{0}'' to primitive with ID ''{1}''.LCan''t merge primitives with different ids. This id is {0}, the other is {1} 0 expected. Got {0}.Changeset ID: Changeset ManagerChangeset closedChangeset comment: Changeset id:Changeset infoChangeset is full Changeset {0} Changesets%Changing keyboard shortcuts manually.Check for FIXMES.Check for paint notes.(Check if map painting found data errors.Check on the serverCheck property keys.Check property values.1Checking for deleted parents in the local dataset$Checking parents for deleted objects Checking plugin preconditions...1Checks for ways with identical consecutive nodes.Checksum errors: ChemistChild RelationsChooseChoose a colorChoose a color for {0}Choose a predefined licenseChoose a valueChoose from... Choose the server for searching:AChunk size {0} exceeds max. changeset size {1} for server ''{2}''ChurchCinemaCity City Limit City Wall City nameCity:Civil Class TypeClear Clear routeClick ''{0}'' to continue uploading to additional new changsets.
Click ''{1}'' to return to the upload dialog.
Click ''{2}'' to abort uploading and return to map editing.
"Click and drag to move destination-Click do download the currently selected areaGClick first Lambert crosspiece for georeferencing (two points required);Click first corner for image cropping (two points required)2Click second Lambert crosspiece for georeferencing&Click second corner for image croppingAClick test access to the OSM server with the current access token$Click to abort and to resume editing*Click to abort launching external browsersClick to abort merging nodes4Click to abort resetting to the OAuth default valuesClick to abort uploadingClick to add destination.-Click to cancel and to resume editing the map%Click to cancel the current operationNClick to check whether objects in your local dataset are deleted on the serverClick to close the dialogBClick to close the dialog and remove the object from the relations;Click to close the dialog and to abort deleting the objects2Click to close the dialog and to abort downloading/Click to close this dialog and continue editing*Click to continue and to open {0} browsers8Click to continue uploading to additional new changesets9Click to create a conflict and close this relation editorClick to delete. Shift: delete way segment. Alt: don't delete unused nodes when deleting a way. Ctrl: delete referring objects..Click to download all parent ways for node {0},Click to minimize/maximize the panel contentDClick to redirect you to the authorisation form on the JOSM web siteClick to remove destination3Click to reset the OAuth settings to default values!Click to retrieve a Request Token!Click to retrieve an Access Token$Click to return to the Upload Dialog#Click to start searching for places5Click to step through the OAuth authorisation processUClick to step through the OAuth authorisation process and generate a new Access TokenClick to test the Access TokenHClick to to return to the relation editor and to resume relation editingCliffClimbingClose Close anywayClose changeset after uploadClose changesets#Close dialog and cancel downloadingClose open changesets+Close the currently selected open changesetClose the dialog1Close the dialog and abort querying of changesets,Close the dialog and accept the Access Token)Close the dialog and cancel authorisation&Close the dialog and create a new node)Close the dialog, don't create a new node;Close the preferences dialog and discard preference updatesClose the selected changesets"Close the selected open changesets,Close this dialog and resume editing in JOSMIClose this panel. You can reopen it with the buttons in the left toolbar.Close: Closed WayClosed after - Closed at Closed on:Closer DescriptionCloser descriptionCloses open changesets#Closes the selected open changesetsClosing changesetClosing changeset {0}Closing changeset...Clothes Coastline Coastlines.CoinsCollegeColor Color (hex) Color Scheme Color SchemesColorstColors points and track segments by dilution of position (HDOP). Your capture device needs to logs that information.-Colors points and track segments by velocity.)Colors used by different objects in JOSM.Colour Combine WayCombine several ways into one.Combine {0} ways Command StackCommand Stack: {0}CommentComment: Comment: CommercialCommonCommune bbox: {0} Communication with server failed?Communications with {0} established using protocol version {1}.Compare Computer ConfigureConfigure DeviceConfigure Plugin SitesConfigure advanced settingsConfigure available plugins.Configure routing preferences.Configure sites...=Configure the list of sites where plugins are downloaded from(Configure whether to create backup files'Configure whether to use a proxy serverAConfigure your identity and how to authenticate at the OSM serverConfirm Remote Control actionConfirm empty role ConfirmationConflictConflict ResolutionConflict in data Conflict not resolved completely ConflictsConflicts detectedConflicts during downloadConflicts in dataConflicts in pasted tags#Conflicts when combining primitives7Conflicts when combining ways - combined way is ''{0}''5Conflicts when merging nodes - target node is ''{0}''Connect existing way to nodeBConnect to gpsd server and show current position in LiveGPS layer. Connected%Connected way end node near other way Connecting Connecting...Connection Error.Connection FailedConnection Settings'Connection Settings for the OSM server.Connection failed.Connection to API failed ConstructionConstruction area Consumer Key:Consumer Secret:Contacting OSM Server...Contacting Server...Contacting WMS Server...Contacting cadastre WMS ...Content ContinentContinueContinue resolvingContinue uploadingContinue way from last node.:Continuously center the LiveGPS layer to current position. ContributionConvenience StoreConvert to GPX layer)Convert to GPX layer with anonymised timeConvert to data layer(Convert way to individual house numbers.Converted from: {0} CoordinatesCoordinates imported: Coordinates:CopyCopy Selected Default(s)ZCopy my selected elements after the first selected element in the list of merged elements.[Copy my selected elements before the first selected element in the list of merged elements.DCopy my selected elements to the end of the list of merged elements.;Copy my selected nodes to the start of the merged node list&Copy selected objects to paste buffer.[Copy their selected element after the first selected element in the list of merged elementsHCopy their selected element to the start of the list of merged elements.^Copy their selected elements before the first selected element in the list of merged elements.GCopy their selected elements to the end of the list of merged elements.Copy to clipboard and closeCopyright (URL)Copyright year CorrelateCorrelate images with GPX trackCorrelate to GPX"Could not access data file(s): {0}Could not acquire image)Could not back up file. Exception is: {0}OCould not combine ways (They could not be merged into a single string of nodes)Could not export ''{0}''.Could not find element typeCould not find warning levelCould not import ''{0}''.Could not import files.3Could not load plugin {0}. Delete from preferences?'Could not load preferences from server.:Could not parse Latitude, Longitude or Zoom. Please check.Could not read "{0}"?Could not read information from walking-papers.org the id "{0}"'Could not read surveyor definition: {0})Could not read tagging preset source: {0}Could not rename file ''{0}'')Could not upload preferences. Reason: {0}JCouldn't connect to the OSM server. Please check your internet connection.$Couldn't create new bug. Result: {0}PCouldn't match the entered link or id to the selected service. Please try again.Country Country codeCountry code must be 2 lettersCountry:CountyCourse CourthouseCovered ReservoirCrane Create Circle%Create Michigan left turn restriction*Create a circle from three selected nodes.CCreate a copy of this relation and open it in another editor windowCreate a grid of waysCreate a grid of ways.Create a new map.Create a new relation Create areasuCreate audio markers at the position on the track corresponding to the modified time of each audio WAV file imported.Create bookmarkCreate boundaryCreate buildingsCreate duplicate wayCreate grid of ways Create issueCreate multipolygonCreate multipolygon.VCreate multipolygons by one click, much easier than standard way with relation editor.Create new node.$Create new relation in layer ''{0}''*Create non-audio markers when reading GPX.Create: Created Created at Created at:Created before - Created by: Created on:2Creates individual buildings from a long building.HCreating and handling address nodes and buildings within Czech Republic.Creating changeset...Creating main GUI Credit cardsCricket Cricket NetsCriteriaCroquetCross by bicycleCross on horsebackCrossingCrossing attendantCrossing buildings Crossing typeCrossing type name (UK) Crossing waysCrossing ways.CuisineCurrent Selection.Current changeset is null. Cannot upload data.-Current credential manager is of type ''{0}''.Current value ''{0}'' for user ID isn''t validCurrent value is default.KCurrently, there is no download area selected. Please select an area first.Custom WMS LinkCustomize ColorCustomize line drawing&Customize the elements on the toolbar.Cutting Cycle BarrierCycleway$Cyclic dependency between relations:CyclingCycling dependencies Czech CUZK:KMCzech UHUL:ORTOFOTODDamData Layer {0}Data Logging FormatData Sources and Types%Data source text. Default is Landsat. Data sourcesData validator Data with errors. Upload anyway? Database offline for maintenanceDataset consistency testDate:Date: Debit cards8Decide how to upload the data and which changeset to useDecimal DegreesDecision Decrease zoomDefaultDefault (Auto determined)@Default value currently unknown (setting has not been used yet).Default value is ''{0}''.Define Address Interpolation9Defines the visibility of your trace for other OSM users.Degrees Minutes SecondsDeleteDelete File from disk Delete ModeDelete Properties6Delete Ways that are not part of an inner multipolygonDelete confirmationDelete duplicate waysDelete filter.Delete from relationDelete image file from diskDelete incomplete members?7Delete layers without saving. Unsaved changes are lost.Delete nodes or ways.Delete objectsDelete selected objects.$Delete the currently edited relation&Delete the selected key in all objectsDelete the selected layers.Delete the selected relation)Delete the selected scheme from the list.)Delete the selected source from the list.%Delete the selection in the tag table$Delete unnecessary nodes from a way.DeletedDeleted State:Deleted or moved primitivesDemanding Alpine HikingDemanding Mountain Hiking DenominationDentistDescribe the problem precisely DescriptionDescription: {0} Detail GradeDetailsDetermine plugins to load...%Determine user id for current user...5Dialog not created yet. Invoke createInstance() first9Didn''t find an object with id {0} in the current datasetDifficult Alpine Hiking DifficultyDistribute the selected nodes to equal distances along a line. Disused Rail0Do not draw lines between points for this layer.8Do not require to switch modes (potlatch style workflow)$Do not show again (remembers choice) Do nothingDo you want to allow this?/Do you want to cancel completely or just retry Do-it-yourself-storeDockDoctors Dog RacingDon't apply changesPDon't draw arrows if they are not at least this distance away from the last one.Double conflictDownDownloadDownload All Children Download Area Download DataFDownload GPS points from Globalsat dg100 data logger directly in JOSM.'Download Image from French Cadastre WMSDownload LocationDownload MembersDownload Plugin/Download Rectified Images From Various ServicesDownload Selected Children Download URLDownload WMS tile from {0}*Download all child relations (recursively)Download all incomplete members.Download all members of the selected relations8Download and show the history of the selected primitives4Download area ok, size probably acceptable to serverError loading file. Probably an old version of the cache file.QError occured while parsing gpx file {0}. Only part of the file will be availableError on file {0}Error parsing {0}: Error parsing {0}: {1}Error playing soundError while exporting {0}: {1}Error while exporting {0}: {1}-Error while getting files from directory {0} 0Error while parsing offset. Expected format: {0}=Error while parsing the date. Please use the requested format2Error while parsing timezone. Expected format: {0}Error while parsing {0}Error while uploadingMError: Connection to proxy ''{0}'' for URI ''{1}'' failed. Exception was: {2}LError: Illegal double value ''{0}'' on line ''{1}'' in bookmark file ''{2}''PError: Illegal double value ''{0}'' on line ''{1}'' in bookmark list from server7Error: Unexpected line ''{0}'' in bookmark file ''{1}'';Error: Unexpected line ''{0}'' in bookmark list from server Error: {0}ErrorsErrors during DownloadErrors during downloadEstimateEvenEven/Odd1Exactly four doubles excpected in string, got {0}ExamplesException occurredExitAExit JOSM with saving. Unsaved changes are uploaded and/or saved.3Exit JOSM without saving. Unsaved changes are lost.Exit the application.Expected ID >= 0. Got {0}.#Expected array of length 4, got {0}#Expected even numbers for addresses;Expected instance of OsmDataLayer or GpxLayer. Got ''{0}''./Expected instance of OsmDataLayer. Got ''{0}''.=Expected integer value > 0 for parameter ''{0}'', got ''{1}'';Expected non-empty value for parameter ''{0}'', got ''{1}''"Expected odd numbers for addresses0Expected unique id > 0 for primitive id, got {0}+Expected valid number for address increment1Expected value > 0 for parameter ''{0}'', got {1}AExpected value of type integer > 0 for parameter ''{0}'', got {1}>Expected value of type long > 0 for parameter ''{0}'', got {1};Explicit waypoints with time estimated from track position.)Explicit waypoints with valid timestamps.Export GPX fileExport and Save)Export as PNG format (only raster images)Export optionsExport the data to GPX file.Export to GPX...Extract SVG ViewBox... Extract best fitting boundary...Extract building footprintsExtract commune boundary"Extracting GPS locations from EXIFExtrude Extrude WayFFIXMESFade background: bFailed to add an OAuth authentication header. There is currently no OAuth Access Token configured.GFailed to authenticate user ''{0}'' with password ''***'' as OAuth user*Failed to authorise OAuth request ''{0}''NFailed to load bookmarks from ''{0}'' for security reasons. Exception was: {1}.Failed to load resource ''{0}'', error is {1}.Failed to open URLTFailed to open URL. There is currently no platform set. Please set a platform first.%Failed to open connection to API {0}.Failed to open help page2Failed to open help page. The target URL is empty./Failed to parse date ''{0}'' replied by server.Failed to parse field ''{1}'' in preference with key ''{0}''. Exception was: {2}. Can''t restore window geometry from preferences.?Failed to read CSS file ''help-browser.css''. Exception is: {0}NFailed to set current primitive. Current version {0} not available in history.HFailed to set reference. Reference ID {0} does not match history ID {1}.HFailed to set reference. Reference version {0} not available in history.DFailed to sign a HTTP connection with an OAuth Authentication headerbFailed to update primitive with id {0} because current edit layer doesn't include such a primitiveIFailed to update primitive with id {0} because current edit layer is nullFarmlandFarmyard Fast FoodFast drawing (looks uglier)Fast forward multiplierFasterFaster ForwardFastestgFatal: failed to locate image ''{0}''. This is a serious configuration problem. JOSM will stop working.FeeFellFence Ferry RouteFerry Terminal(Fetching a package of nodes from ''{0}'',Fetching a package of relations from ''{0}'''Fetching a package of ways from ''{0}''&Fetching node with id {0} from ''{1}''*Fetching relation with id {0} from ''{1}''%Fetching way with id {0} from ''{1}''FileFile ''{0}'' does not exist.=File ''{0}'' is not writable. Please enter another file name.File Format ErrorFile "{0}" does not exist File backupFile exists. Overwrite?File {0} exists. Overwrite?+File {0} is loaded yet under the name "{1}" File: {0}Filename5Fill up one changeset and return to the Upload DialogFilter Filter mode%Filter objects and hide/disable them.Finish drawing. Fire StationFirefox executable]Firefox not found. Please set firefox executable in the Map Settings page of the preferences. FireplaceFishingFixFix properties Fix relationsFix tag conflictsFix the selected errors.#Fixed size (from 25 to 1000 meters)#Fixed size square (default is 100m)Fixing ({0}/{1}): ''{2}''Fixing errors ...FloristFlush Tile CacheFollowing problems found: Food+DrinksFootFootballFootwayFor selected objects onlyHForce drawing of lines if the imported data contain no line information.$Force lines if no segments imported.FordForestFormat errors: VForms a grid of ways in base to two existing that have various nodes and one in commonForwardForward/back time (seconds)EFound XML element not as direct child of element . not as direct child of element .!Found null file in directory {0} Found {0} matchesFountainFreeze+Freeze the current list of merged elements.French cadastre WMSFrom ... From RelationFrom URLFuel Fuel Station Full Address:Fullscreen ViewFully automatic Furniture GPS PointsGPS track description GPX FilesGPX Files (*.gpx *.gpx.gz)!GPX Track has no time information GPX track: GPX upload was successfulGarden Garden Centre GasometerGateGauss-Laborde Réunion 1947 Geography Geoimage: {0}Georeferencing interruptedGeotagged Images"Get a new cookie (session timeout)Get an Access Token for ''{0}''GlacierGlassGlobalsat ImportGo back to Upload DialogGo back to step 1/3Go to the JOSM help home pageGo to the next pageGo to the previous pageGolf Golf CourseGondolaGoods&Gps time (read from the above photo): Grab non-georeferenced image8Grab smaller images (higher quality but use more memory)Granted rightsGrass Graveyard GreenfieldGrid Grid layer: Grid layoutGrid origin location Grid rotationGroupGroup common Address Interpolation inputs in a single dialog, as well as an option to automatically generate individual house number nodes from a Way.Guadeloupe Fort-Marigot 1949*Guadeloupe Fort-Marigot cache file (.UTM1)Guadeloupe Ste-Anne 1948&Guadeloupe Ste-Anne cache file (.UTM2) Guest House Guidepost GymnasticsH HairdresserHamletHampshire Gate%Handy Address Interpolation FunctionsHardwareFHeader contains several values and cannot be mapped to a single stringHealthHeathHeavy Goods Vehicles (hgv)HedgeHeightHeight (meters)Help Help: {0}Helps vectorizing WMS images.Hide Hide elementsHifiHighest number Highlight Highway typeHighwaysHikingHistoric PlacesHistoryHistory for node {0}History for relation {0}History for way {0}=History not initialized yet. Failed to set current primitive.?History not initialized yet. Failed to set reference primitive.HockeyHomepageHorse Horse RacingHospitalHost:HostelHotelHotkey Shortcuts House name House number*Housenumbers do not match odd/even setting Hunting StandII'm in the timezone of: IATAICAOIDID > 0 expected. Got {0}.8ID of current changeset > 0 required. Current ID is {0}./ID parameter ''{0}'' > 0 expected. Got ''{1}''.ID: IO Exception Icon pathsId > 0 required, got {0}VIdentifiable (shown in trace list and as identifiable, ordered points with timestamps) 14Illegal dash pattern, at least one value must be > 0-Illegal dash pattern, values must be positiveIllegal double value ''{0}''Illegal expression ''{0}''Illegal latitude value ''{0}''5Illegal latitude value for parameter ''{0}'', got {1}6Illegal long value for attribute ''{0}''. Got ''{1}''.Illegal longitude value ''{0}''6Illegal longitude value for parameter ''{0}'', got {1}:Illegal nummeric value for attribute ''{0}''. Got ''{1}''.Illegal object with ID=0.3Illegal port number in preference ''{0}''. Got {1}."Illegal regular expression ''{0}''Illegal tag/value combinationsIllegal upload commentUIllegal value for attribute ''changeset'' on new object {1}. Got {0}. Resetting to 0.3Illegal value for attribute ''changeset''. Got {0}.FIllegal value for attribute ''ref'' on member in relation {0}. Got {1}LIllegal value for attribute ''type'' on member {0} in relation {1}. Got {2}.1Illegal value for attribute ''uid''. Got ''{0}''.NIllegal value for attribute ''version'' on OSM primitive with ID {0}. Got {1}.@Illegal value for attribute ''{0}'' on XML tag ''{1}''. Got {2}.1Illegal value for attribute ''{0}''. Got ''{1}''.TIllegal value for mandatory attribute ''{0}'' of type OsmPrimitiveType. Got ''{1}''.KIllegal value for mandatory attribute ''{0}'' of type boolean. Got ''{1}''.JIllegal value for mandatory attribute ''{0}'' of type double. Got ''{1}''.NIllegal value for mandatory attribute ''{0}'' of type long (>=0). Got ''{1}''.HIllegal value for mandatory attribute ''{0}'' of type long. Got ''{1}''.. Got {0}. Image FilesImage already loadedImage cropping Image file could not be deleted.)Image files (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png, *.gif)Image georeferencing(Images that are already tagged ({0}/{1})/Images with geo location in exif data ({0}/{1})Import Import Audio;Import Data from Globalsat Datalogger DG100 into GPX layer. Import imagesImport not possibleImport path from GPX layerImported ImagesImporting data from DG100...Importing data from device."Imports issues from OpenStreetBugsIncline Incline Steep,Incomplete specification with ref=0Incomplete upload and/or save?Incorrect value of changeset operator: {0}. Number is expected.8Incorrect value of id operator: {0}. Number is expected.pIncorrect value of nodes operator: {0}. Nodes operator expects number of nodes or range, for example nodes:10-20tIncorrect value of tags operator: {0}. Tags operator expects number of tags or range, for example tags:1 or tags:2-5=Incorrect value of version operator: {0}. Number is expected. Increase zoom Increment: IndustrialInfoInfo about Element InformationInformation BoardInformation OfficeInformation TerminalInformation about layer Initializing,Initializing a session at the OSM website... Initializing nodes to update ...$Initializing relations to update ...Initializing ways to update ...Installing updated pluginsInternal Server Error&Intersection between multipolygon waysInvalid API URL Invalid URL?Invalid bounding boxInvalid bz2 file. Invalid dateInvalid date/time valuesInvalid offsetInvalid property keyInvalid spellcheck line: {0}"Invalid tagchecker line - {0}: {1}Invalid timezoneInvalid user IDInvalid user name#Invalid white space in property keyInverse filternInvert the original black and white colors (and all intermediate greys). Useful for texts on dark backgrounds.Is not vectorized.Is vectorized.IslandIsletOIt supports protocol version 0.6, while the server says it supports {0} to {1}.ItemItem {0} not found in list.JOSM Help BrowserJOSM Plugin description URLJOSM Tag Editor PluginJOSM expected to find primitive [{0} {1}] in dataset but it's not there. Please report this at http://josm.openstreetmap.de . This is not a critical error, it should be safe to continue in your work..JOSM is stopped for the change to take effect.)JOSM version {0} required for plugin {1}.JPEG images (*.jpg)Java OpenStreetMap EditorJava Version {0}Join Areas FunctionJoin Areas: Remove Short WaysJoin Node and LineJoin Node to Way)Join a node into the nearest way segmentsJoin overlapping AreasJoined overlapping areasJoined self-overlapping area#Joins areas that overlap each otherJump To Position Jump back. Jump forward Jump thereJump to PositionJunctionKeep!Keep a clone of the local versionKeep backup filesKeep my coordiatesKeep my deleted stateKeep my visible state Keep plugin8Keep the selected key/value pairs from the local dataset9Keep the selected key/value pairs from the server datasetKeep their coordiatesKeep their deleted stateKeep their visible state/Keep this relation member for the target objectKeyKey ''{0}'' invalid.Key ''{0}'' not in presets.DKey cannot be empty when tag operator is used. Sample use: key=valueKey:Keyboard ShortcutsKeywords KindergartenKiosk Kissing Gate(Label audio (and image and web) markers. Lake Walker Lake Walker.Lakewalker Plugin PreferencesLakewalker traceLambert 4 Zones (France)Lambert CC ZoneLambert CC9 Zone (France)(Lambert CC9 Zone {0} cache file (.CC{0})Lambert Zone (Estonia)"Lambert Zone {0} cache file (.{0})DLambert zone {0} in cache incompatible with current Lambert zone {1}LandLand useLandfillLandsatLanesLanguageLast change at {0}*Last plugin update more than {0} days ago.Latitude Latitude: &Launch a file chooser to select a file3Launch browser with information about the changesetLaunch in maximized mode)Launch the dialog for querying changesetsKLaunches FireFox to display the current visible screen as a nice SVG image.2Launches a browser with information about the userLaunches the tag editor dialogLaundryLayerULayer ''{0}'' has modifications which should be saved to its associated file ''{1}''.GLayer ''{0}'' has modifications which should be uploaded to the server./Layer ''{0}'' has no modifications to be saved.2Layer ''{0}'' has no modifications to be uploaded.%Layer ''{0}'' is not backed by a file'Layer ''{0}'' must be in list of layersLayer for editing GPX tracksLayer not in list.Layer to make measurements Layer: {0}LayersLead-in time (seconds)LeisureLengthhLength of value for tag ''{0}'' on object {1} exceeds the max. allowed length {2}. Values length is {3}.Length: -Let other applications send commands to JOSM.Level CrossingLibraryLicense Lift Gate Light Rail LighthouseLine reference&Line simplification accuracy (degrees) Line typeBList in role {0} is currently not participating in a compare pair.6List of elements in my dataset, i.e. the local dataset:List of elements in their dataset, i.e. the server dataset`List of merged elements. They will replace the my elements when the merge decisions are applied.Live GPSLiveGPS LiveGPS layer Living StreetLoad All Tiles Load TileLoad WMS layerLoad WMS layer from file Load history3Load location from cache (only if cache is enabled)Load parent relations Load relation"Load set of images as a new layer.5Load the list of your open changesets from the serverLoading early pluginsLoading history for node {0} Loading history for relation {0}Loading history for way {0}Loading parent relationsLoading plugin ''{0}''...Loading pluginsLoading plugins ..."Loading style sources from ''{0}'' Loading {0} Local filesLocalityLocationBLocation "{0}" found in cache. Load cache first ? (No = new cache)Lock Lock Gate Lodi - ItalyLogging out session ''{0}''... Longitude Longitude: Look and FeelLook-Out TowerLooking for shoreline...9Looks for nodes or ways with FIXME in any property value.Hold CTRL to select directly from this list with the mouse.
MilitaryMin zoom lvl: Min. latitudeMin. longitudeMin. speed (km/h)Mini-roundaboutMiniature GolfMinimum distance (pixels) Minutes: {0}MirrorMirror selected nodes and ways.4Missing attribute ''ref'' on member in relation {0}.9Missing attribute ''type'' on member {0} in relation {1}.;Missing attribute ''version'' on OSM primitive with ID {0}.-Missing attribute ''{0}'' on XML tag ''{1}''.Missing encodingMissing manadatory attributes on element ''bounds''. Got minlon=''{0}'',minlat=''{1}'',maxlon=''{3}'',maxlat=''{4}'', origin=''{5}''.7Missing mandatory attribute ''{0}'' of XML element {1}.7Missing mandatory attribute ''{0}'' on of way {1}.$Missing mandatory attribute ''{0}''.)Missing merge target for node with id {0}+Missing merge target for object with id {0}-Missing merge target for relation with id {0}(Missing merge target for way with id {0},Missing merge target of type {0} with id {1}Missing name:* translation.Missing operator for NOTMissing parameter for OR#Missing required attribute ''{0}''.Missing right parenthesisMissing user identityMo-Fr 08:30-20:00Mode: Draw Focus Mode: {0}!Modeless working (Potlatch style),Modified times (time stamps) of audio files.Modifier Groups;Modify list of WMS servers displayed in the WMS plugin menuMoney ExchangeMonorailMonument More info...#More information about this featureDMore than one WMS layer present Select one of them first, then retryMore than one "from" way found.More than one "to" way found.More than one "via" found.Motel Motor Sports MotorboatMotorcar Motorcycle MotorroadMotorwayMotorway Junction Motorway LinkMountain Hiking Mountain PassMountainbiking?Move a segment along its normal, then release the mouse button.Move dialog to the side pane Move down/Move down the selected entries by one position. Move elementsMove filter down.Move filter up. Move left-Move nodes so all angles are 90 or 270 degreexMove objects by dragging; Shift to add to selection (Ctrl to toggle); Shift-Ctrl to rotate selected; or change selectionMove objects {0} Move right(Move the currently selected members down&Move the currently selected members up%Move the selected layer one row down.#Move the selected layer one row up.%Move the selected nodes in to a line.&Move the selected nodes into a circle. Move themMove up.Move up the selected elements by one position.Move {0}Moves Objects {0}MudMulti,Multiple members referring to same primitive Multipolygon"Multipolygon inner way is outside.Multipolygon is not closed.Multipolygon must consist only of closed ways. 0 expected. Got {0}Object with history9Objects are uploaded to a new changeset.\Objects are uploaded to the open changeset {0} with upload comment ''{1}''.Objects to add:Objects to delete:Objects to modify:Odd9Offset all points in East direction (degrees). Default 0.:Offset all points in North direction (degrees). Default 0.Offset:Old keyOld role Old valueAOldest files are automatically deleted when this size is exceeded On demand On uploadOne Way One node ways"One of the selected files was nullAOne of the selected ways is already part of another multipolygon.OnewayDOnly changesets closed after and created before a specific date/time4Only changesets closed after the following date/timeOnly changesets owned by myselfOnly changesets owned by the user with the following user name8Only interesting direction hints (e.g. with oneway tag).Only on the head of a way.Only on vectorized layers1Only up to two areas can be joined at the moment.OpenOpen Aerial MapOpen Location...Open OpenStreetBugsOpen Visible.../Open a blank WMS layer to load data from a file=Open a file (any file type that can be opened with File/Open) Open a file.4Open a history browser with the history of this node*Open a list of all commands (undo buffer).!Open a list of all loaded layers.Open a list of all relations.6Open a list of people working on the selected objects.Open a list of routing nodesOpens the Changeset Manager window for the selected changesetsDOpens the OpenStreetBugs window and activates the automatic downloadOperatorOpticianOptional Attributes:Optional Information:Optional TypesOrganic Orig. Way OrthogonalizeOrthogonalize / UndoOrthogonalize ShapeOrthogonalize Shape / UndojOrthogonalize Shape / Undo Please select nodes that were moved by the previous Orthogonalize Shape action! OsmarenderOtherOther Information PointsOutdoor Overlap tilesOverlapping areasOverlapping highways Overlapping highways (with area)Overlapping railways Overlapping railways (with area)Overlapping waysOverlapping ways (with area)Overlapping ways.Override position for: Overwrite Overwrite custom OAuth settings?PNG files (*.png) PUWG (Poland)PUWG 1992 (Poland)PUWG 2000 Zone {0} (Poland) PUWG ZonePaint style {0}: {1}Painting problemPalaeontological SitePaper'Parameter ''{0}'' > 0 expected, got {1},Parameter ''{0}'' > 0 expected. Got ''{1}''.(Parameter ''{0}'' > 0 expected. Got {1}.*Parameter ''{0}'' > 0.0 exptected, got {1}(Parameter ''{0}'' >= 0 expected, got {1}-Parameter ''{0}'' >= 0 expected. Got ''{1}''.8Parameter ''{0}'' in range 0..{1} expected. Got ''{2}''.8Parameter ''{0}'' is not a valid type name. Got ''{1}''.:Parameter ''{0}'' is not an acceptable class. Got ''{1}''.#Parameter ''{0}'' must not be empty$Parameter ''{0}'' must not be empty."Parameter ''{0}'' must not be null#Parameter ''{0}'' must not be null.4Parameter ''{0}'' of type node expected, got ''{1}''BParameter ''{0}'' with tags for exactly one key expected. Got {1}.(Parameter 'col' must be 0 or 1. Got {0}.?Parameter "downloadgps" does not accept file names or file URLs(Parameter current out of range. Got {0}./Parameter {0} not in range 0..{1}. Got ''{2}''.QParameters --download, --downloadgps and --selection are processed in this order.Parent RelationsPark Park and RideParking Parking Aisle9Parse error: invalid document structure for GPX document.Parsing OSM data...Parsing OSM history data ...Parsing changeset content ...Parsing file "{0}" failedParsing list of changesets...Parsing response from server...Password Password: Password: Paste Paste ... Paste TagsPaste URL from clipboardPaste contents of paste buffer. Paste without incomplete membersPath Path Length4Pattern Syntax Error: Pattern {0} in {1} is illegal!Peak PedestrianPedestrian CrossingPedestrian crossing type PedestriansPelota5Pending conflicts in the member list of this relation.Pending conflicts in the node list of this way)Pending property conflicts to be resolvedPerforms the data validationPermitted actionsPharmacy Phone Number Phone numberPhoto time (from exif):%Photos don't contain time information$Physically delete from local datasetPicLayer Picnic SitePierPipeline Piste typePitchPlace of WorshipPlacesPlay next marker.Play previous marker. Play/PausePlay/pause audio.hPlayback starts this number of seconds before (or after, if negative) the audio track position requested Playground Please abort if you are not surenPlease decide what changeset the data is uploaded to and whether to close the changeset after the next upload."Please decide which values to keep*Please enter Description about your trace.DPlease enter a comment for this upload changeset (min. 3 characters)|Please enter a date in the usual format for your locale.
Example: {0}
Example: {1}
Example: {2}
Example: {3}
Please enter a filter string.,Please enter a latitude in the range -90..90/Please enter a longitude in the range -180..1805Please enter a name for the bookmarked download area."Please enter a non-empty user namePlease enter a search string.Please enter a user nameMPlease enter a username and a password if your proxy requires authentication./Please enter a valid changeset query URL first.%Please enter a valid chunk size first2Please enter a valid latitude in the range -90..905Please enter a valid longitude in the range -180..180Please enter a valid time in the usual format for your locale.
Example: {0}
Example: {1}
Example: {2}
Example: {3}
Please enter a valid user ID Please enter an Access Token Key#Please enter an Access Token SecretPlease enter an integer > 1!Please enter an integer value > 0#Please enter an non-empty user nameEPlease enter or paste an URL to retrieve changesets from the OSM API.#Please enter tags about your trace.Please enter the OSM API URL.APlease enter the password for authenticating at your proxy server2Please enter the password name of your OSM accountBPlease enter the user name for authenticating at your proxy server.Please enter the user name of your OSM account,Please enter valid number for ending address.Please enter valid number for starting address9Please enter valid number for starting and ending addressPlease enter your OSM passwordPlease enter your OSM user nameYPlease open the Preference Dialog after JOSM has started and try to update them manually.2Please select 4 or 5 ways to assign no left turns.1Please select 4 ways that form a closed relation.$Please select a download area first.Please select a filePlease select a keyPlease select a scheme to use.BPlease select a street to associate with address interpolation wayPlease select a value7Please select address interpolation way for this street*Please select an authorisation procedure: Please select an entry."Please select at least four nodes.CPlease select at least one already uploaded node, way, or relation.Remove all members referring to one of the selected primitivesRemove from cacheRemove from dataset9Remove node ''{0}'' at position {1} from relation ''{2}''Remove photo from layer=Remove relation ''{0}'' at position {1} from relation ''{2}''Remove tags from inner waysBRemove the changeset in the detail view panel from the local cache'Remove the currently selected bookmarks8Remove the currently selected members from this relation3Remove the selected changesets from the local cache=Remove the selected entries from the list of merged elements.Remove the selected icon paths9Remove the selected styles from the list of active stylesRemove them, clean up relation-Remove this relation member from the relation8Remove way ''{0}'' at position {1} from relation ''{2}''Removed Element from RelationsRemoving deprecated plugins...Removing duplicate nodes...$Removing reference from relation {0}Removing umaintained plugins... Rename layer&Rename the currently selected bookmark{Renders routes (bus, hiking trails, bicycle routes, ..). Route types must be defined in routes.xml file in plugin directoryRentalRepairReplace "{0}" by "{1}" for5Replace original background by JOSM background color.YReplace the original white background by the backgound color defined in JOSM preferences. Report BugRequest Access TokenRequest FailedRequest Token URL:Request details: {0} ReservoirReset Reset cookie>Reset current measurement results and delete measurement path. Reset id to 0 Reset the preferences to default ResidentialResidential area>Resize the applet to the given geometry (format: WIDTHxHEIGHT)/Resolution of Landsat tiles (pixels per degree)IResolution of Landsat tiles, measured in pixels per degree. Default 4000.ResolveResolve conflictsResolve conflicts for ''{0}'''Resolve conflicts in coordinates in {0})Resolve conflicts in deleted state in {0}0Resolve conflicts in member list of relation {0})Resolve conflicts in node list of way {0}Resolve conflicts.&Resolve version conflicts for node {0}*Resolve version conflicts for relation {0}%Resolve version conflicts for way {0}%Resolve {0} tag conflicts in node {1})Resolve {0} tag conflicts in relation {1}$Resolve {0} tag conflicts in way {1}Restart RestaurantRestore grab shortcut F11 RestrictionRetailRetaining WallRetrieve Access TokenRetrieve Request Token*Retrieving OAuth Access Token from ''{0}'' Retrieving OAuth Access Token...+Retrieving OAuth Request Token from ''{0}''!Retrieving OAuth Request Token...DRetrieving user details with Access Token Key ''{0}'' was forbidded.CRetrieving user details with Access Token Key ''{0}'' was rejected.Retrieving user info...ReverseReverse Terrace Reverse WaysReverse a TerraceReverse a terraceReverse and Combine,Reverse grey colors (for black backgrounds). Reverse route+Reverse the direction of all selected ways.)Reverse the order of the relation members Reverse waysReversed coastline)Reversed coastline: land not on left side$Reversed land: land not on left side%Reversed water: land not on left side$Reverses house numbers on a terrace.RevisionRidingRiver RiverbankRoad (Unknown Type)Road RestrictionsRole2Role {0} is not participating in compare pair {1}.Role:Roles in relations referring to Rotate 180 Rotate 270 Rotate 90Rotate image leftRotate image right Rotate left Rotate right RoundaboutRoute Route state Route typeRoutes shown for:RoutingRouting Plugin PreferencesRugbyRuins+Run the automatic authorisation steps again(Running Douglas-Peucker approximation...Running test {0}Running vertex reduction...S SIM-cards Sally PortSave Save Access Token in preferences Save Access Token to preferences Save As... Save GPX file Save Layer Save OSM fileSave WMS layerSave WMS layer to file Save anyway(Save captured data to file every minute.$Save the current data to a new file.Save the current data.)Save the preferences and close the dialogSave to preferences$Save user and password (unencrypted)Save/Upload and DeleteSave/Upload and ExitASave/Upload layers before deleting. Unsaved changes are not lost.Saving layer to ''{0}'' ...Scanned Map...Scanning directory {0}School Scrap MetalScreeScrubSearch Search ...Search for objects. Search...Search:Search: Second Name SecondarySecondary modifier: Seconds: {0}Security exception*See the Wiki for other capacity:[types]=*."Segment must be a number greater 1Segments%Sel.: Rel.:{0} / Ways:{1} / Nodes:{2}Select Select AllSelect FeuilleSelect WMS layer3Select a single, closed way of at least four nodes.@Select all objects assigned to the currently selected changesetsTSelect all undeleted objects in the data layer. This selects incomplete objects too.ISelect changesets based on the date/time they have been created or closed>Select changesets depending on whether they are open or closed)Select changesets owned by specific usersSelect communeSelect either:Select filename6Select if the data should be downloaded in a new layerSelect in layerSelect in relation listSelect line drawing optionsSelect membersSelect node under cursor.Select objects to upload9Select only changesets related to a specific bounding box/Select primitives for selected relation members(Select primitives submitted by this userSelect relation"Select relation in main selection.!Select relation in relation list.JSelect relation members which refer to primitives in the current selectionNSelect relation members which refer to {0} primitives in the current selectionSelect target layer=Select the corresponding primitives in the current data layer,Select the members of all selected relationsPSelect the primitives in the content of this changeset in the current data layer3Select to close the changeset after the next upload