(requires: {0}) ({0}) [id: {0}] as "{0}" or # Objects''Baker Street'' in any key#''Baker'' and ''Street'' in any key''key'' with any value''key'' with exactly ''value''''value'' in any key%''valuefragment'' anywhere in ''key''$''valuefragment'' nowhere in ''key''%''wikipedia''=''language:page title''U''{0}'' does not specify the official mode of transportation, use ''{1}'' for example<''{0}'' is meaningless, use more specific tags, e.g. ''{1}''i''{0}'' is not a valid value for argument ''{1}''. Possible values are {2}, possibly delimited by commas. ''{0}'': {1}(# requests unknown) (1 request) (Code={0})Y(Please only use this tag if more detailed mapping using busbars and bays is impossible!) (URL was: (Use number as shown on plate.)(at line {0}, column {1}) (no object)(none)3(please use isolated_dwelling for an isolated farm)'({0}/{1}) Downloading changeset {2} ...&({0}/{1}) Downloading changeset {2}...2({0}/{1}) Downloading content for changeset {2}...%({0}/{1}) Loading parents of node {2})({0}/{1}) Loading parents of relation {2}$({0}/{1}) Loading parents of way {2}*({0}/{1}): Downloading relation ''{2}''...F* One node that is used by more than one way and one of those ways, or0* One node that is used by more than one way, or* One tagged node, orJ* One way and one or more of its nodes that are used by more than one way.K* One way that has one or more nodes that are used by more than one way, or, -10%-10°U-Djosm.home has lower precedence, i.e. the specific setting overrides the general one'... other transportation modes possible... refers to relation/PATH/TO/JOSM/CACHE /PATH/TO/JOSM/HOMEDIR /PATH/TO/JOSM/PREF /PATH/TO/JOSM/USERDATA0,30,45,60,90,... 0,45,90,...0,90,... 06:00-20:001 Mvar 1. Enter URL1. Enter getCapabilities URL1. Enter service URL1.cikla ortofotokarte - Latvia1/25 mix (mofa/moped)1/50 mix (mofa/moped)10%100 MVA10° 110000;20000 12500 kVA15 MVA16.6716.72 W 2. Enter maximum zoom (optional)2. Enter name for this layer2. Select layers20cm ortho - Latvia - Coastline2700 kVA3 kW&3 or 7 term datum transform parameters3. Select image format3. Verify generated TMS URL3D4. Enter name for this layer4. Verify generated WMS URL5 MW5 Mvar5 cm resolution bald image5. Enter name for this layer50 MVA500 kvar50cm ortho - Latvia7 GW 750000;2000007th Series (OS7)< after< before< bottom< top<

Close the filter dialog to see all objects.

 Imagery:1Plugin provided by an external source: {0}Source:$
Error message(untranslated): {0}  

Filter active


When one or more ways are selected, the shape is adjusted such, that all angles are 90 or 180 degrees.

You can add two nodes to the selection. Then, the direction is fixed by these two reference nodes. (Afterwards, you can undo the movement for certain nodes:
Select them and press the shortcut for Orthogonalize / Undo. The default is Shift-Q.)a''{0}'' is not a valid OSM API URL.
Please check the spelling and validate again.(

Warning: The password is stored in plain text in the JOSM preferences file. Furthermore, it is transferred unencrypted in every request sent to the OSM server. Do not use a valuable password.

rPlease enter an OAuth Access Token which is authorized to access the OSM server ''{0}''._

Delete the file {0} from disk?

The image file will be permanently lost!

Error when retrieving help information

The content for the help topic {0} could not be loaded. The error message is (untranslated):

Help content for help topic missing

Help content for the help topic {0} is not available yet. It is missing both in your local language ({1}) and in English.

Please help to improve the JOSM help system and fill in the missing information. You can both edit the help topic in your local language ({1}) and the help topic in English.


Sorry, it is impossible to paste tags from buffer. It does not contain any JOSM object or suitable text.

VCurrent download area (minlon, minlat, maxlon, maxlat): Alternatively you may enter a tile address for a single tile in the format zoomlevel/x/y, e.g. 15/256/223. Tile addresses in the format zoom,x,y or zoom;x;y are valid too.OAn error occurred while restoring backup file.
Error is:
{0}@An error occurred while saving.
Error is:
{0}Authentication at the OSM server with the OAuth token ''{0}'' failed.
Please launch the preferences dialog and retrieve another OAuth token.Authentication at the OSM server with the username ''{0}'' failed.
Please check the username and the password in the JOSM preferences.8Authorisation at the OSM server failed.
kAuthorisation at the OSM server failed.
The server reported the following error:
''{0}''Authorisation at the OSM server with the OAuth token ''{0}'' failed.
The token is not authorised to access the protected resource
Please launch the preferences dialog and retrieve another OAuth token.Autostart ''Download from OSM'' dialog every time JOSM is started.
You can open it manually from File menu or toolbar.DCannot open directory ''{0}''.
Please select a file.{Cannot upload {0} objects in one request because the
max. changeset size {1} on server ''{2}'' is exceeded.OClick {0} to finish merging my and their entries.NClick {0} to start merging my and their entries.^Closing of changeset {0} failed
because it has already been closed.eClosing of changeset {0} failed
because it has already been closed on {1}.UCommunication with the OSM server ''{0}'' timed out. Please retry later.Communication with the OSM server ''{0}''failed. The server replied
the following error code and the following error message:
Error code: {1}
Error message (untranslated): {2}BCould not load layer {0} ''{1}''.
Error is:
{2}zCould not load plugin {0} because the plugin
main class ''{1}'' was not found.
Delete from preferences?ECould not load session file ''{0}''.
Error is:
{1}=Could not read file ''{0}''.
Error is:
{1}6Could not read files.
Error is:
{0}ECould not save session file ''{0}''.
Error is:
{1}vDownload changesets in the current map view.
Disabled. There is currently no map view active.8Download changesets in the current map view(Download my open changesetsxDownload my open changesets
Disabled. Please enter your OSM user name in the preferences first.+Download the latest changesetsBEnter a tag key, e.g. fixmeLEnter a tag value, e.g. check membersaEnter an Access Token manually if it was generated and retrieved outside
of JOSM..Error in filter {0}:
{1}Failed to access the OSM server ''{0}''
with the Access Token ''{1}''.
The server rejected the Access Token as unauthorized. You will not
be able to access any protected resource on this server using this token.Failed to authenticate at the OSM server ''{0}''.
You are using OAuth to authenticate but currently there is no
OAuth Access Token configured.
Please open the Preferences Dialog and generate or enter an Access Token.Failed to build URL ''{0}'' for validating the OSM API server.
Please check the spelling of ''{1}'' and validate again.Failed to connect to the URL ''{0}''.
Please check the spelling of ''{1}'' and your Internet connection and validate again.:Failed to create missing cache directory: {0}Failed to download data. Its format is either unsupported, ill-formed, and/or inconsistent.

Details (untranslated): {0}9Failed to download data.

Details: {0}Failed to initialize communication with the OSM server {0}.
Check the server URL in your preferences and your internet connection.dFailed to initialize preferences.
Failed to create missing preference directory: {0}aFailed to initialize preferences.
Failed to reset preference file to default: {0}bFailed to initialize preferences.
Preference directory ''{0}'' is not a directory.mFailed to load the list of preset sources from

Details (untranslated):
{1}kFailed to load the list of rule sources from

Details (untranslated):
{1}lFailed to load the list of style sources from

Details (untranslated):
{1}Failed to open a connection to the remote server
Host name ''{1}'' could not be resolved.
Please check the API URL in your preferences and your internet connection.lFailed to open a connection to the remote server
Please check your internet connection.Failed to open a connection to the remote server
for security reasons. This is most likely because you are running
in an applet and because you did not load your applet from ''{1}''.Failed to open help page for url {0}.
This is most likely due to a network problem, please check
your internet connectionFailed to retrieve a list of changesets from the OSM API server at
''{1}''. The server responded with the return code {0} instead of 200.
Please check the spelling of ''{1}'' and validate again.Failed to retrieve information about the current user from the OSM server ''{0}''.
This is probably not a problem caused by the tested Access Token, but
rather a problem with the server configuration. Carefully check the server
URL and your Internet connection.}Failed to sign the request for the OSM server ''{0}'' with the token ''{1}''.
The token ist probably invalid.Failed to upload data to or download data from
due to a problem with transferring data.
Details (untranslated): {1}fFailed to upload to changeset {0}
because it has already been closed on {1}.Here is file import summary.
You can reject preferences changes by pressing "Cancel" in preferences dialog
To activate some changes JOSM restart may be needed.JOSM has successfully retrieved an Access Token. You can now accept this token. JOSM will use it in the future for authentication and authorization to the OSM server.

The access token is: wJOSM is about to reset the OAuth settings to default values.
The current custom settings are not saved.JOSM is currently running with an anonymous user. It cannot download
your changesets from the OSM server unless you enter your OSM user name
in the JOSM preferences.JOSM successfully retrieved a Request Token. JOSM is now launching an authorization page in an external browser. Please login with your OSM username and password and follow the instructions to authorize the Request Token. Then switch back to this dialog and click on {0}

If launching the external browser fails you can copy the following authorize URL and paste it into the address field of your browser.Layer ''{0}'' already has a conflict for object
Please resolve this conflict first, then try again.jLayer ''{0}'' already has a conflict for object
This conflict cannot be added.Loading of the plugin "{0}" was requested.
This plugin is no longer developed and very likely will produce errors.
It should be disabled.
Delete from preferences?WMark locally deleted objects to be deleted on the server.lMark modified objects from the current selection to be uploaded to the server.Neither {0} nor {1} nor {2} is enabled.
Please choose to either download OSM data, or GPX data, or Notes, or all.sNone of the objects in the content of changeset {0} is available in the current
edit layer ''{1}''.bPlease click on {0} to retrieve an OAuth Request Token from ''{1}''.cPlease enter valid date/time values to restrict
the query to a specific time range.xPlease enter valid longitude/latitude values to restrict
the changeset query to a specific bounding box.pPlease make sure all selected ways head in a similar direction
or orthogonalize them one by one.WPlease select a range of OSM tiles at a given zoom level.Please select one the following standard queries.Select Download my changesets only if you only want to download changesets created by yourself.
Note that JOSM will download max. 100 changesets.;Please select the changesets you want to closeEPlease select the values to keep for the following tags.Plugin {0} requires JOSM version {1}. The current JOSM version is {2}.
You have to update JOSM in order to use this plugin.Preferences file had errors.
Making backup of old one to
and creating a new default preference file._Relation has been deleted outside editor.

Do you want to close this window?BRetrieving an OAuth Access Token from ''{0}'' failed.CRetrieving an OAuth Request Token from ''{0}'' failed.Run a fully automatic procedure to get an access token from the OSM website.
JOSM accesses the OSM website on behalf of the JOSM user and fully
automatically authorizes the user and retrieves an Access Token.BRun a semi-automatic procedure to get an access token from the OSM website.
JOSM submits the standards OAuth requests to get a Request Token and an
Access Token. It dispatches the user to the OSM website in an external browser
to authenticate itself and to accept the request token submitted by JOSM.Select all tracks that you want to be displayed. You can drag select a range of tracks or use CTRL+Click to select specific ones. The map is updated live in the background. Open the URLs by double clicking them.ySelect to download data into a new data layer.
Unselect to download into the currently active data layer.`Select to enable entering a tag which will be applied
to all modified relations.vSelect to restrict the query to your changesets only.
Unselect to include all changesets in the query.Select to save the Access Token in the JOSM preferences.
Unselect to use the Access Token in this JOSM session only.Select to show changesets for the currently selected objects only.
Unselect to show all changesets for objects in the current data layer.Settings file asks to append preferences to {0},
but its default value is unknown at this moment.
Please activate corresponding function manually and retry importing.6Step 1/3: Retrieve an OAuth Request Token=Step 2/3: Authorize and retrieve an Access Token=Step 3/3: Successfully retrieved an Access TokenSuccessfully used the Access Token ''{0}'' to
access the OSM server at ''{1}''.
You are accessing the OSM server as user ''{2}'' with id ''{3}''.Tagging preset source {0} can be loaded but it contains errors. Do you really want to use it?

Error is: [{1}:{2}] {3}
Tagging preset source {0} can be loaded but it contains errors. Do you really want to use it?

Error is: {1}
Take a photo of your GPS receiver while it displays the time.
Display that photo here.
And then, simply capture the time you read on the photo and select a timezone
2The Access Token ''{1}'' is known to the OSM server ''{0}''.
The test to retrieve the user details for this token failed, though.
Depending on what rights are granted to this token you may nevertheless use it
to upload data, upload GPS traces, and/or access other protected resources.The OSM API server at ''{0}'' did not return a valid response.
It is likely that ''{0}'' is not an OSM API server.
Please check the spelling of ''{0}'' and validate again.The OSM server
reported an internal server error.
This is most likely a temporary problem. Please try again later.>The Overpass wizard could not parse the following query:The automatic process for retrieving an OAuth Access Token
from the OSM server failed because JOSM was not able to build
a valid login URL from the OAuth Authorize Endpoint URL ''{0}''.

Please check your advanced setting and try again.The automatic process for retrieving an OAuth Access Token
from the OSM server failed. JOSM failed to log into {0}
for user {1}.

Please check username and password and try again.The automatic process for retrieving an OAuth Access Token
from the OSM server failed.

Please try again or choose another kind of authorization process,
i.e. semi-automatic or manual authorization.WThe child relation
is deleted on the server. It cannot be loadedThe combined ways are members in one or more relations. Please decide whether you want to keep these memberships for the combined way or whether you want to remove them.
The default is to keep the first way and remove the other ways that are members of the same relation: the combined way will take the place of the original way in the relation.The current URL {0}
is an external URL. Editing is only possible for help topics
on the help server {1}.The data in the GPX layer ''{0}'' has been downloaded from the server.
Because its way points do not include a timestamp we cannot correlate them with audio data.The data in the GPX layer ''{0}'' has been downloaded from the server.
Because its way points do not include a timestamp we cannot correlate them with images.~The data to be uploaded participates in unresolved conflicts of layer ''{0}''.
You have to resolve them first.The merged nodes are members in one or more relations. Please decide whether you want to keep these memberships for the target node or whether you want to remove them.
The default is to keep the first node and remove the other nodes that are members of the same relation: the target node will take the place of the original node in the relation.TThe relation has been changed.

Do you want to save your changes?:The server reported that it has detected a conflict.iThe server reported that it has detected a conflict.
Error message (untranslated):
{0}The server reports that an object is deleted.
Uploading failed if you tried to update or delete this object.
Downloading failed if you tried to download this object.

The error message is:
{0}The test failed because the server responded with an internal error.
JOSM could not decide whether the token is valid. Please try again later.There are multiple changesets necessary in order to upload {0} objects. Which strategy do you want to use?SThere are no layers the source layer
could be merged to.There is at least one member in this relation referring
to the relation itself.
This creates circular dependencies and is discouraged.
How do you want to proceed with circular dependencies?:There is currently no download area selected.fThis action will require {0} individual
download requests. Do you wish
to continue?This relation already has one or more members referring to
the object ''{0}''

Do you really want to add another relation member?This relation has been changed outside of the editor.
You cannot apply your changes and continue editing.

Do you want to create a conflict and close the editor?Unable to parse tagging preset source: {0}. Do you really want to use it?

Error is: [{1}:{2}] {3}
Unable to parse tagging preset source: {0}. Do you really want to use it?

Error is: {1}
zUpload of unprocessed GPS data as map data is considered harmful.
If you want to upload traces, look here:Uploading failed because the server has a newer version of one
of your nodes, ways, or relations.

Click {0} to synchronize the entire local dataset with the server.
Click {1} to abort and continue editing.
Uploading failed because the server has a newer version of one
of your nodes, ways, or relations.
The conflict is caused by the {0} with id {1},
the server has version {2}, your version is {3}.

Click {4} to synchronize the conflicting primitive only.
Click {5} to synchronize the entire local dataset with the server.
Click {6} to abort and continue editing.
Uploading failed because you have been using
changeset {0} which was already closed at {1}.
Please upload again with a new or an existing open changeset.Uploading to the server failed because your current
dataset violates a precondition.
The error message is:
{0}IUse photo of an accurate clock,
e.g. GPS receiver displayBUse the default OSM server URL ({0})IVersion {0} created on {1}KVersion {0} currently edited in layer ''{1}''You are trying to add a relation to itself.

This creates circular references and is therefore discouraged.
Skipping relation ''{0}''.You are using the EPSG:4326 projection which might lead
to undesirable results when doing rectangular alignments.
Change your projection to get rid of this warning.
Do you want to continue?SYou did not finish to merge the differences in this conflict.
Conflict resolutions will not be applied unless all differences
are resolved.
Click {0} to close anyway. Already
resolved differences will not be applied.

Click {1} to return to resolving conflicts.You have successfully retrieved an OAuth Access Token from the OSM website. Click on {0} to accept the token. JOSM will use it in subsequent requests to gain access to the OSM API.You have unsaved changes in this editor window.

Do you want to discard these changes and reload data from layer?{0} relations build a cycle because they refer to each other.
JOSM cannot upload them. Please edit the relations and remove the cyclic dependency.(Autosave stores the changed data layers in periodic intervals. The backups are saved in JOSM''s preference folder. In case of a crash, JOSM tries to recover the unsaved changes on next start.)(JOSM can keep a backup file when saving data layers. It appends ''~'' to the file name and saves it in the same folder.)0CH1903 / LV03 (without local corrections)degrees°9degrees° minutes'Vdegrees° minutes' seconds"missing Warning: Since you are using not the default OSM API, make sure to set an OAuth consumer key and secret in the Advanced OAuth parameters. > after> before> bottom> topAJA Signpost/Guidepost to indicate the directions to different destinations.A board with a map.A board with information.1A body of standing water, such as a lake or pond.!A farm within a bigger settlement4A flat area of sand, gravel or pebble next to water.GA large body of water partially enclosed by land but with a wide mouth.A line of trees.A low area between hills.A mountain or hill ridge.-A name is missing, even though name:* exists.fA notable rock or group of rocks, with at least one of them firmly attached to the underlying bedrock.NA persistent body of dense ice that is constantly moving under its own weight.WA point where groundwater naturally flows to the surface of the earth from underground.sA previous version of JOSM has installed a custom certificate in order to provide HTTPS support for Remote Control:,A primitive with ID = 0 cannot be invisible.jA relation membership was copied to all new ways.
You should verify this and correct it when necessary.uA role based relation membership was copied to all new ways.
You should verify this and correct it when necessary.*A saddle point between mountains or hills.eA single notable free-standing rock, which may differ from the composition of the terrain it lies in.A single tree.yA steep rock face exposure, with a significant vertical, or near vertical (leave the lower face to the right of the way).-A volcano, either dormant, extinct or active.$A;A1;B;B1;C;C1;D;D1;BE;CE;C1E;DE;D1E A;A1;B;BE;C+AGIV Flanders 2013-2015 aerial imagery 10cmAGIV Flanders GRB(AGIV Flanders most recent aerial imageryAGRI black-and-white 2.5mAKALAPI CapabilitiesAPI Capabilities ViolationAPI version: {0}ARASAZAbandoned RailAbort Abort MergingAbort file chooser dialogAbort file chooser dialog.About About JOSM...Accept Access Token)Accept all tags from {0} for this session0Accept the new plugin sites and close the dialogAccess Access TokenAccess Token Key:Access Token Secret:Access Token URL: Access rights;Access to redacted version ''{0}'' of {1} {2} is forbidden. AccommodationBAccording to the information within the plugin, the author is {0}.AccuracyActionAction parametersActionsActions To TakeActivateActivate layerActivate the selected layer-Activating the standard map renderer instead.Active presets: Active rules:Active styles:AddAdd Imagery URL Add JOSM Plugin description URL. Add Node...Add Rectified ImageAdd Tag7Add a bookmark for the currently selected download areaAdd a new NoteAdd a new icon path'Add a new key/value pair to all objects!Add a new node to an existing way,Add a new preset by entering filename or URL*Add a new rule by entering filename or URLAdd a new source to the list.+Add a new style by entering filename or URL Add a new tag'Add a new {0} entry by entering the URLBAdd a node by entering latitude / longitude or easting / northing.EAdd all objects selected in the current dataset after the last memberNAdd all objects selected in the current dataset after the last selected memberGAdd all objects selected in the current dataset before the first memberPAdd all objects selected in the current dataset before the first selected member Add all tagsAdd author information$Add checked tags to selected objects Add commentAdd comment to note:Add conflict for ''{0}'' Add filter.Add imagery layer {0} Add layersAdd nodeAdd node into wayAdd node into way and connect Add node {0} Add note modeAdd or remove toolbar buttonAdd relation {0}Add selected tagsAdd selection to relation Add settingAdd tags to selected objects>Add the members of all selected relations to current selection@Add the selected available presets to the list of active presetsAdd the selected available styles to the list of active styles3Add the selected relations to the current selectionAdd to selectionAdd to slippymap chooser: Add toolbar button Add value?Add way Add way {0}Added node on all intersections1Adding JOSM localhost certificate to {0} keystore+Adding certificate for TLS connections: {0}Adding {0} to ignore tagsAdding {0} to spellcheckerAdding {0} to tag checkerAddressAddress Interpolation AddressesAdit!Adjust colorfulness of the layer. Adjust gamma value of the layer.Adjust imagery offsetAdjust opacity of the layer.)Adjust sharpness/blur value of the layer.)Adjust the position of this imagery layerAdjust timezone and offset"Adjustable {0} not registered yet.WAdjustable {0} not registered yet. Cannot set participation in synchronized adjustment.Administration centreAdministrativeAdministrative levelAdvancedAdvanced Background: ChangedAdvanced Background: NonDefaultAdvanced OAuth parametersAdvanced OAuth propertiesAdvanced Preferences Advanced infoAdvanced info (web)Advanced object infoAdvertising ColumnSAerial imagery "{0}" might be misaligned. Please check its offset using GPS tracks!?Aerial imagery canton Solothurn Infrared (SOGIS 2013/2014/2015):Aerial imagery canton Solothurn RGB (SOGIS 2013/2014/2015) AerialwayAgip Agricultural Air QualityAirfieldAirportAirport GroundAlbers Equal AreaAlcoholAlign Nodes in CircleAlign Nodes in LineAll All Files All FormatsAll files (*.*)TAll installed plugins are up to date. JOSM does not have to download newer versions.KAll numeric values sumed as ''{0}'' are going to be applied for key ''{1}''[All points and track segments will have the same color. Can be customized in Layer Manager.All projections are supported>All the preferences of this group are default, nothing to saveDAll values joined as ''{0}'' are going to be applied for key ''{1}'' All vehicles AllotmentsAllow modifications of notes)Allow to download your private GPS tracesAllow to read your preferencesAllow to upload GPS tracesAllow to upload map dataAllow to write your preferencesAllowed traffic:NAllows JOSM to be controlled from other applications, e.g. from a web browser.?Allows to tune the track coloring for different average speeds. Alpine Hut4Already registered a conflict for primitive ''{0}''.6Also include incomplete and deleted objects in search.Also rename the fileAlternative name Always hidden Always shownAlways update without askingAmbulance StationAmerican ExpressAmerican FootballAmount of CablesAmount of SeatsAmount of StepsAmount of circuitsAmount of polesAmperageAmusement/Theme ParkVAn OSM data validator that checks for common errors made by users and editor programs.'An accumulation of loose angular rocks.>An accumulation of loose rounded rocks on a beach or riverbed.An empty value deletes the tag.DAn error occured while checking if your JOSM instance is up to date.An error occurred in plugin {0}}An error occurred while trying to match the photos to the GPX track. You can adjust the sliders to manually match the photos.?An office where you can get information about a town or region.LAn unexpected exception occurred that may have come from the ''{0}'' plugin.An unexpected exception occurred. This is always a coding error. If you are running the latest version of JOSM, please consider being kind and file a bug report.AnalogAngle snappingAngle snapping active.Animal watering place AnnotationAntiques Apartment/Append preferences from file to existing valuesApply Apply Changes Apply PresetApply Resolution Apply Role Apply Role:GApply antialiasing to the GPX lines resulting in a smoother appearance.XApply antialiasing to the map view in wireframe mode resulting in a smoother appearance.FApply antialiasing to the map view resulting in a smoother appearance.TApply dynamic alpha-blending and adjust width based on zoom level for all GPX lines.Apply recent tag {0}Apply resolved conflicts-Apply resolved conflicts and close the dialogApply selected changes=Apply tags of contents of paste buffer to all selected items./Apply tags to the changeset data is uploaded toApply the current updatesApply the tile address&Apply the updates and close the dialogApply this role to all membersApply? April 2015Apron AquacultureAralArcadeArchaeological SiteArchery Are you really sure to continue?ZAre you sure that you want to move elements with attached ways that are hidden by filters?AreaArea style on outer wayArea style way is not closed7Areas are drawn with fill only around their inner edgesAreas around placesAreas share segmentArt Artist Name Arts CentreArtwork Ascent (m)Ask before updatingAssemble new polygonsAssembly PointAssisted LivingAssociated StreetAssumeAuthorizing OAuth Request token ''{0}'' at the OSM website ...$Authorizing request token ''{0}''...AuthorsAutoAuto load tilesAuto save enabledAuto save interval (seconds)Auto saved files per layer Auto zoomAuto zoom by default: Auto-GuessAutoload tiles by default: AutomatedAutomated DefibrillatorAutomated Teller MachineAutomatic tag correctionpAutomatically create audio markers from trackpoints (rather than explicit waypoints) with names or descriptions.NAutomatically make a marker layer from any waypoints when opening a GPX layer.CAutomatically truncating value of tag ''{0}'' on deleted object {1} AvailableAvailable default entries:Available presets:Available rolesAvailable rules:Available styles:Avalanche Protector Avant (fi)AviaBBANO BD Carthage BDOrtho IGNBPBaby Hatch/Safe HavenBackBackground Terms of Use Background:BackrestBackspace in Add mode Bad Request1Bad location in HTML document. Exception was: {0} Bad responseBag Baker StreetBakeryBancomatBandwidth Limit ExceededBank BankAxessBar Bare RockBare lower lying uncultivated land with a shrubland habitat found mainly on free-draining infertile, acidic soils, and is characterised by open, low-growing woody vegetation.KBare lower lying uncultivated land with bushes but little or no tree cover.SBare upper lying uncultivated land principally covered with grass and often grazed.BarracksBarrier%Barrier entrance not set on a barrierBarriersBarriers and entrancesBaseballBasicBasin Basketball Batteries Battlefield Bavaria (2 m)Bavaria (80 cm)BayBeach Beach ResortBeach VolleyballBeaconBeautyBedBeds Beekeeper Beer Garden[Before you file a bug report make sure you have updated to the latest version of JOSM here:Belgian Lambert 1972Belgian Lambert 2008BenchBenin: Cotonou Pleiade 2016Berlin aerial photograph 2011Berlin aerial photograph 2014Berlin aerial photograph 2015Berlin aerial photograph 2016Best zoom: {0} BeveragesBicycle Bicycle Road Bicycle Route Bicycle rampBicycles are rentedBicycles are repairedBicycles are soldBicycles are washed (for a fee) Bike Dealer Billboard BilliardsBing aerial imagery Bio DieselBiofuel Power GeneratorBiogas Power GeneratorBiomass Power Generator Bird HideBitcoin BlacksmithBlockBlue: Board ContentBoatBoatyardBoiling Water Reactor 1 (BWR-1)Boiling Water Reactor 2 (BWR-2)Boiling Water Reactor 3 (BWR-3)Boiling Water Reactor 4 (BWR-4)Boiling Water Reactor 5 (BWR-5)Boiling Water Reactor 6 (BWR-6)Bollard Bollard typeBonvillars Orthophoto 2013 Book Store BookmakerBookmark name: BookmarksBordeaux - 2012Border Control Border type Both nodesBoule BoundariesBoundaryBoundary StoneBoundary duplicated nodes Boundary type Bounding BoxBounding box (projected): Bounding box: BoundsBoutiqueBranch operatorBranch tower typeBrand BreakwaterBreweryBridgeBridge SupportBridge outlineBridgesBritish Columbia MosaicSBroken tagging preset "{0}-{1}" - Java method given in ''values_from'' is not "{2}"VBroken tagging preset "{0}-{1}" - Java method given in ''values_from'' threw {2} ({3})iBroken tagging preset "{0}-{1}" - number of items in ''display_values'' must be the same as in ''values''mBroken tagging preset "{0}-{1}" - number of items in ''short_descriptions'' must be the same as in ''values''Brothel Brownfield#Budapest district XI ortophoto 2015Buddhist Temple Buffer Stop Build queryBuildingBuilding PassageBuilding duplicated nodesBuilding inside buildingBuilding main menu Building part Building type>Builds an Overpass query using the Overpass Turbo query wizardBuilt-in Style, internal path: Built-in:Bump Bump GateBunker Bunker SiloBus Bus Guideway Bus Platform Bus StationBus StopBus TrapBus stop (legacy)ButcherButton operatedBy Code (EPSG)Bytom: Budynki (buildings)#Bytom: Fotoplan 2014 (aerial image)'Bytom: Ortofotomapa 2012 (aerial image)Będzin: Budynki (buildings))Będzin: Ortofotomapa 2013 (aerial image)CA(CANada Deuterium Uranium reactor (CANDU)CEE blue CEE red 16A CEE red 32ACHAdeMOCNG (Compressed Natural Gas)COCRAIG - Auvergne 2013 - 25 cmCT Cable CarCache contents Cache nameCache stats: {0}CadastreCafeCalculating Download Area*Call relation editor for selected relation4Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar bilingualCameraCamogie Camping SiteCan not align a polygon. Abort.TCan''t activate map renderer class ''{0}'', because it isn''t a subclass of ''{1}''.YCan''t activate map renderer class ''{0}'', because it isn''t registered as map renderer.LCan''t activate map renderer class ''{0}'', because the class wasn''t found.Canadian FootballCanalCancel(Cancel and return to the previous dialogCancel authentication$Cancel auto-increment for this fieldCancel closing of changesetsCancel conflict resolution/Cancel conflict resolution and close the dialogCancel operation'Cancel the updates and close the dialog$Cancel the upload and resume editingCancel uploadingCancel, continue editing'Cannot add a node outside of the world.%Cannot add a way with only {0} nodes.*Cannot add node {0} to incomplete way {1}..Cannot add {0} since it is not part of dataset&Cannot apply undecided tag merge item.OCannot assign a changesetId > 0 to a new primitive. Value of changesetId is {0}NCannot build changeset query with time based restrictions. Input is not valid.FCannot compare primitive with ID ''{0}'' to primitive with ID ''{1}''.`Cannot create a changeset query including both the query parameters ''uid'' and ''display_name''CCannot create changeset query for open changesets of anonymous user Cannot delete node that has tags*Cannot determine center of selected nodes.^Cannot download file ''{0}''. Its download link ''{1}'' is not a valid URL. Skipping download.`Cannot download plugin ''{0}''. Its download link ''{1}'' is not a valid URL. Skipping download.RCannot download plugin ''{0}''. Its download link is not known. Skipping download.ICannot load layer of type ''{0}'' because no suitable importer was found.MCannot load layer {0} because it depends on layer {1} which has been skipped.WCannot merge because either of the participating primitives is new and the other is notKCannot merge nodes: Would have to delete way {0} which is still used by {1}LCannot merge primitives with different ids. This id is {0}, the other is {1}&Cannot mix node and way for role "via")Cannot move objects outside of the world.]Cannot open URL ''{0}''
The following download tasks accept the URL patterns shown:
{1}Cannot parse timestamp ''{0}''"Cannot resolve undecided conflict.YCannot restrict changeset query to the current user because the current user is anonymousUCannot restrict the changeset query to a specific bounding box. The input is invalid. 0 expected. Got {0}.Changeset ID: Changeset Management DialogChangeset ManagerChangeset closedChangeset commentChangeset comment: Changeset id:Changeset infoChangeset is fullChangeset source Changeset {0} Changesets%Changing keyboard shortcuts manually.Charging StationACheck "Save" to save the layer to the file specified on the left.7Check "Upload" to upload the changes to the OSM server.Check for FIXMES.4Check if you feel opposite direction more convenientCheck interval (minutes):Check on the serverCheck property keys.Check property values.1Checking for deleted parents in the local dataset$Checking parents for deleted objects Checking plugin preconditions...Checks for deprecated features*Checks for errors against API capabilities>Checks for errors in addresses and associatedStreet relations.,Checks for errors in barriers and entrances.+Checks for errors in internet-related tags.Checks for errors in relations.Checks for errors on addressesChecks for errors on highwaysChecks for errors on relations&Checks for errors on religious objectsChecks for geometry errors1Checks for missing tag or suspicious combinationsHChecks for nodes in power lines that do not have a power=tower/pole tag.(Checks for territories-specific featuresChecks for unnecessary tags#Checks for ways connected to areas.1Checks for ways with identical consecutive nodes. Checks for wrong multiple valuesChecks for wrong numeric valuesChecks for wrong wikipedia tagsChecksum errors: {0}ChemistChevronChicaneChild RelationsChimney$China Pressurized Reactor (CPR-1000)Chinese Chipknip (nl)ChokerChoose"Choose Tag checker rules to enableChoose a colorChoose a color for {0}Choose a predefined licenseChoose a valueChoose profile fileChoose recent tag {0}Choose tests to enableChoose the OSM object type Choose the server for searching:Choose visible tracksChorzów: Budynki (buildings)AChunk size {0} exceeds max. changeset size {1} for server ''{2}''ChurchCitgoCityCity Limit Sign City Wall City nameCity of Cape Town 2013 AerialCity of Cape Town 2015 Aerial Class TypeClearClear Undo/Redo buffer Clear bufferClear textarea'Clear the list of recently opened filesClick ''{0}'' to continue uploading to additional new changesets.
Click ''{1}'' to return to the upload dialog.
Click ''{2}'' to abort uploading and return to map editing.
,Click {0} to ignore.Click {0} to load them now.
If necessary JOSM will create conflicts which you can resolve in the Conflict Resolution Dialog.#Click cell to change the file path.Click here to choose save pathClick here to see your inbox..Click on the way to start improving its shape.AClick test access to the OSM server with the current access token/Click the arrow at the bottom to show it again.6Click the location where you wish to create a new note$Click to abort and to resume editing*Click to abort launching external browsersClick to abort merging nodes4Click to abort resetting to the OAuth default valuesClick to abort uploadingSClick to add a new node. Release Ctrl to move existing nodes or hold Alt to delete.Click to cancel-Click to cancel and to resume editing the map%Click to cancel the current operationNClick to check whether objects in your local dataset are deleted on the serverClick to close the dialogBClick to close the dialog and remove the object from the relations;Click to close the dialog and to abort deleting the objects2Click to close the dialog and to abort downloading/Click to close this dialog and continue editingClick to close window8Click to continue uploading to additional new changesets9Click to create a conflict and close this relation editorgClick to delete the highlighted node. Release Alt to move existing nodes or hold Ctrl to add new nodes."Click to delete the plugin ''{0}''Click to delete. Shift: delete way segment. Alt: do not delete unused nodes when deleting a way. Ctrl: delete referring objects.#Click to disable the plugin ''{0}'';Click to discard the changes and close this relation editor7Click to discard the changes and reload data from layerClick to download/Click to download all referring objects for {0}-Click to download the currently selected area Click to keep the plugin ''{0}'',Click to minimize/maximize the panel contentQClick to move the highlighted node. Hold Ctrl to add new nodes, or Alt to delete.0Click to open the imagery tab in the preferences8Click to open the tagging presets tab in the preferencesDClick to redirect you to the authorization form on the JOSM web site3Click to reset the OAuth settings to default valuesClick to restart later.!Click to retrieve a Request Token!Click to retrieve an Access Token$Click to return to the Upload DialogEClick to return to the relation editor and to resume relation editingClick to run job in background8Click to save the changes and close this relation editor,Click to skip updating the activated plugins#Click to start searching for places5Click to step through the OAuth authorization processUClick to step through the OAuth authorization process and generate a new Access TokenClick to test the Access Token%Click to update the activated plugins"Click to update the plugin ''{0}''Client Time OutCliffClimbingClinicClockClose Close anywayClose changeset after uploadClose changesets#Close dialog and cancel downloading Close noteClose note with message:Close open changesets+Close the currently selected open changesetClose the dialog1Close the dialog and abort querying of changesets,Close the dialog and accept the Access Token)Close the dialog and cancel authorization;Close the preferences dialog and discard preference updatesClose the selected changesets"Close the selected open changesets,Close this dialog and resume editing in JOSMIClose this panel. You can reopen it with the buttons in the left toolbar.Closed after - Closed at Closed on:Closer DescriptionCloser descriptionCloses open changesets#Closes the selected open changesetsClosing changesetClosing changeset {0}Closing changeset...ClothesCoal Power Generator CoastlineCoastline inside {1} CoastlinesCoffeeCoinsMCollected points and track segments for a position and displayed as heat map.Collection timesCollege ColonnadeColor%Color (HTML name or hexadecimal code) Color Name: ColorfulnessColors0Colors points and track segments by data limits.sColors points and track segments by dilution of position (HDOP). Your capture device needs to log that information..Colors points and track segments by direction.2Colors points and track segments by its timestamp.-Colors points and track segments by velocity.)Colors used by different objects in JOSM.Colour of backgroundColour of border/arrowColour of text5Combination of ellipsoid parameters is not supported. Combine WayCombine confirmationCombine several ways into one.Combined Foot- and CyclewayCommand Command Stack$Command Stack: Undo: {0} / Redo: {1}CommentComment on noteComment: CommercialCommonCommon SettingsCommon name abbreviation$Communication with OSM server failedCommunity CentreCompare 2Complete node {0} with null coordinates in way {1}Compressed AirComputerConditional Keys ConfectioneryConfigure Plugin SitesConfigure advanced settingsConfigure available plugins.Configure sites...=Configure the list of sites where plugins are downloaded fromConfigure toolbar(Configure whether to create backup files'Configure whether to use a proxy serverAConfigure your identity and how to authenticate at the OSM serverConfirm PurgingConfirm Remote Control action+Confirm all Remote Control actions manuallyConfirm empty role ConfirmationConflictConflict ResolutionConflict backgroundConflict background: combinedConflict background: decidedConflict background: dropConflict background: drop tagConflict background: empty rowConflict background: frozen"Conflict background: in comparison Conflict background: in oppositeConflict background: keep"Conflict background: keep all tags Conflict background: keep member!Conflict background: keep one tag Conflict background: no conflict$Conflict background: not in opposite"Conflict background: remove member.Conflict background: same position in oppositeConflict background: selected)Conflict background: sum all numeric tagsConflict background: undecidedConflict foregroundConflict foreground: dropConflict foreground: drop tag"Conflict foreground: in comparisonConflict foreground: keep"Conflict foreground: keep all tags Conflict foreground: keep member!Conflict foreground: keep one tag"Conflict foreground: remove member)Conflict foreground: sum all numeric tagsConflict foreground: undecidedDConflict in ''visible'' attribute for object of type {0} with id {1} Conflict not resolved completely ConflictsConflicts detectedConflicts in pasted tags#Conflicts when combining primitives7Conflicts when combining ways - combined way is ''{0}''5Conflicts when merging nodes - target node is ''{0}''Connect existing way to node%Connected way end node near other wayConnection Settings'Connection Settings for the OSM server.Connection to API failedFConnection to proxy ''{0}'' for URI ''{1}'' failed. Exception was: {2} ConstructionConstruction Area Consumer Key:Consumer Secret:Contact (Common Schema)*Contact (Schema with ''contact:*'' Prefix)Contacting OSM Server...Contacting Server...Content ContinentContinueContinue anywayContinue as isContinue resolvingContinue uploadContinue uploadingContinue way from last node.=Continues drawing a line that shares nodes with another line. ContributionConvenience StoreConvert to GPX layerConvert to data layerConverted from: {0}0Coordinate value can be in one of three formats: CoordinatesCoordinates (projected): Coordinates imported: {0} Coordinates: Coordinates: CopyCopy Coordinates Copy Shop Copy Tags Copy ValueCopy all Keys/Values"Copy all my elements to the target%Copy all their elements to the target0Copy coordinates of selected nodes to clipboard.Copy image pathZCopy my selected elements after the first selected element in the list of merged elements.[Copy my selected elements before the first selected element in the list of merged elements.DCopy my selected elements to the end of the list of merged elements.;Copy my selected nodes to the start of the merged node list Copy of {0}Copy selected Key(s)/Value(s)&Copy selected objects to paste buffer.3Copy the key and value of all the tags to clipboard:Copy the key and value of the selected tag(s) to clipboard/Copy the value of the selected tag to clipboard[Copy their selected element after the first selected element in the list of merged elementsHCopy their selected element to the start of the list of merged elements.^Copy their selected elements before the first selected element in the list of merged elements.GCopy their selected elements to the end of the list of merged elements.Copy to clipboard and closeCopy {1} of {0}Copyright (URL)Copyright year CorrelateCorrelate images with GPX trackCorrelate to GPX Cosmetics"Could not access data file(s): {0}RCould not combine ways
(They could not be merged into a single string of nodes)KCould not connect to the OSM server. Please check your internet connection.Could not export ''{0}''.Could not find element typeCould not find warning levelCould not import ''{0}''.Could not import files.%Could not load image from tile server3Could not load plugin {0}. Delete from preferences?:Could not parse Latitude, Longitude or Zoom. Please check.Could not parse WMS layer list.Could not read "{0}"(Could not read tagging preset source {0})Could not read tagging preset source: {0}ACould not read tagging preset source: {0} Do you want to keep it?Could not rename file ''{0}''"Could not retrieve WMS layer list.Could not retrieve the list of your open changesets because
JOSM does not know your identity.
You have either chosen to work anonymously or you are not entitled
to know the identity of the user on whose behalf you are working.QCouldn''t match the entered link or id to the selected service. Please try again.CountCountry Country codeCounty CourthouseCoveredCovered (with roof)Covered ReservoirCraftCraneCreate Create CircleCreate New Folder*Create a circle from three selected nodes.CCreate a copy of this relation and open it in another editor windowCreate a new map layer.Create a new noteCreate a new relation Create areasuCreate audio markers at the position on the track corresponding to the modified time of each audio WAV file imported.Create bookmarkCreate markers when reading GPXCreate multipolygonCreate new node.Create new noteCreate new objects$Create new relation in layer ''{0}'' Create noteCreated Created at Created at:Created before - Created by: Created date Created on:Creating changeset...Creating main GUI Credit cardsCricketCropCroquetCross by bicycleCross on horsebackCrossingCrossing attendantCrossing barriersCrossing boundariesCrossing buildings Crossing typeCrossing type name (UK)Crossing waterway/highwayCrossing waterways Crossing waysCryptocurrencies Ctrl to merge with nearest node.CuisineCultureCulvertCurrent SelectionCurrent Status.Current changeset is null. Cannot upload data.-Current credential manager is of type ''{0}''.Current value ''{0}'' for user ID is not validCurrent value is default.Current zoom: {0}KCurrently, there is no download area selected. Please select an area first.CurtainCushionCustomCustom ProjectionCustom WMS LinkCustomize Color&Customize the elements on the toolbar.Customize the styleCustomize track drawingCutCutlineCuttingCycle Cycle BarrierCycle Lane/TrackCycleway Cycleway leftCycleway right$Cyclic dependency between relations:CyclingCycling dependencies Czech CUZK:KMCzech RUIAN budovyCzech RUIAN parcely Czech pLPIS!Częstochowa: Budynki (buildings).Częstochowa: Ortofotomapa 2011 (aerial image).Częstochowa: Ortofotomapa 2013 (aerial image).Częstochowa: Ortofotomapa 2014 (aerial image)DCDEDEKRADKVDairyDamDanube flood ortophoto 2013 Data ErrorData Layer {0} Data Set: Data Sources and Types:Data sources ({0})Data validatorData: Database offline for maintenanceDataset consistency testDateDate:Date: Datum name Debit cardsDebug information8Decide how to upload the data and which changeset to useDecimal DegreesDecision Decrease zoomDedicated BridlewayDedicated CyclewayDedicated FootwayDefaultDefault (Auto determined)Default (open, closed, new)@Default value currently unknown (setting has not been used yet).Default value is ''{0}''.Default value: {0} Default: {0}Definition of {0} is unclearDelaware 2012 OrthophotographyDelete Delete FileDelete File from disk Delete Layer Delete Mode Delete Tags6Delete Ways that are not part of an inner multipolygonDelete confirmationDelete duplicate relationsDelete duplicate waysDelete filter.Delete from relationDelete image file from diskDelete incomplete members?7Delete layers without saving. Unsaved changes are lost.Delete node {0}Delete nodes or ways. Delete now!Delete objectsDelete relation {0}Delete relation?Delete relationsDelete selected objects.=Delete the active layer. Does not delete the associated file.$Delete the currently edited relation&Delete the selected key in all objectsDelete the selected layers.Delete the selected relation)Delete the selected source from the list.%Delete the selection in the tag table$Delete unnecessary nodes from a way.Delete way {0}DeletedDeleted ''{0}''Deleted State:*Deleted member {0} is used by relation {1}Deleted node referenced by {0}#Deleted node {0} is part of way {1}Deleted or moved objectsDeleted relation%Deleted relation {0} contains membersDeleted way {0} contains nodesDeli (Fine Food)Delivery DenominationDentistDepartment StoreDeprecated featuresDepth in meters Descent (m) Description Description:Description: {0} DestinationDestination SignDestination reference*Destination written on sign (w/o distance) Detail Grade Detailed information: {0} <> {1}Details Details...Details:NDetected no useable IPv6 network, prefering IPv4 over IPv6 after next restart.KDetected useable IPv6 network, prefering IPv6 over IPv4 after next restart.8Detected useable IPv6 network, prefering IPv6 over IPv4.%Determine user id for current user...Determining plugins to load... Detour RouteDiameter (in mm)9Did not find an object with id {0} in the current datasetDiesel(Diesel (Gas To Liquid - ultimate diesel)Diesel Power GeneratorDiesel for Heavy Good Vehicles1Different number of lanes in the keys {0} and {1} DifficultyDigitalDistribute the selected nodes to equal distances along a line.DistrictDisused Disused RailDitchjDivide intervals between native resolution levels to smaller steps if they are much larger than zoom ratioDivisionDo not apply changesYDo not ask again and remember my decision (go to Preferences->Plugins to change it later)QDo not draw arrows if they are not at least this distance away from the last one.Do not hide status barDo not hide toolbarDo not hide toolbar and menu8Do not require to switch modes (potlatch style workflow)$Do not show again (remembers choice)"Do not show again (this operation) Do not show again (this session)Do not show this message again)Do you really want to apply the new role?Do you want to allow this? Do you want to paste these tags?Do-It-Yourself StoreDockDoctor''s Office8Does not match pattern ''restriction value @ condition''Dog Park Dog RacingDogecoinDouble StereographicDouble conflictDownDownloadDownload All ChildrenDownload Compressed OSMDownload Compressed OSM Change Download Data Download GPSDownload LocationDownload Members Download OSMDownload OSM ChangeDownload OSM Note by IDDownload OSM Notes Download OSM Notes within BoundsDownload OSM URLDownload OSM object by IDDownload OSM object by ID.Download Plugin/Download Rectified Images From Various ServicesDownload Selected Children Download URL*Download all child relations (recursively)Download all incomplete members.Download all members of the selected relationsDownload and restart5Download and show the history of the selected objects4Download area ok, size probably acceptable to server 0 expected. Got {0}.8ID of current changeset > 0 required. Current ID is {0}.ID:IDEIB - Balearic IslandsIGN Argentina (TMS)IGN Argentina (WMS)ILINIO Error IO Exception:IOError while creating file, autosave will be skipped: {0}ISO 8601ITACyL - Castile and León Ice Hockey Ice Skating Ice creamIcon Icon paths:Icon:If you are running the latest version of JOSM and the plugins, please file a bug report in our bugtracker. There the error information should already be filled in for you. Please include information on how to reproduce the error and try to supply as much detail as possible.IgnoreIgnore key ''{0}''Ignore tag ''{0}''$Ignore the selected issue next time.!Ignore them, leave relation as isIgnore this error.!Ignore this hint and merge anyway"Ignore this hint and upload anyway'Ignore warning and install style anywayIgnore warnings*Ignore whole group or individual elements?GIgnoring caught exception because upload is canceled. Exception is: {0}Ignoring elementsIIgnoring exception because download has been canceled. Exception was: {0} 1jIllegal document structure. Found node, way, or relation outside of ''create'', ''modify'', or ''delete''.Illegal entry in plugin list.Illegal expression ''{0}''Illegal latitude value ''{0}''5Illegal latitude value for parameter ''{0}'', got {1}6Illegal long value for attribute ''{0}''. Got ''{1}''.Illegal longitude value ''{0}''6Illegal longitude value for parameter ''{0}'', got {1}Illegal member expression: {0}9Illegal numeric value for attribute ''{0}''. Got ''{1}''.Illegal object with ID=0.3Illegal port number in preference ''{0}''. Got {1}."Illegal regular expression ''{0}''UIllegal value for attribute ''changeset'' on new object {1}. Got {0}. Resetting to 0.3Illegal value for attribute ''changeset''. Got {0}.FIllegal value for attribute ''ref'' on member in relation {0}. Got {1}LIllegal value for attribute ''type'' on member {0} in relation {1}. Got {2}.NIllegal value for attribute ''version'' on OSM primitive with ID {0}. Got {1}.@Illegal value for attribute ''{0}'' of type double. Got ''{1}''.@Illegal value for attribute ''{0}'' on XML tag ''{1}''. Got {2}.1Illegal value for attribute ''{0}''. Got ''{1}''.TIllegal value for mandatory attribute ''{0}'' of type OsmPrimitiveType. Got ''{1}''.KIllegal value for mandatory attribute ''{0}'' of type boolean. Got ''{1}''.NIllegal value for mandatory attribute ''{0}'' of type long (>=0). Got ''{1}''.HIllegal value for mandatory attribute ''{0}'' of type long. Got ''{1}''.(Illegal value for parameter ''{0}'': {1}. Got {0}.YIllegal value of attribute ''{0}'' of element ''{1}'' in server capabilities. Got ''{2}''Image Image Files Image file could not be deleted.Imagery Background: DefaultImagery Preferences Imagery URLImagery URL (Default) Imagery fadeImagery offsetImagery preferencesImagery providers Imagery used Imagery: {0}(Images that are already tagged ({0}/{1})/Images with geo location in exif data ({0}/{1})Imperial Import AudioImport data from URL Import images Import logImport not possibleImprove Way AccuracyImprove Way Accuracy mode In backgroundIn case of traffic signals:In changeset: In conflict with: In mixed mode, specify objects like this: {0}
({1} stands for node, {2} for way, and {3} for relation)In the tidal rangeInclination in degreesIncline*Include GPX data in the .joz session file.*Include OSM data in the .joz session file.,Include a node into the nearest way segmentsInclude all stack traces.7Include information about the data you were working on.!Include the system status report.,Incomplete specification with ref=0Incomplete towerIncomplete upload and/or save+Incorrect audio waypoint label pattern: {0}Incorrect number of parametersIncorrect pattern2Incorrect roundabout (highway: {0} instead of {1})%Incorrect waypoint label pattern: {0} Increase zoom IndependentIndoor Industrial!Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF)Info InformationInformation BoardInformation OfficeInformation TerminalInformation about layer*Information access via electronic methods./Information using headphones or a mobile phone.2Informational warnings, expect many false entries. InitializingInitializing OSM API,Initializing a session at the OSM website...%Initializing internal boundaries data"Initializing internal traffic dataInitializing map styles"Initializing nodes to download ... Initializing nodes to update ...Initializing presets$Initializing relations to update ...Initializing validatorInitializing ways to update ...Inner part of Szeged InscriptionCInstall JOSM localhost certificate to system/browser root keystores Install...Installing pluginsInstalling updated plugins InsulatorInterior Decoration-Intermediate steps between native resolutions IntermittentInternal PresetInternal Server ErrorGInternal style to be used as base for runtime switchable overlay stylesInternational nameInternet AccessInternet accessInternet access fee Internet tags&Intersection between multipolygon wayssecurity risk.

You are now going to be prompted by Windows to remove this insecure certificate.
For your own safety, please click Yes in next dialog.IIt looks like JOSM crashed last time. Would you like to restore the data?OIt supports protocol version 0.6, while the server says it supports {0} to {1}.Item {0} not found in list.JCBJOSM Help BrowserJOSM Plugin description URL"JOSM custom settings files (*.xml)JOSM default (MapCSS)JOSM expected to find primitive [{0} {1}] in dataset but it is not there. Please report this at {2}. This is not a critical error, it should be safe to continue in your work.$JOSM failed to download plugin list:JOSM is configured to use proxies from the system setting, but the JVM is not configured to retrieve them. Resetting preferences to ''No proxy''CJOSM is out of date. The current version is {0}. Try updating JOSM. JOSM is searching for updates...JOSM is up to date.5JOSM localhost certificate found in {0} keystore: {1}JOSM tried to access the following resources:
{0}but failed to do so, because of the following network errors:
{1}It may be due to a missing proxy configuration.
Would you like to change your proxy settings now?JOSM tried to access the following resources:
{0}but failed to do so, because of the following proxy errors:
{1}Would you like to change your proxy settings now?)JOSM version {0} required for plugin {1}. JOSM websiteJOSM will always listen at port {0} (http) and port {1} (https) on localhost.
These ports are not configurable because they are referenced by external applications talking to JOSM.]JOSM will soon stop working with this version; we highly recommend you to update to Java {0}.]JOSM will use EPSG:4326 to query the server, but results may vary depending on the WMS server(JOSM-Trac login at josm.openstreetmap.deJapan GSI ortho ImageryJava OpenStreetMap EditorJava Version {0}Jersey Barrier JewelleryJoin Areas FunctionJoin Node to WayJoin area confirmationJoin overlapping AreasJoined overlapping areas#Joins areas that overlap each otherJump To Position Jump thereJump to PositionJump to next markerJump to previous markerJunctionKSKYKanton Aargau 25cm (AGIS 2011)Kanton Aargau 25cm (AGIS 2014)#Kanton Basel-Landschaft 10cm (2015)Kanton Basel-Stadt 2015)Kanton Zürich Orthophotos 2014/2015 10cm Kart RacingKatowice: Budynki (buildings)%Katowice: Ortofotomapa (aerial image)Keep)Keep backup files when saving data layersKeep my coordinatesKeep my deleted state Keep plugin8Keep the selected key/value pairs from the local dataset9Keep the selected key/value pairs from the server datasetKeep their coordinatesKeep their deleted state/Keep this relation member for the target object Kelowna 2012Kelowna Roads overlayKerbKeyKey ''{0}'' invalid.Key ''{0}'' looks like ''{1}''.Key ''{0}'' not in presets.DKey cannot be empty when tag operator is used. Sample use: key=value Key cutter%Key is too long (max {0} characters):Key:Key: {0}Keyboard ShortcutsKeywords KindergartenKiosk Kissing GateKitchenLALKS-92 (Latvia TM)LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas)(LPI NSW Administrative Boundaries County%LPI NSW Administrative Boundaries LGA.LPI NSW Administrative Boundaries NPWS Reserve(LPI NSW Administrative Boundaries Parish.LPI NSW Administrative Boundaries State Forest(LPI NSW Administrative Boundaries SuburbLPI NSW Base MapLPI NSW ImageryLPI NSW Topographic Map(Label audio (and image and web) markers. Label pointLambert 4 Zones (France)Lambert 93 (France)Lambert Azimuthal Equal AreaLambert CC ZoneLambert CC9 Zone (France)Lambert Conformal ConicLambert Zone (Estonia)Land useLandfillLandsatLandsat 233055Landuse duplicated nodes Lane tagsLanesLanes in way directionLanes opposed to way directionLanguageLarge area covered with mud.Large area covered with sand.Laser Lasso Mode?Lasso selection mode: select objects within a hand-drawn regionLast change at {0}Last change dateLast check date (YYYY-MM-DD)Last check note*Last plugin update more than {0} days ago.Lat/LonLat/lon (Geodetic))Latest southwest British Columbia LandsatLatitude Latitude: &Launch a file chooser to select a file:Launch browser with Taginfo statistics for selected object3Launch browser with information about the changeset.Launch browser with information about the user1Launch browser with wiki help for selected objectLaunch in maximized mode)Launch the dialog for querying changesets2Launches a browser with information about the userLaundry$Lausanne - Orthophoto technique 2012 Lawn BowlingLayerQLayer ''{0}'' does not exist any more. Cannot remove conflict for object ''{1}''.ELayer ''{0}'' has modifications which are discouraged to be uploaded.ULayer ''{0}'' has modifications which should be saved to its associated file ''{1}''.GLayer ''{0}'' has modifications which should be uploaded to the server./Layer ''{0}'' has no modifications to be saved.2Layer ''{0}'' has no modifications to be uploaded.%Layer ''{0}'' is not backed by a fileLayer ''{0}'' not supportedLayer Name and File Path+Layer contains unsaved data - save to file.$Layer does not contain unsaved data. Layer name Layer: {0}LayersLead-in time (seconds) Left handrailLeisureLengthLength (meters)Length in metershLength of value for tag ''{0}'' on object {1} exceeds the max. allowed length {2}. Values length is {3}. Length: {0}'Less obtrusive node symbols at low zoomLevel CrossingLibraryLicenseLicense Classes Lift Gate!Light Commercial Vehicles (goods) Light Rail LighthouseLLine between the sea and land (with the water on the right side of the way). Line typeLine {0} column {1}: +Link to a GPX data file on your local disk.+Link to a OSM data file on your local disk.ListBList in role {0} is currently not participating in a compare pair.6List of elements in my dataset, i.e. the local dataset:List of elements in their dataset, i.e. the server dataset List of lists List of mapshList of merged elements. They will replace the list of my elements when the merge decisions are applied. List of notesList of recent relationsList of recently opened filesLitLitecoin Living Street Load SessionLoad a session from file.Load all error tilesLoad all tilesLoad data from APILoad from list... Load historyLoad imagery layersLoad parent relations#Load plugins from a list of pluginsLoad plugins from list Load profile Load relation5Load the list of your open changesets from the server Load tile Loading dataLoading early pluginsLoading history for node {0} Loading history for relation {0}Loading history for way {0}Loading imagery preferencesLoading parent relationsLoading plugin ''{0}''...Loading pluginsLoading plugins ...#Loading preset sources from ''{0}''!Loading rule sources from ''{0}''Loading session ''{0}''"Loading style sources from ''{0}'' Loading {0} Local files Local nameLocalityLocated inside a building?LocationLocation descriptionLocation transitionLocator OverlayLock Lock GateLockable Locksmith Lodi - ItalyLog level is at {0} ({1}, {2})Logging out session ''{0}''...+Loire-Atlantique - Orthophotos 2012 - 20 cmLombardia - Italy (CTR DBT)Lombardia - Italy (CTR)Londrina Ortofoto 2011 Long segmentsLong waterway with {0} but without a tag which defines it as tunnel or underground. Remove {1} or add a tunnel tag if applicable. Also check crossing bridges and their {1} tags. Longitude Longitude: Look In: Look and FeelLook in:Look-Out TowerLooking for image files9Looks for nodes or ways with FIXME in any property value.3Looks up the selected primitives in the error list.LookupLottery Luggage rampLuxembourg Inspire RailwayLuxembourg Inspire RoadsLuxembourg Inspire Water*Lyon - Orthophoto 2012-03 10cm - EPSG:3946)Lyon - Orthophoto 2015-05 8cm - EPSG:3946MAMDMD 2014 6 Inch Aerial ImageryMD Three Inch Aerial ImageryMD Transportation BasemapMEMIMNMOMOTMPMS MSR Maps TopoMSR Maps UrbanMT MTB ScaleMaestro Magic Carpet&Main dataset does not include node {0} Main toolbarMake Audio Marker at Play HeadMake parallel copies of ways4Make sure you load some data if you use --selection.Male'Malformed URL for the EULA licence: {0}Malformed sentences: {0}MallMan Made:Manage open changesets and select a changeset to upload toManual Manual adjustManuallyManually configure a HTTP proxyManually report at:MapMap Paint StylesMap Projection Map SettingsMap Style infoMap paint preferences&Map paint style file (*.mapcss, *.zip)-Map paint style file (*.xml, *.mapcss, *.zip)#Map paint style file (*.xml, *.zip)Map: {0}MapCSS selectorMapPaintMapbox SatelliteMaps4BW (LGL-BW, www.lgl-bw.de)Marina Marine FuelMaritime#Mark the selected tags as undecidedMarkers From Named PointsMarkers from {0}Martinique Fort Desaix 1952MassGIS L3 Parcels Mastercard(Matches first photo with first gpx pointMatching photos to track failedMaterialMatrix set identifier Max age for closed notes (days):Max. axleload (tonnes)Max. height (meters)3Max. height (meters, only if enforcement=maxheight) Max. latitudeMax. length (meters)Max. longitudeMax. speed (km/h)/Max. speed (km/h, only if enforcement=maxspeed)&Max. speed Heavy Goods Vehicles (km/h)Max. speed in way direction#Max. speed opposed to way directionMax. weight (tonnes)3Max. weight (tonnes, only if enforcement=maxweight)Max. width (meters)Max. zoom level: Maximum area per request:'Maximum concurrent downloads per host: Maximum concurrent downloads: ZMaximum length (in meters) to draw lines for local files. Set to ''-1'' to draw all lines.JMaximum length (in meters) to draw lines. Set to ''-1'' to draw all lines.Maximum length (meters)'Maximum length for local files (meters)0Maximum size of disk cache (per imagery) in MB: May-Sep 09:30-12:30,14:15-19:30MeadowMedical Supply Member OfMembersMembers(resolved)Members(with conflicts)Membership cardMemorial.Memorial Atlas of Ireland (1901) L.J. Richards Menu NameMenu Name (Default) Menu: {0}Mep (pt)MercatorMerge Merge Nodes Merge layer Merge nodes into the oldest one.Merge selection*Merge the current layer into another layer7Merge the currently selected objects into another layer#Merge this layer into another layerSMerged member list frozen. No pending conflicts in the member list of this relation>Merged members not frozen yet. Cannot build resolution commandJMerged node list frozen. No pending conflicts in the node list of this way=Merged nodes not frozen yet. Cannot build resolution command.Merged versionMerging data...Merging deleted objects failedMerging layers-Merging layers with different upload policies7Merging too many objects with different upload policiesMessageMessage notifier Message of the day not available Metadata Metal constructionMethodMetric"Metropole Ruhr: Luftbilder (10 cm) MicrobrewerygMiddle click again to cycle through.
Hold CTRL to select directly from this list with the mouse.
Military Min. latitudeMin. longitudeMin. speed (km/h)Min. zoom level: MineshaftMini mapMini-RoundaboutMiniature Golf Minicash (lu)Minimum JOSM Version: Minimum ageMinimum distance (pixels) Minipay (it) Minutes: {0}MirrorMirror selected nodes and ways.4Missing attribute ''ref'' on member in relation {0}.9Missing attribute ''type'' on member {0} in relation {1}.;Missing attribute ''version'' on OSM primitive with ID {0}.-Missing attribute ''{0}'' on XML tag ''{1}''.&Missing key or value attribute in tag.7Missing mandatory attribute ''{0}'' of XML element {1}.7Missing mandatory attribute ''{0}'' on of way {1}.$Missing mandatory attribute ''{0}''.Missing mandatory attributes on element ''bounds''. Got minlon=''{0}'',minlat=''{1}'',maxlon=''{3}'',maxlat=''{4}'', origin=''{5}''.)Missing merge target for node with id {0}-Missing merge target for relation with id {0}(Missing merge target for way with id {0},Missing merge target of type {0} with id {1}Missing name:* translation6Missing name:*={0}. Add tag with correct language key.Missing operator for NOTMissing parameter for ORMissing parameter for XOR'Missing pedestrian crossing information)Missing plugin main version in plugin {0}*Missing power tower/pole within power lineDMissing preference file ''{0}''. Creating a default preference file.#Missing required attribute ''{0}''.Missing user identityMisspelled property keyMisspelled property value Mixed LiftMixed type duplicated nodes Mo-Fr 09:00-18:00,Sa 08:00-14:00Mo-Su 12:00-22:00Mobil Mobile PhoneMode: Draw Angle snapping Mode: {0}Model Aerodrome!Modeless working (Potlatch style)Modified,Modified times (time stamps) of audio files.;Modify list of imagery layers displayed in the Imagery menu Mondero (ar)Mondero 4b (es) Moneo (fr)Money ExchangeMonitoring Station Monitoring:MonorailMonumentMooring More info...#More information about this featureMore notes to downloadMore than one "from" way foundMore than one "to" way foundMore than one "via" node foundMore...Mosque=Mostly Soft: soil/sand/grass with some hard material mixed in:Mostly Solid: gravel/rock with some soft material mixed inMotel MotocrossMotor vehicles MotorboatMotorcar MotorcycleMotorcycle DealerMotorcycle brand Motorroad MotorsportMotorwayMotorway Junction Motorway LinkMountain Biking Route Mountain PassMountainbiking Mounted onMovable BridgeMove Node onto Way Move Node...?Move a segment along its normal, then release the mouse button.Move dialog to the side pane Move down/Move down the selected entries by one position. Move elementsMove filter down.Move filter up. Move left.Move nodes so all angles are 90 or 180 degreesMove objects by dragging; Shift to add to selection (Ctrl to toggle); Shift-Ctrl to rotate selected; Alt-Ctrl to scale selected; or change selectionMove objects {0} Move right Move tags from ways to relations(Move the currently selected members down&Move the currently selected members upGMove the node along one of the segments, then release the mouse button.:Move the node onto the nearest way segments and include it%Move the selected entry one row down.#Move the selected entry one row up.%Move the selected layer one row down.#Move the selected layer one row up.%Move the selected nodes in to a line.&Move the selected nodes into a circle. Move themMove up-Move up the selected entries by one position.Move {0}Moves Objects {0}Movie Theater/CinemaMudMulti Multikey: {0}#Multiple associatedStreet relations*Multiple members referring to same object.!Multiple street names in relationMultiple values Multipolygon!Multipolygon inner way is outsideMultipolygon is not closed3Multipolygon member(s) repeated with different role.Multipolygon member(s) repeated with same role8Multipolygon outer way shares segment(s) with other ring)Multipolygon ring contains segments twiceMultipolygon rings are equal Multipolygon rings share node(s)MuseumMusicMusical Instrument My changesets.My dataset does not include a tag with key {0} My versionMy version (local dataset)My with Merged My with TheirNCNC Latest OrthoimageryNDNE NEMA 5-15 NEMA 5-20NFCNHNJ!NJ 2015 Aerial Imagery (Infrared)&NJ 2015 Aerial Imagery (Natural Color)&NLS - Bartholomew Half Inch, 1897-1907"NLS - OS 1-inch 7th Series 1955-61!NLS - OS 1:25k 1st Series 1937-61%NLS - OS 25-inch (Scotland) 1892-1905 NLS - OS 6-inch Scotland 1842-82NLSC Open Data WMTSNMNMEA import failure!NMEA import success:NMEA-0183 FilesNRW-Atlas: ALKIS%NRW-Atlas: Digitale GrundKarte 1:5000NRW-Atlas: Luftbilder'NRW-Atlas: Topographische Karte 1:10000NTv2 grid fileNVNYNameName (optional):Name of location)Name of river/lake/sea/ocean it runs intoName or offset4Name server returned invalid data. Please try again. Name: {0}Named Trackpoints from {0}Named trackpoints.Narrow Gauge Rail National Park National nameNatural duplicated nodesNatureNature Reserve Nautical Mile NeighbourhoodNetworkNetwork errors occurredNetwork exception Never updateNew#New & Misaligned TIGER Roads (2015)New Access Token New Folder New Layer New RelationNew keyNew node New offsetNew preset entry: New relationNew roleNew rule entry:New style entry: New valueNew way {0} has 0 nodesNewspaper StandNext Next markerNiger Delta Oct 2012 Landsat Night ClubNine-pin BowlingNo!No Exporter found! Nothing saved.8No GPX track available in layer to associate audio with. No ShortcutNo "from" way foundNo "to" way foundNo "via" node or way foundNo area selected yetNo area style for multipolygon)No bounding box was found for this layer.No changes to upload.%No changeset present for diff upload.No conflicts to resolveNo conflicts to zoom toNo current dataset found No data found for layer ''{0}''.No data found in file ''{0}''.No data found in file {0}.No data found in this area.No data loaded.No date7No existing audio markers in this layer to offset from.No exit (cul-de-sac)No exporter for this layerNo file associationNo gpx selectedNo imageNo image files found.No imagery layersNo images could be matched!+No intersection found. Nothing was changed.2No layers defined by getCapabilities document: {0}No match found for ''{0}''No open changesetNo open changesetsNo outer way for multipolygonNo pending property conflicts'No pending tag conflicts to be resolvedNo problems foundNo proxy No refreshNo selected GPX trackNo tagsNo target layersNo tiles at this zoom level No timestampNo unit found for: {0}&No useful role for multipolygon memberNo valid WMS URL or idNo validation errors(No value expected for parameter ''{0}''.No wheeled vehicleNo, continue editing!No, discard the changes and closeNo, do not applyNode;Node ''{0}'' is already deleted. Skipping object in upload.dNode connects a power line or cable with an object which is not related to the power infrastructure.Node {0}Node: Node: connectionNode: standard Node: taggedNodesNodes at same position!Nodes duplicating parent way tags(Nodes in way must be in the same datasetNodes(resolved)Nodes(with conflicts)NoiseNon-Way in multipolygonNon-branching way sequencesNone/None of these nodes are glued to anything else.5None of this way''s nodes are glued to anything else.bNormalizing value of attribute ''version'' of element {0} to {2}, API version is ''{3}''. Got {1}.NorthNorthing Not FoundNot decided yetNot decided yet."Not enough nodes in selected ways.Note Note FilesNote that changeset queries are currently always submitted to ''{0}'', regardless of the host, port and path of the URL entered below.Note upload failedNote {0} failed: {1}TNote: GPL is not compatible with the OSM license. Do not upload GPL licensed tracks.Note: If a way is selected, this way will get fresh copies of the unglued nodes and the new nodes will be selected. Otherwise, all ways will get their own copy and all nodes will be selected.NotesNotes failed to upload Notes layerNothing3Nothing added to selection by searching for ''{0}''3Nothing found in selection by searching for ''{0}''7Nothing removed from selection by searching for ''{0}''Nothing selected to zoom to.Nothing selected!'Nothing to export. Get some data first.Nothing to select'Nothing to upload. Get some data first.Nothing to zoom toNotification at each saveNuclear Reactor3Null pointer exception, possibly some missing tags.Number&Number of ''{0}'' roles too high ({1})%Number of ''{0}'' roles too low ({1})Number of Sockets:Number of apartments$Number of conductors/wires per cable,Number of lane dependent values inconsistentBNumber of lane dependent values inconsistent in backward directionANumber of lane dependent values inconsistent in forward directionNumber of people per carNumber of people per chairNumber of people per gondola"Number of people per gondola/chairNumber of people per hourNumber of placesNumber of screensNumber of {0} greater than {1}Numbering schemeNumeric values Nursing HomeOAuth authorization failedOHOKOK - trying again.OMVORORT10LT (Lithuania)OS 1:25k historic (OSM-Limited)OS New Popular Edition historicOS OpenData LocatorOS OpenData StreetViewOS Scottish Popular historic'OS Town Plans, Aberdeen 1866-1867 (NLS)!OS Town Plans, Airdrie 1858 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Alexandria 1859 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Alloa 1861-1862 (NLS)OS Town Plans, Annan 1859 (NLS)"OS Town Plans, Arbroath 1858 (NLS)OS Town Plans, Ayr 1855 (NLS),OS Town Plans, Berwick-upon-Tweed 1852 (NLS)!OS Town Plans, Brechin 1862 (NLS)%OS Town Plans, Burntisland 1894 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Campbelton 1865 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Coatbridge 1858 (NLS)OS Town Plans, Cupar 1854 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Cupar 1893-1894 (NLS)"OS Town Plans, Dalkeith 1852 (NLS)"OS Town Plans, Dalkeith 1893 (NLS)#OS Town Plans, Dumbarton 1859 (NLS)"OS Town Plans, Dumfries 1850 (NLS)"OS Town Plans, Dumfries 1893 (NLS)%OS Town Plans, Dundee 1857-1858 (NLS)%OS Town Plans, Dundee 1870-1872 (NLS)%OS Town Plans, Dunfermline 1854 (NLS)%OS Town Plans, Dunfermline 1894 (NLS)(OS Town Plans, Edinburgh 1849-1851 (NLS)(OS Town Plans, Edinburgh 1876-1877 (NLS)(OS Town Plans, Edinburgh 1893-1894 (NLS)OS Town Plans, Elgin 1868 (NLS)&OS Town Plans, Falkirk 1858-1859 (NLS)%OS Town Plans, Forfar 1860-1861 (NLS) OS Town Plans, Forres 1868 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Galashiels 1858 (NLS) OS Town Plans, Girvan 1857 (NLS)&OS Town Plans, Glasgow 1857-1858 (NLS)&OS Town Plans, Glasgow 1892-1894 (NLS)"OS Town Plans, Greenock 1857 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Haddington 1853 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Haddington 1893 (NLS)"OS Town Plans, Hamilton 1858 (NLS)%OS Town Plans, Hawick 1857-1858 (NLS)(OS Town Plans, Inverness 1867-1868 (NLS) OS Town Plans, Irvine 1859 (NLS)"OS Town Plans, Jedburgh 1858 (NLS)OS Town Plans, Kelso 1857 (NLS))OS Town Plans, Kilmarnock 1857-1859 (NLS)#OS Town Plans, Kirkcaldy 1855 (NLS)#OS Town Plans, Kirkcaldy 1894 (NLS)'OS Town Plans, Kirkcudbright 1850 (NLS)'OS Town Plans, Kirkcudbright 1893 (NLS)'OS Town Plans, Kirkintilloch 1859 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Kirriemuir 1861 (NLS) OS Town Plans, Lanark 1858 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Linlithgow 1856 (NLS)%OS Town Plans, Mayole 1856-1857 (NLS)'OS Town Plans, Montrose 1861-1862 (NLS)%OS Town Plans, Musselburgh 1853 (NLS)%OS Town Plans, Musselburgh 1893 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Nairn 1867-1868 (NLS)#OS Town Plans, Oban 1867-1868 (NLS)!OS Town Plans, Paisley 1858 (NLS)!OS Town Plans, Peebles 1856 (NLS)OS Town Plans, Perth 1860 (NLS)#OS Town Plans, Peterhead 1868 (NLS)+OS Town Plans, Port Glasgow 1856-1857 (NLS))OS Town Plans, Portobello 1893-1894 (NLS)'OS Town Plans, Rothesay 1862-1863 (NLS)!OS Town Plans, Selkirk 1865 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, St Andrews 1854 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, St Andrews 1893 (NLS)"OS Town Plans, Stirling 1858 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Stonehaven 1864 (NLS)#OS Town Plans, Stranraer 1847 (NLS)(OS Town Plans, Stranraer 1863-1877 (NLS)#OS Town Plans, Stranraer 1893 (NLS)$OS Town Plans, Strathaven 1858 (NLS)OS Town Plans, Wick 1872 (NLS)!OS Town Plans, Wigtown 1848 (NLS)!OS Town Plans, Wigtown 1894 (NLS)OSM APInew changeset
.\Objects are uploaded to the open changeset {0} with upload comment ''{1}''.Objects to add:Objects to delete:Objects to modify:+Objects: {2} / Tags: {0} / Memberships: {1}Oblique Mercator Octane 100 Octane 80 Octane 91 Octane 92 Octane 95 Octane 98.Odd housenumber in even address interpolation.%Off-Road: heavy duty off-road vehicleOffices Official name Offline mode*Offset bookmark already exists. Overwrite?Offset bookmarksOffset:Offset: Oil Power GeneratorOkOld key@Old map of Pegau - TK25 Messtischblatt (4839; 1909; PROJ.4-rect)BOld map of Zwenkau - TK25 Messtischblatt (4739; 1906; PROJ.4-rect)Old role Old value Old values of On demand On uploadOn/Off One node ways"One of the selected files was nullFOne of the selected ways is not closed and therefore cannot be joined.One or more members of this new relation have been deleted while the relation editor was open. They have been removed from the relation members list.LOne or more nodes involved in this action is outside of the downloaded area.OnewayOneway (bicycle)Oneway for bicycleDOnly changesets closed after and created before a specific date/time4Only changesets closed after the following date/timeOnly changesets owned by myselfVOnly changesets owned by myself (disabled. JOSM is currently run by an anonymous user)Only changesets owned by the user with the following user nameDOnly launching info browsers for the first {0} of {1} selected usersOnly on the head of a way.YOnly square tiles are supported. {0}x{1} returned by server for TileMatrix identifier {2}OpacityOpenOpen JOSM customization fileOpen Location... Open OSM fileOpen OsmChange file Open Recent=Open a file (any file type that can be opened with File/Open) Open a file.4Open a history browser with the history of this node*Open a list of all commands (undo buffer).!Open a list of all loaded layers.Open a list of all relations.6Open a list of people working on the selected objects.Opens the Changeset Manager window for the selected changesetsOperation timesOperatorOpticianOptional Attributes:Optional crossing attributes:&Optional values for specific countries'Options that affect drawing performanceOrchardOrganic Organic/Bio Orig. Way OrthogonalizeOrthogonalize / UndoOrthogonalize ShapeOrthogonalize Shape / UndomOrthogonalize Shape / Undo
Please select nodes that were moved by the previous Orthogonalize Shape action!OsmChange FileOsmotic Power GeneratorOtherOther Information PointOther Place of WorshipOther duplicated nodes Other optionsOutdated Java versionOutdoorOutdoor seating"Output forms of energy (optional):Output forms of energy:OutreachOverhead trolley wiresOverlapping AreasOverlapping Identical Landuses#Overlapping Identical Natural AreasOverlapping Water AreasOverlapping highwaysOverlapping railwaysOverlapping waysOverpass query: Overpass serverOverpass server: Override position for: Overtaking Overwrite Overwrite custom OAuth settings? Overwrite keyPAPCN 2006 - ItalyPCN 2008 - IT Lazio+UmbriaPCN 2012 - Italy PNOA SpainPR PUWG (Poland)PUWG 1992 (Poland)PUWG 2000 Zone {0} (Poland) PUWG ZonePaintPaint style {0}: {1}PainterPalaeontological Site'Pangasinán/Bulacan (Phillipines HiRes)PaperParParallelFParallelWayAction The ways selected must form a simple branchless pathParameter ''{0}'' required.?Parameter "downloadgps" does not accept file names or file URLsParameter informationParameter information...;Parameter must begin with a ''+'' character (found ''{0}'')Parameter nameParameter value/Parameter {0} not in range 0..{1}. Got ''{2}''.RParameters --download, --downloadgps, and --selection are processed in this order.Parent RelationsPark Park and RideParking Parking AisleParking Entrance Parking Space Parse error9Parse error: invalid document structure for GPX document.Parsing OSM data...Parsing OSM history data ...Parsing changeset content ...%Parsing data for layer ''{0}'' failedParsing list of changesets...%Parsing plugin list from site ''{0}''Parsing response from server... Part of: Parts Passageways Passing PlacePassing PlacesPassword Password: Password: Paste Paste ... Paste Tags Paste ValuePaste at source positionBPaste contents of clipboard at the position they were copied from.Paste contents of clipboard.Paste tags from buffer2Paste the value of the selected tag from clipboard Paste without incomplete membersPastryPathPath: PawnbrokerPayment MethodsPeak PedestrianPedestrian CrossingPedestrian crossing type PedestriansPelota5Pending conflicts in the member list of this relation.Pending conflicts in the node list of this way)Pending property conflicts to be resolvedPerform actions before deletingPerform actions before exiting!Perform actions before restarting%Performs semantic checks on highways.Performs the data validation Perfumery#Periodically check for new messagesPermitted actions:Pet Petro-CanadaPharmacyPhasesPhiladelphia 2015 Imagery Phone Number Phone call Phone numberPhotoPhoto time (from exif): Photographer&Photos do not contain time information Picnic Site Picnic TablePierPioneerPipelinePipeline MarkerPipeline Valve Piste Route Piste typePitchPixel scale: {0} Place namePlace of WorshipPlace of worship PlacementPlacesPlane Parking Position Plant Nursery>Plants that are leafless for a certain period during the year.5Plants that are never entirely without green foliage.PPlants that lose most, but not all, of their foliage for a fraction of the year.tPlants that lose their foliage for a very short period, when old leaves fall off and new foliage growth is starting.PlasticPlastic BottlesPlastic PackagingPlatformPlay/pause audio.hPlayback starts this number of seconds before (or after, if negative) the audio track position requested Playground Please abort if you are not surecPlease click on Download list to download and display a list of available plugins.nPlease decide what changeset the data is uploaded to and whether to close the changeset after the next upload.dPlease decide whether JOSM shall automatically update active plugins after a certain period of time.oPlease decide whether JOSM shall automatically update active plugins at startup after an update of JOSM itself."Please decide which values to keep#Please enter a Easting and NorthingPlease enter a GPS coordinates|Please enter a date in the usual format for your locale.
Example: {0}
Example: {1}
Example: {2}
Example: {3}
5Please enter a name for the bookmarked download area."Please enter a non-empty user namePlease enter a tile addressPlease enter a tile indexMPlease enter a username and a password if your proxy requires authentication./Please enter a valid changeset query URL first.%Please enter a valid chunk size firstPlease enter a valid time in the usual format for your locale.
Example: {0}
Example: {1}
Example: {2}
Example: {3}
Please enter a valid user ID Please enter an Access Token Key#Please enter an Access Token SecretXPlease enter an OAuth Access Token which is authorized to access the OSM server ''{0}''.Please enter an integer > 1!Please enter an integer value > 0-Please enter integer number between 0 and {0}EPlease enter or paste an URL to retrieve changesets from the OSM API.Please enter the OSM API URL.9Please enter the number of recently added tags to displayAPlease enter the password for authenticating at your proxy server-Please enter the password of your OSM account)Please enter the password of your accountBPlease enter the user name for authenticating at your proxy server.Please enter the user name of your OSM account*Please enter the user name of your accountPlease enter your OSM passwordPlease enter your OSM user name Please enter your OSM user name and password. The password will not be saved in clear text in the JOSM preferences and it will be submitted to the OSM server only once. Subsequent data upload requests don''t use your password any more.7Please restart JOSM to activate the downloaded plugins.Please revise upload commentXPlease select : * One no self-crossing way with at most two of its nodes; * Three nodes.$Please select a download area first.Please select a keyPlease select a value*Please select an authorization procedure: Please select an entry."Please select at least four nodes.CPlease select at least one already uploaded node, way, or relation.This requires to add a custom certificate generated by JOSM to the Windows Root CA store.

You are now going to be prompted by Windows to confirm this operation.
To enable proper HTTPS support, please click Yes in next dialog.

If unsure, you can also click No then disable HTTPS support in Remote Control preferences.Remote imagery6RemoteControl::Accepting remote connections on {0}:{1}=RemoteControl::Accepting secure remote connections on {0}:{1}&RemoteControl::Server {0}:{1} stopped.RemoveRemove "{0}" for node ''{1}''!Remove "{0}" for relation ''{1}''Remove "{0}" for way ''{1}'';Remove all members referring to one of the selected objects Remove entryRemove from cacheRemove from toolbarRemove photo from layerRemove tags from inner waysBRemove the changeset in the detail view panel from the local cache'Remove the currently selected bookmarks8Remove the currently selected members from this relation3Remove the selected changesets from the local cache=Remove the selected entries from the list of merged elements.Remove the selected entryRemove the selected icon paths;Remove the selected presets from the list of active presets7Remove the selected rules from the list of active rules9Remove the selected styles from the list of active stylesRemove them, clean up relation-Remove this relation member from the relationRemoved Element from RelationsRemoved duplicate nodesBRemoved layer {0} because it is not allowed by the configured API.Removed nodes from {0}Removed obsolete tags,Removing certificate {0} from root keystore.Removing deprecated plugins...4Removing insecure certificate from {0} keystore: {1} Removing unmaintained plugins... Rename FileRename file "{0}" to Rename layer&Rename the currently selected bookmark%Renders the map as simple wire frame.;Renders the map using style rules in a set of style sheets.RentalReopen Reopen noteReopen note with message:RepairReplaceReplace "{0}" by "{1}" forReplace existing valuesHReplacing existing preference file ''{0}'' with default preference file. Report Bug"Report a ticket to JOSM bugtracker Report bugRepsolRequest Access TokenRequest FailedRequest Token URL:HRequest a smaller area to make sure that all notes are being downloaded.Request details: {0} Reservation ReservoirResetReset preferences Reset the preferences to defaultReset to default ResidentialResidential AreaResidential BuildingResolveResolve conflictsResolve conflicts for ''{0}'''Resolve conflicts in coordinates in {0})Resolve conflicts in deleted state in {0}0Resolve conflicts in member list of relation {0})Resolve conflicts in node list of way {0}Resolve conflicts.Resolve to my versionsResolve to their versions%Resolve version conflict for node {0})Resolve version conflict for relation {0}$Resolve version conflict for way {0}3Resolves all unresolved conflicts to ''my'' version6Resolves all unresolved conflicts to ''their'' versionResource Rest AreaRestartDRestart JOSM with saving. Unsaved changes are uploaded and/or saved.6Restart JOSM without saving. Unsaved changes are lost. Restart now!Restart the application. RestaurantRestoreRestoring files RestrictionRetailRetaining WallRetrieve Access TokenRetrieve Request Token*Retrieving OAuth Access Token from ''{0}'' Retrieving OAuth Access Token...+Retrieving OAuth Request Token from ''{0}''!Retrieving OAuth Request Token...DRetrieving user details with Access Token Key ''{0}'' was forbidden.CRetrieving user details with Access Token Key ''{0}'' was rejected.Retrieving user info...AReturn to the previous dialog to enter a more descriptive comment Reunion RGR92Reverse Reverse WaysReverse and CombineReverse directional way.+Reverse the direction of all selected ways.)Reverse the order of the relation members Reverse way Reverse waysReverse zoom with mouse wheelReversed coastline)Reversed coastline: land not on left side$Reversed land: land not on left sideReverting changesReviseRevisionRidgeRiding Riding RouteRight click = copy to clipboardRight handrail(Rijksdriehoekscoördinaten (Netherlands)Rio Mosaic 2013Rio Mosaic 2015River Riverbank>Riverbank of Danube at Budapest, Szentendre and SzigetmonostorRoad (Unknown Type)Road Restrictions Road Route+Robust Wheels: trekking bike, car, rickshawRockRoleRole ''{0}'' missing)Role ''{0}'' unknown in templates ''{1}''"Role for ''{0}'' should be ''{1}''IRole of relation member does not match expression ''{0}'' in template {1}Role verification problem2Role {0} is not participating in compare pair {1}.Role:"Roles cannot appear more than onceRoles in relations referring toRoller SkatingRooferRooms RoundaboutRounders RoundtripRoute 500™©® Route Master Route Network&Route relation contains a ''{0}'' roleRoute relation contains a gapGRoute scheme is unspecified. Add {0} ({1}=public_transport; {2}=legacy) Route typeRoutesRoutes shown for:Routex*Ruda Śląska: Ortofotomapa (aerial image) Rugby League Rugby UnionRuins Rumble strip+Run the automatic authorization steps againRunningQRunning plugin update after JOSM upgrade. Automatic update at startup is enabled.]Running plugin update after elapsed update interval. Automatic update at startup is disabled.Running test {0}RunwayRzeszów: Budynki (buildings)%Rzeszów: Ortofotomapa (aerial image) SAC ScaleSCSD!SDFE Overflade Skyggekort (40 cm)SDFE Terræn Skyggekort (40 cm)+SIG L-R - Languedoc-Roussillon 2012 - 20 cmSIG Santa Catarina OrtoRGB 2012SIGIP - Orthophoto 2012 SIGPAC Spain SIM_cards%SPW(allonie) 2009-2010 aerial imagery%SPW(allonie) 2012-2013 aerial imagery SPW(allonie) 2015 aerial imagery#SPW(allonie) PICC numerical imagery#SWEREF99 13 30 / EPSG:3008 (Sweden)SaddleSafety inspectionSale Sally Port Salt WaterSame value of {0} and {1}Same value of {0}, {1} and {2}+San Juan Metro Area: 2013 USACE OrthophotosSandSanitary Dump Station Saturation:SaunaSave Save Access Token in preferencesSave As Save As... Save GPX fileSave In: Save Layer Save OSM file Save SessionSave Session As... Save WMS file8Save a copy of this Style to file and add it to the list Save anyway Save as...Save in:Save selected file. Save sessionSave style ''{0}'' as ''{1}''$Save the current data to a new file.Save the current data.'Save the current session to a new file.)Save the preferences and close the dialogSave to preferences$Save user and password (unencrypted)Save {0} profileASave/Upload layers before deleting. Unsaved changes are not lost.Saving layer to ''{0}'' ...SawmillScaling factor ScanEx IRS ScanEx SPOTScanning directory {0}SchoolSchraderSchukoSclaverand (Presta)Scooter Scrap MetalScreeScrub Scuba DivingSeafoodSearch Search ...Search Key/ValueSearch Key/Value/TypeSearch Notes...&Search expression is not valid: {0}Search for notesSearch for objectsSearch for objects by presetSearch for objects by preset...Search for objects.Search in tagsSearch menu items Search presetSearch presetsSearch string:.Search the OSM API for notes containing words:1Search with the key and value of the selected tag]Search with the key and value of the selected tag, restrict to type (i.e., node/way/relation) Search...Search:Search: SearchingSeasonal Second Name Second handSecond-hand bicycles are sold SecondarySecondary Link Seconds: {0}Security exception*See the Wiki for other capacity:[types]=*.1Segment collapsed due to its direction reversing.Segment drawing optionsSegment {0}: {1}Segregated Foot- and CyclewaySeismic Activity%Sel.: Rel.:{0} / Ways:{1} / Nodes:{2}Select Select AllSelect Setting Type:Select WMS layersSelect WMTS layer1Select a way that you want to make more accurate.@Select all objects assigned to the currently selected changesetsTSelect all undeleted objects in the data layer. This selects incomplete objects too.Select an open changesetSelect and draw mode optionsSelect and zoom,Select at least one node to be disconnected.+Select auto-increment of {0} for this fieldSelect by dateISelect changesets based on the date/time they have been created or closed>Select changesets depending on whether they are open or closed)Select changesets owned by specific usersSelect either:Select filename8Select if the data should be downloaded into a new layer@Select if the members of a relation should be downloaded as wellSelect if the referrers of the object should be downloaded as well, i.e.,parent relations and for nodes, additionally, parent ways!Select image format for WMS layerSelect imagery layerSelect in layerSelect in relation listSelect membersSelect members (add)Select next GapSelect node under cursor.&Select non-branching sequences of waysSelect note sorting method,Select objects for selected relation members(Select objects for which to change tags.%Select objects submitted by this userSelect objects to upload9Select only changesets related to a specific bounding boxSelect previous GapSelect relationSelect relation (add)!Select relation in relation list.GSelect relation members which refer to objects in the current selectionKSelect relation members which refer to {0} objects in the current selectionSelect target layer=Select the corresponding primitives in the current data layerSelect the map painting styles,Select the members of all selected relations9Select the next relation member which gives rise to a gap=Select the previous relation member which gives rise to a gapPSelect the primitives in the content of this changeset in the current data layer3Select to close the changeset after the next upload