source: josm/trunk/test/data/sessions/gpx_markers.joz @ 18287

Last change on this file since 18287 was 18287, checked in by Don-vip, 2 years ago

fix #20913 - fix handling of GPX files in sessions (patch by Bjoeni)

  • revert r17659 (except for unit tests) - see #20233
    • don't save GPX track and marker colors in session file anymore, but in the GPX files as extensions (like before)
    • don't ask to save unmodified GPX file
    • don't override global color settings when individual track doesn't have a color
  • ask user to save changes to GPX file when any drawing settings or marker colors have changed (currently only happens for track colors)
  • save marker color values to session even when corresponding GPX layer has already been deleted
  • save alpha values for GPX marker colors
  • added explanation to the "overwrite GPX file" dialog
  • inform user if not all files referenced by the session file are saved yet
  • allow user to save all files that are not included in the *.jos/*.joz but are only referenced in the session file
  • display * next to GPX layers that need to be saved (move isDirty() logic from OsmDataLayer to AbstractModifiableLayer)
  • Property svn:mime-type set to application/octet-stream
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