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Imagery definition refactor

Extend imagery definitions by:

  • allowing setting default layers for WMS_ENDPOINT and WMTS
  • allowing setting minimum expires time for tile for this imagery
  • allowing setting custom headers that will be sent for all requests

(get map, get capabilities) for this imagery

Additional changes in code:

  • use TileJobOptions to pass miscellaneous options to loaders
  • refactor WMSImagery to use SAX parser

See: #15981, #7953, #16224, #15940, #16249

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<!DOCTYPE WMT_MS_Capabilities SYSTEM "">
3<WMT_MS_Capabilities version="1.1.1">
4  <Service>
5    <Name>WMS</Name>
6    <Title>OGC:WMS</Title>
7    <Abstract>OGC:WMS</Abstract>
8    <OnlineResource xmlns:xlink="" xlink:type="simple" xlink:href=""/>
9    <ContactInformation>
10      <ContactPersonPrimary>
11      </ContactPersonPrimary>
12      <ContactAddress>
13      </ContactAddress>
14    </ContactInformation>
15  </Service>
16  <Capability>
17    <Request>
18      <GetCapabilities>
19        <Format>application/vnd.ogc.wms_xml</Format>
20        <DCPType>
21          <HTTP><Get><OnlineResource xmlns:xlink="" xlink:type="simple" xlink:href=""/></Get></HTTP>
22        </DCPType>
23      </GetCapabilities>
24      <GetMap>
25        <Format>image/tiff</Format>
26        <Format>image/png</Format>
27        <Format>image/png24</Format>
28        <Format>image/png32</Format>
29        <Format>image/bmp</Format>
30        <Format>image/jpeg</Format>
31        <Format>image/svg</Format>
32        <DCPType>
33          <HTTP><Get><OnlineResource xmlns:xlink="" xlink:type="simple" xlink:href=""/></Get></HTTP>
34        </DCPType>
35      </GetMap>
36      <GetStyles>
37        <Format>application/vnd.ogc.sld+xml</Format>
38        <DCPType>
39          <HTTP><Get><OnlineResource xmlns:xlink="" xlink:type="simple" xlink:href=""/></Get></HTTP>
40        </DCPType>
41      </GetStyles>
42    </Request>
43    <Exception>
44      <Format>application/vnd.ogc.se_xml</Format>
45      <Format>application/vnd.ogc.se_inimage</Format>
46      <Format>application/vnd.ogc.se_blank</Format>
47    </Exception>
48    <Layer>
49    <Name>0</Name>
50      <Title>South_Carolina</Title>
51      <Abstract>South Carolina  NAIP Imagery 2017    Resolution: 100CM
55Abstract: The NAIP National Metadata Map contains USGS Quarter Quad and NAIP Seamline boundaries for every year NAIP imagery has been collected. Clicking on the map also makes available a number of metadata fields which describe the day, time, camera, aircraft, and location of NAIP collection. There is also a link which will open an FGDC compliant metadata text file for each NAIP USGS Quarter Quad collected.
57Purpose: To make additional information and metadata about NAIP available to the public.
59Language: eng; USA
61Browse Graphic:
62Browse Graphic Type: JPEG
63Browse Graphic Caption: ArcGIS Online REST endpoint content
66<b>POINT OF CONTACT </b><br/>
67Organization Name: USDA-FSA-APFO Aerial Photography Field Office<br/>
68Role: Point Of Contact<br/>
69Voice: 801-844-2900<br/>
70Delivery Point: 2222 West 2300 South<br/>
71City: Salt Lake City<br/>
72Administrative Area: Utah<br/>
73Postal Code: 84119-2020<br/>
74Web: <br/>
75Country: USA<br/>
76E-Mail Address:<br/></Abstract>
79<LatLonBoundingBox minx="-83.375029" miny="31.999971" maxx="-78.499971" maxy="35.250026"/>
80<BoundingBox SRS="EPSG:4326" minx="-83.375029" miny="31.999971" maxx="-78.499971" maxy="35.250026"/>
81<BoundingBox SRS="EPSG:0" minx="-9281265.763300" miny="3763306.812100" maxx="-8738576.763300" maxy="4197910.812100"/>
82<Dimension name="time" units="ISO8601" />
83<Extent name="time" default="2017Z">2017Z/2017Z/P1Y</Extent>
84    </Layer>
85  </Capability>
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