source: josm/trunk/test/data/regress/14754/malformed_for_14754.osm @ 12087

Last change on this file since 12087 was 12087, checked in by Don-vip, 5 years ago

fix #14754 - avoid silent failure with invalid lat/lon coordinates in .osm file

File size: 737 bytes
1<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
2<osm version='0.6' upload='never' generator='JOSM'>
3  <bounds minlat='55.3310119' minlon='10.493499' maxlat='55.3313171' maxlon='10.4944539' origin='CGImap 0.6.0 (14790' />
4  <node id='1425145996' timestamp='2011-09-06T13:32:55Z' uid='445576' user='Krægpøth' version='1' changeset='9227321' lat='55.3295347' lon='10.494432' />
5  <node id='1425146006' action='modify' timestamp='2011-09-06T13:32:55Z' uid='445576' user='Krægpøth' version='1' changeset='9227321' lat='550.3311950157' lon='10.49428298298' />
6  <node id='1432736611' timestamp='2015-07-09T09:57:07Z' uid='207581' user='Hjart' version='2' changeset='32514866' lat='55.3365712' lon='10.5010424' />
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