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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<rules xmlns=""
3       name="standard" author="Ulf Lamping" version="1.0" shortdescription="British map overlay"
4       description="Special rules to take differences in the british area into account (e.g. traffic signs).">
6 GB specific rules
7 This file contains rules for a GB specific mappaint display.
9 This is meant as an overlay to JOSMs (often german centric) elemstyles.xml file.
11 A general help about the mappaint rule syntax can be found in the elemstyles.xml file
14        <rule>
15                <condition k="restriction" v="no_left_turn"/>
16                <icon annotate="true" src="vehicle/restriction/turn_restrictions/ireland/no_left_turn.png" priority="10000" />
17        </rule>
18        <rule>
19                <condition k="restriction" v="no_right_turn"/>
20                <icon annotate="true" src="vehicle/restriction/turn_restrictions/ireland/no_right_turn.png" priority="10000" />
21        </rule>
22        <rule>
23                <condition k="restriction" v="no_straight_on"/>
24                <icon annotate="true" src="vehicle/restriction/turn_restrictions/ireland/no_straight_on.png" priority="10000" />
25        </rule>
26        <rule>
27                <condition k="restriction" v="no_u_turn"/>
28                <icon annotate="true" src="vehicle/restriction/turn_restrictions/ireland/no_u_turn.png" priority="10000" />
29        </rule>
30        <rule>
31                <condition k="highway" v="mini_roundabout"/>
32                <icon annotate="true" src="vehicle/restriction/roundabout_left.png" priority="10000"/>
33        </rule>
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