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remove scale_min / scale_max
This was from the time, when I was experimenting about speed up of the map display. As the map display is now fast enough for editing, this has become obsolete.
I've removed this, as it repeatingly confused people looking at the file content.

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2<rules xmlns=""
3       name="standard" author="Ulf Lamping" version="1.0" shortdescription="British map overlay"
4       description="Special rules to take differences in the british area into account (e.g. traffic signs).">
6 GB specific rules
7 This file contains rules for a GB specific mappaint display.
9 This is meant as an overlay to JOSMs (often german centric) elemstyles.xml file.
11 A general help about the mappaint rule syntax can be found in the elemstyles.xml file
14        <rule>
15                <condition k="restriction" v="no_left_turn"/>
16                <icon annotate="true" src="vehicle/restriction/turn_restrictions/ireland/no_left_turn.png" priority="10000" />
17        </rule>
18        <rule>
19                <condition k="restriction" v="no_right_turn"/>
20                <icon annotate="true" src="vehicle/restriction/turn_restrictions/ireland/no_right_turn.png" priority="10000" />
21        </rule>
22        <rule>
23                <condition k="restriction" v="no_straight_on"/>
24                <icon annotate="true" src="vehicle/restriction/turn_restrictions/ireland/no_straight_on.png" priority="10000" />
25        </rule>
26        <rule>
27                <condition k="restriction" v="no_u_turn"/>
28                <icon annotate="true" src="vehicle/restriction/turn_restrictions/ireland/no_u_turn.png" priority="10000" />
29        </rule>
30        <rule>
31                <condition k="highway" v="mini_roundabout"/>
32                <icon annotate="true" src="vehicle/restriction/roundabout_left.png" priority="10000"/>
33        </rule>
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