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4# Copyright (c) 2013-2017 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
6# The contents of this file are subject to the terms of either the GNU
7# General Public License Version 2 only ("GPL") or the Common Development
8# and Distribution License("CDDL") (collectively, the "License").  You
9# may not use this file except in compliance with the License.  You can
10# obtain a copy of the License at
12# or LICENSE.txt.  See the License for the specific
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15# When distributing the software, include this License Header Notice in each
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18# GPL Classpath Exception:
19# Oracle designates this particular file as subject to the "Classpath"
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23# Modifications:
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33# recipient has the option to distribute your version of this file under
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35# its licensees as provided above.  However, if you add GPL Version 2 code
36# and therefore, elected the GPL Version 2 license, then the option applies
37# only if the new code is made subject to such option by the copyright
38# holder.
41internal.error=Internal Error
43parser.getString.err=JsonParser#getString() is valid only for KEY_NAME, VALUE_STRING, VALUE_NUMBER parser states. \
44  But current parser state is {0}
45parser.isIntegralNumber.err=JsonParser#isIntegralNumber() is valid only for VALUE_NUMBER parser state. \
46  But current parser state is {0}
47parser.getInt.err=JsonParser#getInt() is valid only for VALUE_NUMBER parser state. \
48  But current parser state is {0}
49parser.getLong.err=JsonParser#getLong() is valid only for VALUE_NUMBER parser state. \
50  But current parser state is {0}
51parser.getBigDecimal.err=JsonParser#getBigDecimal() is valid only for VALUE_NUMBER parser state. \
52  But current parser state is {0}
53parser.getArray.err=JsonParser#getArray() or JsonParser#getArrayStream() is valid only for START_ARRAY parser state. \
54  But current parser state is {0}
55parser.getObject.err=JsonParser#getObject() or JsonParser#getObjectStream() is valid only for START_OBJECT parser state. \
56  But current parser state is {0}
57parser.getValue.err=JsonParser#getValue() is valid only for START_ARRAY, START_OBJECT, KEY_NAME, VALUE_STRING, VALUE_NUMBER, VALUE_NULL, VALUE_FALSE, VALUE_TRUE parser states. \
58  But current parser state is {0}
59parser.getValueStream.err=JsonParser#getValueStream() the parser must not be in an array or object. \
60  But current parser state is {0}
61parser.expected.eof=Expected EOF token, but got {0} error while closing JSON tokenizer
63parser.invalid.token=Invalid token={0} at {1}. Expected tokens are: {2}
64parser.state.err=Unknown value type {0}
65parser.scope.err=Cannot be called for value {0}
66parser.input.enc.detect.failed=Cannot auto-detect encoding, not enough chars
67parser.input.enc.detect.ioerr=I/O error while auto-detecting the encoding of stream
68 error while flushing generated JSON error while closing JsonGenerator error while writing in JsonGenerator
72generator.illegal.method=Illegal method during JSON generation, \
73  not valid in current context {0}
74generator.double.infinite.nan=double value cannot be Infinite or NaN
75generator.incomplete.json=Generating incomplete JSON
76generator.illegal.multiple.text=Cannot generate more than one JSON text
78writer.write.already.called=write/writeObject/writeArray/close method is already called
79 method is already called
81 in JsonObject's name/value pair cannot be null
83objbuilder.value.null=Value in JsonObject's name/value pair cannot be null
84objbuilder.object.builder.null=Object builder that is used to create a value in JsonObject's name/value pair cannot be null
85objbuilder.array.builder.null=Array builder that is used to create a value in JsonObject's name/value pair cannot be null
87arrbuilder.value.null=Cannot invoke add(null) while building JsonArray.
88arrbuilder.object.builder.null=Object builder that is used to add a value to JSON array cannot be null
89arrbuilder.array.builder.null=Array builder that is used to add a value to JSON array cannot be null
90arrbuilder.valuelist.null=Index: {0}, Size: {1}
92tokenizer.unexpected.char=Unexpected char {0} at {1}
93tokenizer.expected.char=Unexpected char {0} at {1}, expecting ''{2}'' error while parsing JSON
96pointer.format.invalid=A non-empty JSON Pointer must begin with a ''/''
97pointer.mapping.missing=The JSON Object ''{0}'' contains no mapping for the name ''{1}''
98pointer.reference.invalid=The reference value in a JSON Pointer must be a JSON Object or a JSON Array, was ''{0}''
99pointer.array.index.err=Array index format error, was ''{0}''
100pointer.array.index.illegal=Illegal integer format, was ''{0}''
102noderef.value.add.err=The root value only allows adding a JSON object or array
103noderef.value.cannot.remove=The JSON value at the root cannot be removed
104noderef.object.missing=Non-existing name/value pair in the object for key {0}
105noderef.array.index.err=An array item index is out of range. Index: {0}, Size: {1}
106 JSON Patch must be an array of JSON Objects
108patch.move.proper.prefix=The ''{0}'' path of the patch operation ''move'' is a proper prefix of the ''{1}'' path ''{0}'' path of the patch operation ''move'' does not exist in target object
110patch.test.failed=The JSON Patch operation ''test'' failed for path ''{0}'' and value ''{1}''
111patch.illegal.operation=Illegal value for the op member of the JSON Patch operation: ''{0}''
112patch.member.missing=The JSON Patch operation ''{0}'' must contain a ''{1}'' member
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