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see #18140 - reorganization of data(_nodist), images(_nodist), styles(_nodist), IDE and native files in a more practical file tree.

  • Everything belonging to the jar is now in resources (data, images, styles)
  • Everything not belonging to the jar is now in nodist (data, images, styles)
  • Everything related to OS native functions is now in native (linux, macosx, windows)
  • Everything related to an IDE is now in ide (eclipse, netbeans)
  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
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1The Potlatch 2 styles need to be patched in order to work with the JOSM MapCSS implementation.
3Potlatch 2's repository is git://
5 * nodist/styles/potlatch2/source
6        contains the unmodified source files copied from
8 * nodist/styles/potlatch2/patched
9        contains the manually edited version
11 * resources/images/icons
12        copy of
14 * resources/styles/standard/potlatch2.mapcss
15        concatination of the patched files; the ant task 'assemble' helps with this (use build.xml in the current folder)
17When updating from upstream, keep all 4 locations in sync.
19At time of writing, the last update used 0a21b8bca71f6105c244cb52d7b7dcb5a840bd3a (2014-10-07) but better check the commit dates as well.
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