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Fix #22810: OSM OAuth 1.0a/Basic auth deprecation and removal

As of 2024-02-15, something changed in the OSM server configuration. This broke
our OAuth 1.0a implementation (see #23475). As such, we are removing OAuth 1.0a
from JOSM now instead of when the OSM server removes support in June 2024.

For third-party OpenStreetMap servers, the Basic Authentication method has been
kept. However, they should be made aware that it may be removed if a non-trivial
bug occurs with it. We highly recommend that the third-party servers update to
the current OpenStreetMap website implementation (if only for their own security).

Failing that, the third-party server can implement RFC8414. As of this commit,
we currently use the authorization_endpoint and token_endpoint fields.
To check and see if their third-party server implements RFC8414, they can go
to <server host>/.well-known/oauth-authorization-server.

Prominent third-party OpenStreetMap servers may give us a client id for their
specific server. That client id may be added to the hard-coded client id list
at maintainer discretion. At a minimum, the server must be publicly
available and have a significant user base.

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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
2<!-- License: GPL. For details, see LICENSE file. -->
3<ivy-module version="2.0" xmlns:maven="">
4 <info organisation="org.openstreetmap" module="josm"/>
5 <configurations>
6 <!-- configurations that should be used when specifying dependencies -->
7 <conf name="implementation" description="All libs JOSM uses that plugins should not use"/>
8 <conf name="api" description="All libs that JOSM uses and are available for plugins"/>
9 <conf name="runtimeOnly" description="The libs shipped with JOSM that we do not need during compilation"/>
10 <conf name="provided" description="The libs we need during compilation but not on application start"/>
11 <!-- Special configurations used to retrieve jar files of test lib/tools referred by file path -->
12 <conf name="commonslang" description="Apache Commons Lang test library"/>
13 <conf name="jmockit" description="JMockit test library"/>
14 <conf name="jacocoant" description="Jacoco Ant test library"/>
15 <!-- Meta configurations used in build scripts -->
16 <conf name="runtime" description="Libraries only needed at runtime" extends="implementation,api,runtimeOnly"/>
17 <conf name="compile" description="Libraries needed only for compilation" extends="implementation,api,provided"/>
18 <conf name="test" description="Libraries only needed for testing" extends="compile,runtime,commonslang,jmockit"/>
19 <conf name="sources" description="Source code of used libraries"/>
20 </configurations>
21 <dependencies>
22 <!-- api->default -->
23 <dependency conf="api->default" org="org.openstreetmap.jmapviewer" name="jmapviewer" rev="2.19"/>
24 <!-- The javax json dependencies should be removed sometime in 2024 -->
25 <dependency conf="api->default" org="javax.json" name="javax.json-api" rev="1.1.4"/>
26 <dependency conf="api->default" org="org.glassfish" name="javax.json" rev="1.1.4"/>
27 <dependency conf="api->default" org="jakarta.json" name="jakarta.json-api" rev="2.1.3"/>
28 <!-- parsson is an implementation for jakarta.json -->
29 <dependency conf="runtimeOnly->default" org="org.eclipse.parsson" name="parsson" rev="1.1.5"/>
30 <dependency conf="api->default" org="org.apache.commons" name="commons-jcs3-core" rev="3.2"/>
31 <dependency conf="api->default" org="org.apache.commons" name="commons-compress" rev="1.25.0"/>
32 <dependency conf="api->default" org="jakarta.annotation" name="jakarta.annotation-api" rev="2.1.1" />
33 <!-- jsr305 has some source files with non-free CC-BY-2.5 license. Remove after 2024-06-01 to give plugins time to migrate. See #23220 for details -->
34 <dependency conf="api->default" org="" name="jsr305" rev="3.0.2"/>
35 <dependency conf="api->default" org="org.tukaani" name="xz" rev="1.9"/>
36 <dependency conf="api->default" org="com.adobe.xmp" name="xmpcore" rev="6.1.11"/>
37 <dependency conf="api->default" org="com.drewnoakes" name="metadata-extractor" rev="2.19.0" transitive="false"/>
38 <dependency conf="api->default" org="com.formdev" name="svgSalamander" rev="1.1.4"/>
39 <dependency conf="api->default" org="ch.poole" name="OpeningHoursParser" rev="0.28.1"/>
40 <!-- Don't forget to update -->
41 <dependency conf="api->default" org="org.webjars.npm" name="tag2link" rev="2024.2.8"/>
42 <!-- sources->sources -->
43 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="org.openstreetmap.jmapviewer" name="jmapviewer" rev="2.19"/>
44 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="javax.json" name="javax.json-api" rev="1.1.4"/>
45 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="org.glassfish" name="javax.json" rev="1.1.4"/>
46 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="jakarta.json" name="jakarta.json-api" rev="2.1.3"/>
47 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="org.eclipse.parsson" name="parsson" rev="1.1.5"/>
48 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="org.apache.commons" name="commons-jcs3-core" rev="3.2"/>
49 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="org.apache.commons" name="commons-compress" rev="1.25.0"/>
50 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="jakarta.annotation" name="jakarta.annotation-api" rev="2.1.1" />
51 <!-- jsr305 has some source files with non-free CC-BY-2.5 license. Remove after 2024-06-01 to give plugins time to migrate. See #23220 for details -->
52 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="" name="jsr305" rev="3.0.2"/>
53 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="org.tukaani" name="xz" rev="1.9"/>
54 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="com.adobe.xmp" name="xmpcore" rev="6.1.11"/>
55 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="com.drewnoakes" name="metadata-extractor" rev="2.19.0" transitive="false"/>
56 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="com.formdev" name="svgSalamander" rev="1.1.4"/>
57 <dependency conf="sources->sources" org="ch.poole" name="OpeningHoursParser" rev="0.28.1"/>
58 <dependency conf="sources->default" org="org.webjars.npm" name="tag2link" rev="2024.2.8"/><!-- sources->default sic! (tag2link-sources.jar is empty, see #19335) -->
59 <!-- commonslang->default -->
60 <dependency conf="commonslang->default" org="org.apache.commons" name="commons-lang3" rev="3.14.0"/>
61 <!-- jacocoant->default -->
62 <dependency conf="jacocoant->default" org="org.jacoco" name="org.jacoco.ant" rev="0.8.11">
63 <artifact name="org.jacoco.ant" type="jar" maven:classifier="nodeps"/>
64 </dependency>
65 <dependency conf="jmockit->default" org="org.jmockit" name="jmockit" rev="1.49.a"/>
66 <!-- test->default -->
67 <dependency conf="test->default" org="com.github.spotbugs" name="spotbugs-annotations" rev="4.8.3"/>
68 <dependency conf="test->default" org="com.ginsberg" name="junit5-system-exit" rev="1.1.2"/>
69 <dependency conf="test->default" org="com.github.tomakehurst" name="wiremock-jre8" rev="2.35.0"/>
70 <dependency conf="test->default" org="io.github.classgraph" name="classgraph" rev="4.8.165"/>
71 <dependency conf="test->default" org="org.junit.platform" name="junit-platform-launcher" rev="1.10.2"/>
72 <dependency conf="test->default" org="org.junit.platform" name="junit-platform-suite" rev="1.10.2"/>
73 <dependency conf="test->default" org="org.junit.vintage" name="junit-vintage-engine" rev="5.10.2"/>
74 <dependency conf="test->default" org="org.junit.jupiter" name="junit-jupiter-params" rev="5.10.2"/>
75 <dependency conf="test->default" org="org.junit.jupiter" name="junit-jupiter-api" rev="5.10.2"/>
76 <dependency conf="test->default" org="org.junit.jupiter" name="junit-jupiter-engine" rev="5.10.2"/>
77 <dependency conf="test->default" org="org.junit.jupiter" name="junit-jupiter-migrationsupport" rev="5.10.2"/>
78 <dependency conf="test->default" org="net.trajano.commons" name="commons-testing" rev="2.1.0"/>
79 <dependency conf="test->default" org="nl.jqno.equalsverifier" name="equalsverifier" rev="3.15.6"/>
80 <dependency conf="test->default" org="org.apache.commons" name="commons-lang3" rev="3.14.0"/>
81 <dependency conf="test->default" org="org.awaitility" name="awaitility" rev="4.2.0"/>
82 </dependencies>
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