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[1802]1JOSM was originally designed and coded by Immanuel Scholz,
2and is now maintained by the OpenStreetMap community.
[1802]4The current JOSM maintainer is Dirk Stöcker.
6Major code contributions from (in alphabetical order):
[2461]8Stefan Breunig
[1802]9David Earl
10Gabriel Ebner
[2461]11Dave Hansen
12Karl Guggisberg
13Jiri Klement
[1802]14Ulf Lamping
15Raphael Mack
16Frederik Ramm
17Dirk Stöcker
19Many minor contributions and patches by others; see SVN history
20at for details. Use
21"josm-dev AT" to contact still active authors.
23Copyright rests with the contributors.
[104]25The jpeg metadata extraction code is from Drew Noakes
[360]28Most icons have been nicked from GNOME and the GIMP, both
29under GPL. Some are originally LGPL but redistributed here under
30GPL. The world image is from
[109]32The gettext-commons-0.9.jar is from Felix Berger and Steffen
33Pingel (
[360]34The jar file is licensed under LGPL.
36The Bzip2 code is from Keiron Liddle (Apache project) and licensed
37with Apache license version 2.0.
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