Ticket #9599: perplexing.osm

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I think the results of this action are more or less unpredictable for non-trivial cases, and are also sometimes perplexing with trivial cases. With the attached example nothing is changed (that's correct) but one way is marked as modified and would be uploaded.

1<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
2<osm version='0.6' generator='JOSM'>
3  <node id='5426982336' timestamp='2018-02-21T16:25:41Z' uid='2582707' user='dominique hoavonon' visible='true' version='1' changeset='56553868' lat='18.7425387' lon='7.4013111' />
4  <node id='5426982337' timestamp='2018-02-21T16:25:41Z' uid='2582707' user='dominique hoavonon' visible='true' version='1' changeset='56553868' lat='18.7425714' lon='7.4013606' />
5  <node id='5426982338' timestamp='2018-02-21T16:25:41Z' uid='2582707' user='dominique hoavonon' visible='true' version='1' changeset='56553868' lat='18.7425711' lon='7.4013109' />
6  <node id='5426983429' timestamp='2018-02-21T16:25:49Z' uid='2582707' user='dominique hoavonon' visible='true' version='1' changeset='56553868' lat='18.7424722' lon='7.4013613' />
7  <node id='5426983430' timestamp='2018-02-21T16:25:49Z' uid='2582707' user='dominique hoavonon' visible='true' version='1' changeset='56553868' lat='18.7424727' lon='7.4014265' />
8  <node id='5426983431' timestamp='2018-02-21T16:25:49Z' uid='2582707' user='dominique hoavonon' visible='true' version='1' changeset='56553868' lat='18.7425394' lon='7.4014261' />
9  <node id='5426983432' timestamp='2018-02-21T16:25:49Z' uid='2582707' user='dominique hoavonon' visible='true' version='1' changeset='56553868' lat='18.742539' lon='7.4013608' />
10  <way id='563073685' timestamp='2018-02-21T16:33:58Z' uid='2582707' user='dominique hoavonon' visible='true' version='1' changeset='56554651'>
11    <nd ref='5426982338' />
12    <nd ref='5426982337' />
13    <nd ref='5426983432' />
14    <nd ref='5426982336' />
15    <nd ref='5426982338' />
16    <tag k='building' v='yes' />
17  </way>
18  <way id='563073696' timestamp='2018-02-21T16:34:01Z' uid='2582707' user='dominique hoavonon' visible='true' version='1' changeset='56554651'>
19    <nd ref='5426983432' />
20    <nd ref='5426983431' />
21    <nd ref='5426983430' />
22    <nd ref='5426983429' />
23    <nd ref='5426983432' />
24    <tag k='building' v='yes' />
25  </way>