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Table of Contents

  1. Tables
  2. Images
  3. The pure HTML part

The Sandbox

This is just a page to practice and learn WikiFormatting.

Remember that consecutive lines are not broken into several paragraphs. But they are connected into one Paragraph.


  • have no padding between columns and rows
  • have no grid
  • can have in a row combined cells, thats a wikis limitation
first header second third
My first table cell to cover two columns
And it is a good cell.
you can wrap table rows too. Use a backslash and do NOT place a space behind it. 3


Images are currently not resized in the Help Browser currently, see tickets #11262 and #15864.

Samples for image resizing: width set to 33 and height set to 10

The pure HTML part

Start of HTML

This <code> is set do display:block and formatted with a solid border and a padding, but both formats cannot be displayed from Oracles java web browser, see ticket for example.
End of HTML

curly in one line -> <code>

curly in three lines -> <pre>

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