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#14558 wmts layer don't work since last JOSM update anonymous defect Core imagery 6 hours ago
#14570 java.lang.SecurityException: Can not verify self-signed security pack jar anonymous defect Core Webstart 7 hours ago
#14550 Uploading to server causes error message Steve8460 defect Plugin seachart 33 hours ago
#14552 GPX <trkpt> just show as corners. No way to see node details. jidanni enhancement Core 2 days ago
#13415 [Patch draft] Introduce ILatLon and make Node implement it. michael2402 enhancement 17.04 Core 3 days ago
#14542 Copy - paste tags don't work martin.borsje@… defect Core 5 days ago
#14524 Loading saved session - Mapbox tiles won't load. Glassman defect Core imagery 8 days ago
#14464 Infinite download loop after geometry changes nyurik defect Core 10 days ago
#14465 "Open in browser" should support multiple objects nyurik enhancement Core 10 days ago
#5291 Cancel button on "Opening File..." dialog does not work, Unable to close error message on nmea data import failure Sternenfaenger77 defect Core 3 weeks ago
#14195 Combine ways: Falsely coloured first tag with only conflict in roles skyper defect Core 3 weeks ago
#12861 NullPointerException in MapillaryTrafficSignDownloadThread Polyglot defect Plugin mapillary 8 weeks ago
#13438 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted node referenced anonymous defect Core 3 months ago
#13683 exception when trying to load last session file anonymous defect Core 3 months ago
#13915 Allow rotating images quazgar enhancement Core image mapping 3 months ago
#14145 The "More Tools" menu doesn't turn on with Utilsplugin2 Palolo defect Plugin utilsplugin2 3 months ago
#13959 NullPointerException in ScoutSignsPlugin anonymous defect Plugin scoutsigns 4 months ago
#13724 NPE in MoveCommand.<init> via SelectAction.mouseDragged anonymous defect Core 5 months ago
#13712 JOSM froze while running Merge Ways naoliv defect Core 5 months ago
#12517 Plugin kendzi3d fails to run on Windows naoliv defect Plugin kendzi3d 6 months ago
#12858 Layout of "Get access token" window anonymous defect Core 6 months ago
#13398 JsonParsingException with Mapillary plug-in anonymous defect Plugin mapillary 7 months ago
#13603 JOSM WMS/TMS cache seems to not work efficiently on slow connections dido defect Core imagery 7 months ago
#13556 I cannot upload changes to #1966 - DOST-Project NOAH (ISAIAH) Structures Map Up Zambales Task #631 david.rule@… defect Core 7 months ago
#13373 Adding a node with two selected ways may result in unintended node move defect Core 7 months ago
#11382 [Patch] Improve MapCSS speed by using BitSets michael2402 enhancement Core mappaint 7 months ago
#13214 Add an empty data layer when user clicks disabled "mode" button enhancement Core 8 months ago
#13185 Cant input Japanese text jmaguro@… defect Core bugreport 8 months ago
#12420 [patch] make summaries of primitive counts in SelectionList Dialog clickable cmuelle8 enhancement Core 10 months ago
#12411 [patch] automatic update of relation editor kolesar enhancement Core 10 months ago
#9572 make validator results indicate whether results may change by loading new objects aceman enhancement Core validator 12 months ago
#12458 Regression - manual adjustment of photo time not possible geozeisig defect Core 14 months ago
#11698 Clicking "View in Website" in mapillary image window opens an editor with html code, not a website in the browser Polarbear-j defect Plugin mapillary 20 months ago
#11690 Hangs on quit on Mac OS X anonymous defect Core 21 months ago
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