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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2612 [PATCH] Cleanup regex related code in the search engine and change regex compilation flags team enhancement major Core
#2620 Validator crashes on "Unclosed Ways" test team defect major Core validator
#2623 Java exception with multipolygon team defect major Core
#2624 editgpx not working/documentation defective team defect major Plugin
#2635 crash pieren defect major Plugin cadastre-fr
#2639 validator bug at time of upload team defect major Core
#2641 [PATCH] Reorder colums team defect major Core
#2646 Exception - Relation editor unable to open type=network relation team defect major Core
#2649 josm crashes once data is collected, just before opening the editing window team defect major Core
#2651 while uploading new/edited POIs in three different places in Germany this error occured anonymous defect major Core
#2655 NPE when attempting to combine ways anonymous defect major Core
#2663 [PATCH] Search action is quiet about search expression errors team defect major Core
#2668 ClassCastException when trying to edit a relation team defect major Core
#2670 no protocol: / team defect major Core
#2672 [PATCH] java.lang.NullPointerException at org.openstreetmap.josm.plugins.measurement.MeasurementLayer.calcDistance( dmuecke defect major Plugin
#2673 [PATCH] key=value operator for search action team enhancement major Core
#2675 Columbus CSV plugin: HDOP not saved as float team defect major Plugin
#2677 Josm exception when trying to upload 2 new roads and 1 place team defect major Core
#2678 crash when moving cadastre layer pieren defect major Plugin cadastre-fr
#2691 Exception when trying to search for "http://" team defect major Core
#2692 adding selected elements to an ordered relation team defect major Core
#2693 Setting to disable unitentional moving of complete ways team enhancement major Core
#2695 Fehler beim Routing-Plugin team defect major Plugin
#2698 Programmfehler bei Layeraktualisierung stoecker defect major Core
#2700 wmsplugin won't load on 1647 team defect major Plugin
#2702 Search in presets team enhancement major Core
#2704 java.lang.NullPointerException while downloading 88 tiles along GPS track anonymous defect major Core
#2716 no author info michael.letzgus@… defect major Core
#2729 Auto completion with numbers sometimes annoying bastiK defect major Core
#2731 Entered values in Einstein dialog are ignored team defect major Core
#2738 [PATCH] Advanced Preferences search should search for multiple tokens when given a whitespace-seperated search string team enhancement major Core
#2739 Error while parsing example.gpx: Content is not allowed in prolog. dmuecke defect major Core
#2741 exception after inserting a local WMS server in WMS plugin configuration team defect major Core imagery
#2744 Can' t download data: no protocol: / anonymous defect major Core
#2747 josm hangs when russian chars are input into changeset summary field team defect major Core
#2748 I tried to upload a road with about 100 nodes. I got a message "An unexpected exception occurred. This is always a coding error. ..." Gubaer defect major Core
#2752 [patch] WMSPlugin memory usage team defect major Core imagery
#2753 Cannot parse valid node from xml string team defect major Core
#2755 [PATCH] data error caused by duplicate node fix applied outside of the downloaded area dmuecke defect major Core validator
#2757 josm reports wrong version xeen defect major Core
#2769 Download members is broken team defect major Core
#2772 Conflict dialog doesn't go away when I delete my map layer Gubaer defect major Core
#2773 Error in conflict detection team defect major Core
#2774 Problem in downloading and merging Gubaer defect major Core
#2775 [PATCH] Crash on gpx file marias@… defect major Core
#2776 Openstreetbugs: use new server hampelratte enhancement major Plugin
#2777 InvocationTargetException in PicLayer plugin anonymous defect major Plugin
#2779 [PATCH] Add "Info about Element" (bount to Ctrl+I) to link to /browse/{node,way,relation}/:id on the OSM server team enhancement major Core
#2780 [PATCH] make hdop color more configurable team enhancement major Core
#2781 [PATCH] AlignInCircle fails and aligns nodes in a flat curve team defect major Core
#2782 nullpointerexception when downloading osm data around track jttt defect major Core
#2784 Import audio using modified times (time stamps) does not work david@… defect major Core
#2787 exception when switching image richlv defect major Core
#2791 oneway and cycleway ce defect major Internal preset
#2793 [PATCH] Several errors shown for railway=abandoned team defect major Core validator
#2794 [PATCH] Invalid "Way end node near other way" error team defect major Core validator
#2795 JOSM does not display way team defect major Core
#2797 SlippyMap Downloader improvements team enhancement major Core
#2803 [PATCH] False positives being flagged team defect major Core validator
#2806 [PATCH] highway=unclassified not showing warning when unnamed team enhancement major Core validator
#2811 exception when importing images team defect major Plugin
#2815 NullPointerException during data merging team defect major Core
#2818 error when retrieving map data Gubaer defect major Core
#2821 Bilder sind nicht nachladbar für gpxtrack team defect major Plugin
#2822 wmsplugin with broken sources.cfg team defect major Core imagery
#2823 Audio import does still not work team defect major Core
#2825 josm-tested will happily download plugins that cannot be used team defect major Core
#2828 WMS Plugin doesn't work team defect major Core imagery
#2847 [patch] extented action to create circles team enhancement major Core
#2851 Proxy caching problem team defect major Core
#2853 Missing tagging templates ce enhancement major Internal preset
#2859 Improve plugin handling for older versions team enhancement major Core
#2862 routes plugin needs update jttt defect major Plugin
#2866 Adding new WMS server dmuecke defect major Core imagery
#2868 tagchecker.cfg fails to throw errors when highway=secondary team defect major Core validator
#2874 NullPointerException when using "zoom to selection" team defect major Core
#2877 Utilsplugin does not compile xeen defect major Plugin
#2879 WMS Plugin: unable to add yahoo entry to list team defect major Core imagery
#2882 Explain messages provided by OSM API and provide online help team enhancement major Core
#2888 Check for deleted elements should ignore incomplete elements team defect major Core
#2893 UtilsPlugin: Exception after simplifying a way team defect major Plugin
#2894 wish: 2 symbols (clock / excrements_bag) ulfl enhancement major Internal mappaint style
#2901 Relation editor producing errors team defect major Core
#2905 [new PATCH] Add option to disable the new "Move elements" dialog Gubaer enhancement major Core
#2906 Multi-select & "Copy default" in WMS Plugin preferences only copies the first selected entry team defect major Core imagery
#2913 Upload dialog enters scrolling-mode when JOSM isn't maximized team defect major Core
#2914 Re-edits in relation-editor impossible team defect major Core
#2915 relation-editor: relation-only edit does not trigger uploadable change team defect major Core
#2916 Lakewalker causes error team defect major Plugin
#2918 After some time josm unusable team defect major Core
#2920 unable to upload data jessidee86 defect major Core
#2921 Failure to install wmsplugin as well as some others team defect major Plugin
#2924 Add msgctxt support to JOSM translations so that translators aren't limited when translating two distinct things that happen to be equivalent in English team defect major Core
#2929 Relation Editor: Cancel button does not cancel edits team defect major Core
#2930 Relation Editor: Impossible to add elements AFTER the last line team defect major Core
#2936 java.lang.NullPointerException on photo import team defect major Core
#2937 Huge memory requirements for image import team defect major Core
#2941 [PATCH] relation editor full member sort team enhancement major Core
#2950 tcx import is broken in version 1788 dmuecke defect major Core
#2951 Can not import CSV file Columbus dmuecke defect major Plugin
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