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#8595 [Patch] Split Object does not work when selection is clear (2 nodes and one way) new team defect major
#8820 Tabular edit of name tags new team enhancement major
#3450 usability issue with Download Area Slippy Map new team enhancement normal
#3865 Support GarminDataBase format new team enhancement normal
#4819 Increase "out of memory threshold" new team enhancement normal
#4920 recognize previous installations new ulfl enhancement normal
#5087 Synchronizing photos / Timezone new team defect normal
#5157 wish: navi-slide for the data-selection window new team enhancement normal
#5694 (patch needs rework) two more select modes new team enhancement normal
#5746 Implement "if-unused" osmChange API feature for outside BBOX nodes new team enhancement normal
#5881 "download along" produces incomplete data new Nakor defect normal
#6095 Rescan conflicts when tags change new team enhancement normal
#6378 Improve sorting order for tag edit dialogs new team enhancement normal
#6384 Uncaught OsmTransferCancelledException new team defect normal
#6524 ConcurrentModificationException in ChangesetListModel (on upload) new team defect normal
#7070 Splitting ways with relation editor open fails to copy memberships new team defect normal
#7282 OsmTransferCanceledException while opening changeset or uploading changes new team defect normal
#7614 preferences.xml: invalid XML character / reference to entity reopened team defect normal
#7735 Tiff image background for josm editor new Kai Timoskainen enhancement normal
#7772 Statusbar could show number of new/modified/deleted nodes/ways/relations new team enhancement normal
#7815 Trouble with the size of windows when displaying an alert new team defect normal
#7850 OsmTransferCanceledException when closing changeset during JOSM closure new team defect normal
#7974 Scalable fill icons new team enhancement normal
#7975 Entering position of calibration points new Larry0ua enhancement normal
#8177 Preset <check> to set several keys in one check new team enhancement normal
#8180 More preset enhancement ideas new team enhancement normal
#8396 Replace geometry: save node ids new team enhancement normal
#8399 Validator could merge two ways with same position if one is an inner without tags new team enhancement normal
#8449 NPE at SearchCompiler$InView.getBounds when initially loading data with filter set new team defect normal
#8802 [PATCH] "Zoom to gap" in relation editor does not work anymore new team defect normal
#8882 different color for 'from' and 'to' new team enhancement normal
#9065 incorrect selection logic new Gilbert54 defect normal
#9070 print in A2 size only prints the top left quarter new team defect normal
#9972 Add Quick Preview of WMS Capabilities URL new team enhancement normal
#10033 Josm do not start in remote control from in https new team defect normal
#10456 Locked layers new team enhancement normal
#10585 Deleted node referenced. new team defect normal
#11086 Allow import notes form created in Osmand *.osc files new team enhancement normal
#11198 Option "download relation members" do not download relations which this members belongs to new team defect normal
#11233 How to make icons in route relation editor continuous? reopened team defect normal
#11240 IOOBE at ChangesetListModel.getElementAt during upload new team defect normal
#11377 Change redo shortcut for dialogs new team defect normal
#11402 Tracer2 - always create new nodes when fix buildings [patch] new team defect normal
#11453 Window with element history is focusing under Changeset manager new team defect normal
#11480 Projection PUWG 2000 5 does not zoom to bbox properly new team defect normal
#11481 JOSM freezes for some time on slow Internet connection assigned wiktorn defect normal
#11483 Unexpected action on list when press right key new team defect normal
#11544 leisure=recreation_ground should display as landuse=recreation_ground new team enhancement normal
#11722 No images after removing active geo-images layer new team defect normal
#11804 Track is not imported from KMZ file new Don-vip defect normal
#11845 (More) nagging/warning for empty changeset comment or source new team enhancement normal
#11860 add healthcare:speciality=paediatrics new team enhancement normal
#12024 turnrestrictions plugin should support restriction=no_entry / restriction=no_exit new team enhancement normal
#12109 Turn restriction onto oneway not properly checked new team defect normal
#12130 timeout exception connect timed out new team defect normal
#12209 IAE at CorrelateGpxWithImages$LoadGpxDataActionListener.actionPerformed - when correlating image with gpx track new team defect normal
#12361 "social_facility:for=" problem new team enhancement normal
#12569 JOSM projection transformation error new Don-vip defect normal
#12605 Load SRTM data from ~/.local/share/josm/elevation new OliverW enhancement normal
#12614 Dropping GPX file from Konquerer throws exception new team defect normal
#12724 Keyboard shortcuts: Alt-number acts on layers in reverse order new team defect normal
#12750 Ouverture fichiers Neptune new Don-vip defect normal
#12817 Kapor plugin dont work new team defect normal
#12858 Layout of "Get access token" window new team defect normal
#13065 Conflation: the conflict-resolution dialog shouldn't be modal new team defect normal
#13155 Better handling of Layer.checkLayerMemoryDoesNotExceedMaximum new michael2402 defect normal
#13242 Problem with WMS new team defect normal
#13282 Layer dialogue keyboard shortcuts not consistent (?) new team defect normal
#13409 Fast draw plugin NPE at FastDrawingMode.mouseMoved new akks defect normal
#13431 Preferences don't always save (OS X) new team defect normal
#13448 NPE at RasterFiltersPlugin.activeOrEditLayerChanged while closing josm new Nipel-Crumple defect normal
#13586 Some Preferences tabs cause JOSM to freeze when not connected to the internet new team defect normal
#13589 IAE: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (ElevationProfileLayer) reopened OliverW defect normal
#13634 IllegalArgumentException: Illegal latitude value mbtiles new iandees defect normal
#13637 Unexpected exception while using the download window new team defect normal
#13641 IAE: Attempted to add listener that was already in list in seachart plugin new malcolmh defect normal
#13656 IAE in turnlanes plugin ModelContainer.getJunction new benshu defect normal
#13660 OsmTransferException: unexpected format of id replied by the server - when web page is redirected to hotel log on page new team defect normal
#13723 NPE in SelectWayNodesAction new team defect normal
#13724 NPE in MoveCommand.<init> via SelectAction.mouseDragged new team defect normal
#13771 Selection -> Area Boundary [testing] new team defect normal
#13773 DataIntegrityProblemException: Relation member must be part of the same dataset as relation new team defect normal
#13784 RejectedExecutionException: DownloadOsmTask (after restart) new team defect normal
#13900 Presets: Add a combobox for name new team enhancement normal
#13947 NPE at SplittingTool$1.keyPressed new Rub21 defect normal
#14045 OperationNotFoundException: Bursa wolf parameters required - North America Lambert Conformal Conical new team defect normal
#14047 Apply EPSG:31468 new team defect normal
#14061 NPE at RasterFiltersPreferences.ok new Nipel-Crumple defect normal
#14115 Walk Mode Mapillary new floscher defect normal
#14129 Writing coordinates to image header doesn't work new bastiK defect normal
#14148 NPE in MapViewState$MapViewEastNorthPoint.<init> new team defect normal
#14219 Imagery transformation and synthesis new team enhancement normal
#14234 IAE: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (GeoImageLayer) new team defect normal
#14405 No conflict resolution possible with newly created busroute new team defect normal
#14460 Change colors for icons like place=* in background/inactive helping layer new team enhancement normal
#14480 New automatic tag correction (or warning): placement new team enhancement normal
#14600 Add warning if othogonalize more than a reasonable number of ways, e.g. 20 new team enhancement normal
#14634 IllegalMonitorStateException - WalkThread new floscher defect normal
#14721 NPE at LaunchAction.isRoad new Rub21 defect normal
#14790 SAXParseException downloading /w qat_script v0.6.2 new Gubaer defect normal
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