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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#13160 Some kind of deadlock which prevents typing in textboxes new team defect normal
#13165 [Patch needs work] Validator did not warn about overlapping multipolygons new team defect normal
#13177 Better handle errors while downloading parent ways/relations new team enhancement normal
#13183 building_tools do not remove address points from relation when merging with building new Upliner defect normal
#13202 Ctrl-C does not work when "ImproveOSM" Plugin is installed new jBeata defect normal
#13205 Warn users when trying to upload really large changesets new team enhancement normal
#13214 Add an empty data layer when user clicks disabled "mode" button new team enhancement normal
#13235 Warn for unordered multipolygon members new team enhancement normal
#13265 Auto split changesets with over 10,000 changes new team enhancement normal
#13275 [Patch] Use parallel stream for StyledMapRenderer, MultipolygonBuilder? new team enhancement normal
#13282 Layer dialogue keyboard shortcuts not consistent (?) new team defect normal
#13315 Add imagery_used and locale tags to changesets new team enhancement normal
#13325 IndexOutOfBoundsException when undoing deletion of photos new floscher defect normal
#13348 After updating JOSM and plugins, and attempting to revert a changeset a "you have encountered a bug in JOSM" message appears new Upliner defect normal
#13369 [PATCH] tag2link strings are not translated new Don-vip defect normal
#13373 Adding a node with two selected ways may result in unintended node move new team defect normal
#13382 a rasterfilters color inversion/transformation filter seems very useful new Nipel-Crumple enhancement normal
#13383 rasterfilters "Choose filters" button missing new Nipel-Crumple defect normal
#13386 [Patch draft] Make imagery support multiple map views new team enhancement normal
#13405 Filter Download Button not working new Nipel-Crumple defect normal
#13431 Preferences don't always save (OS X) new team defect normal
#13435 Option to restore deleted and modified objects only new Upliner enhancement normal
#13446 Preference cleanup new team enhancement normal
#13448 NPE at RasterFiltersPlugin.activeOrEditLayerChanged while closing josm new Nipel-Crumple defect normal
#13456 Structure/clean the main menu new team enhancement normal
#13457 Street area new team enhancement normal
#13458 display external resources icons in the preferences new team enhancement normal
#13463 Undo selection works only if nothing is selected new team defect normal
#13467 Add a new DataSelectionListener and use it to manage the selection. new team enhancement 18.01 normal
#13472 Detect areas mapped on top of highway=* areas new team enhancement normal
#13474 Upload comment and source get reset to previous values new team defect normal
#13478 IAE: Parameter 'member' must not be null when resolving relation conflict new team defect normal
#13484 Use fix value as a choice for track/point drawing new team enhancement normal
#13487 Conflict resolution causes DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted node referenced new team defect normal
#13488 Exporting empty nodes as geojson? new team enhancement normal
#13492 Fix errors is very slow new team enhancement normal
#13497 Lost of focus in Tag/Membership toggle dialog new team defect normal
#13517 Warn users if hw=path is a lone tag new team enhancement normal
#13518 Inner outer ring check is not promted as frequently as it should new team defect normal
#13519 "Selection" main menu new team enhancement normal
#13520 Add support for video in embedded help new team enhancement normal
#13524 DataIntegrityProblemException while purging data new darya defect normal
#13561 Can't go out of "Adjust imagery offset" even after pressing Ok or Cancel and dialog disappeared. reopened team defect normal
#13586 Some Preferences tabs cause JOSM to freeze when not connected to the internet new team defect normal
#13589 IAE: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (ElevationProfileLayer) reopened OliverW defect normal
#13592 relation editor: missing repaint of connectivity info after downloading incomplete members new team defect normal
#13598 upload dialog: automatically adding imagery source deletes existing values new team defect normal
#13600 too far away check does not use multipolygons new team defect normal
#13604 IAE: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (OsmDataLayer) reopened team defect normal
#13615 NPE at AbstractPasteAction.computePastePosition new team defect normal
#13623 delete "cycle routes" layer caused NPE at SaveLayersDialog$SaveAndProceedAction new team defect normal
#13626 Paste as source position should be the default setting. new team enhancement normal
#13634 IllegalArgumentException: Illegal latitude value mbtiles new iandees defect normal
#13641 IAE: Attempted to add listener that was already in list in seachart plugin new malcolmh defect normal
#13651 conditional tag: False warning with complex opening_hours values in combination with AND new team defect normal
#13656 IAE in turnlanes plugin ModelContainer.getJunction new benshu defect normal
#13660 OsmTransferException: unexpected format of id replied by the server - when web page is redirected to hotel log on page new team defect normal
#13666 Unable to change "Paste at source position" keyboard shortcut to Ctrl-V new team defect normal
#13671 NPE at SelectBoundaryAction when Josm Filter Function is used new team defect normal
#13678 Problem with closed multipolygon displaying and test new team defect normal
#13679 Should include imported data when saving a session new Don-vip enhancement normal
#13681 IllegalArgumentException: Parameter 'p3' must not be null new team defect normal
#13691 NPE in Dimension.<init> at startup new team defect normal
#13698 RelationEditor: "Zoom to" replaces selection without hint in text, it shoudn't new team enhancement normal
#13706 History browser: color moved relation members differently new team enhancement normal
#13713 Simplify area is removing some big chunks new *Martin* defect normal
#13723 NPE in SelectWayNodesAction new team defect normal
#13724 NPE in MoveCommand.<init> via SelectAction.mouseDragged new team defect normal
#13730 Proposal for three additional attributes for presets new team enhancement normal
#13734 Wishlist: Multitouch mouse zoom/pan gestures on mac OS new team enhancement normal
#13735 warnings about plugins without a proper manifest new team defect normal
#13738 Some tiles from lower level zoom are not being displayed assigned wiktorn defect normal
#13740 Should revert highways by default, instead setting oneway=-1 new team enhancement normal
#13753 Option to keep or remove all ways when resolving conflicting merges new team enhancement normal
#13755 IAE at ImproveWayAccuracyAction.mouseReleased - on node removal new team defect normal
#13764 NPE in Dimension.<init> via ToolbarPreferences.refreshToolbarControl at startup new team defect normal
#13771 Selection -> Area Boundary [testing] new team defect normal
#13773 DataIntegrityProblemException: Relation member must be part of the same dataset as relation new team defect normal
#13774 On GPS import do not change the viewport new team defect normal
#13777 Allow to select text in some message boxes new team enhancement normal
#13780 IndexOutOfBoundsException in videomapping plugin new team defect normal
#13784 RejectedExecutionException: DownloadOsmTask (after restart) new team defect normal
#13788 Opening individual tracks from<Username>/traces/ via remote control new team enhancement normal
#13797 Some missing tiles are blinking new team defect normal
#13805 improve progess bar of validator new team enhancement normal
#13806 StackOverflowError at Path$Line.getLength new benshu defect normal
#13812 NoSuchElementException at DuplicateNode.isFixable new team defect normal
#13813 Provide bbox coordinates in an easier to use format new team enhancement normal
#13818 "Areas share segment" warning is false positive nowadays new team defect normal
#13840 NoSuchElementException at CreateStopAreaFromSelectedObjectOperation.performCustomizing new team defect normal
#13853 Simplify assigning a shortcut to an action without shortcut new team enhancement normal
#13865 Add a Grid facilty in JOSM similar to --debug and --trace options new team enhancement normal
#13866 Improvement to the Scale bar - Readability plus zoom level addition new team enhancement normal
#13884 Option to save selected objects only new team enhancement normal
#13885 Option to paste the same object into another layer new team enhancement normal
#13887 More complete option to select nodes from ways new team enhancement normal
#13889 Make preset searchs ignore accents new team enhancement normal
#13890 JOSM performance slow when deleting new team enhancement normal
#13891 Adding a member to a relation when it is already in a relation moves the selection down new team defect normal
#13894 Object out of boundaries in JOSM new team enhancement normal
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