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#5203 Key to jump to next error key shortcut new team enhancement normal
#5515 Shortcuts for activating and showing/hiding layers layer shortcut reopened jttt enhancement normal
#5763 Keyboard shortcuts not saved keyboard shortcuts new team defect normal
#6412 Additional hotkeys/shortcuts for navigating completion lists autocompletion, shortcuts, hotkeys new team enhancement normal
#6656 OpeningHoursEditor corrections + enhancements openinghourseditor plugin enhancement boxes shortcut description dialog list drop-down holiday new boman enhancement normal
#7506 Adding shortcut for relation editor and tag editor relation editor, shortcuts new team enhancement normal
#10736 JOSM ignores keyboard shortcuts after opening another window template_report, focus, shortcut, arch linux new team defect normal
#10937 <CTRL><ALT>J (jump to next marker not working Jump to marker shortcut new team enhancement normal
#12243 Quick apply tags shortcuts, power mapping new team enhancement normal
#12862 Shortcut to select the outer way of a selected multipolygon multipolygon, shortcut, outer new team enhancement normal
#13965 Allow keyboard shortcuts for WIkipedia functions wikidata, feature request, shortcut new simon04 enhancement normal
#14657 Zoom Menu on Mac OS-X is not working when called with keyboard shortcuts zoom mac keyboard shortcut macosx new team defect normal
#14782 Keyboard shortcut for "zoom to" in relation editor / double click template_report keyboard shortcut zoom_to new team enhancement normal
#14899 Add shortcuts to rotate objects rotate, Shortcut new team enhancement normal
#4132 'Shift+g' to switch from all GPS traces to just mine gpx, gps, UI, user interface, keyboard shortcut, layer, display new team enhancement minor
#12856 Keyboard shortcuts on MacBook not all working keyboard shortcut new team defect minor
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