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#15782 Presets loading is very slow with Java 9+ / WebStart new performance java9 java10 presets javabug team defect major
#7479 Debug layer to show node movement new debug layer team enhancement normal
#11277 Show the line number for syntax errors in preset files new template_report, debug team enhancement normal
#14083 Horizontal scrolling with mouse doesn't work needinfo template_report javabug mouse scroll wheel horizontal Klumbumbus defect normal
#14337 OSX: zooms in and out when right click to pan new template_report macosx zoom pan javabug sierra team defect normal
#15447 Nashorn fails on Debian when running from Web Start (icedtea-netx) new template_report linux debian webstart icedtea netx nashorn javascript javabug team defect normal
#15609 Accessing tiles from the download dialog behind a proxy new template_report javabug proxy ntlm team defect normal
#15744 Windows / Java9 / WebStart: access denied ("java.util.PropertyPermission" "" "read") needinfo template_report windows java9 security manager javabug Zian defect normal
#15925 AIOOBE in Java2D rendering code (wireframe/AA mode with large dataset) new template_report javabug team defect normal
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