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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#14120 Remove methods deprecated during gsoc-core michael2402 defect normal Core

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#15627 JOSM sometimes seems to forget the preset values for tag key highway team defect major Core
#15668 Enabling "Viewport Following" causes thread deadlock team defect major Core mappaint latest
#15039 [patch] prevent zoom level from jumping after click on slider team defect normal Core tested
#15598 [patch] handle double click in ChildRelationBrowser and ReferringRelationsBrowser the same way team enhancement normal Core latest
#15599 [PATCH] Improvements for testing painting team enhancement normal Unit tests latest
#15606 [patch] export relation to GPX file or convert to a new GPX layer (e.g. for further editing such as simplify way) team enhancement normal Core latest
#15610 Add "additional tags" to preset "waste basket" team enhancement normal Internal preset
#15613 add direction help image to viewpoint preset Klumbumbus enhancement normal Internal preset
#15620 [patch] select previous gap (or next gap) may lead to an invisible selection in the member table team defect normal Core
#15625 georeferenced images can't be scaled with mouse wheel, NullPointerException team defect normal Core image mapping latest
#15634 Problem loading gpx track in JOSM team defect normal Core
#15641 ClassCastException: java.base/java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.base/java.lang.String team defect normal Core validator
#15642 Warn for restriction=* in ways team enhancement normal Core validator
#15651 Option to disable automatic insertion of "hashtags" team enhancement normal Core
#15653 IllegalStateException during Upload team defect normal Core tested
#15666 Display "Abstract" field of WMS layers team enhancement normal Core imagery
#15670 [patch] filtering the dataset does not generate any events, despite of the fact that the DataSet has actually changed team defect normal Core latest
#15673 Add a direct tile link and/or a way to request the calculation of a tile (dirty) team enhancement normal Core imagery
#15676 [PATCH] New keyword 'currentselection' for parameter 'select' in LoadAndZoom handler team enhancement normal Core remotecontrol
#15643 Should display object ids without any separator symbol team defect minor Core
#15646 Better phrase for incomplete way nodes team enhancement minor Core

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#14528 [Regression] Joining two closed ways results in a mess instead of one merged way team defect major Core
#13036 More validation for commands team enhancement normal Core
#13467 Add a new DataSelectionListener and use it to manage the selection. team enhancement normal Core
#14142 Rename "Toggle Dialogs" (sometimes "Windows") to "Panel" team enhancement normal Core
#14526 SequenceCommand doesn't rollback properly in case of subcommand error. team defect normal Core
#15310 The Great Deprecation Cleanup team enhancement normal Core
#15483 [RFC][PATCH] Small improvements in default style team enhancement normal Internal mappaint style
#15560 Add compatibility with Java 10 team enhancement normal Core
#15628 Support HTML code in GPX descriptions team enhancement normal Core
#15334 [Patch] Use BasicArrowButton in MapFrame team enhancement minor Core
#15630 [PATCH] MinimapDialogTest: add tests covering "show downloaded area" functionality team enhancement minor Unit tests

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#10511 [Patch] Joining complex areas produces exception team defect major Core
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