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(edit) @12113   13 days michael2402

See #13467: Preserve order of removed / added fields for selection events.

(edit) @12112   13 days Don-vip

catch NoSuchMethodError for outdated plugin file importers

(edit) @12111   13 days michael2402

CreateCircleActionTest: Remove reflection hack for addSelected: It works as expected now

(edit) @12110   13 days michael2402

AlignInLineActionTest: Reset test environment before every single test. Fixes tests that were failing because action was not enabled.

(edit) @12109   13 days michael2402

SelectionEventManager: Typo / checkstyle

(edit) @12108   13 days michael2402

ParallelWayAction: Use a separate temporary layer, invalidate it to update view.

(edit) @12107   13 days michael2402

Allow invalidation listeners for all MapViewPaintables.

(edit) @12106   13 days michael2402

ParallelWayAction: No need to call repaint after adding/removing temporary layer.

(edit) @12105   13 days michael2402

Audio marker layer: Use invalidate instead of

(edit) @12104   13 days michael2402

Do not force a map repaint when adding a node - map view does this by itself.

(edit) @12103   13 days michael2402

See #14120: MapView should repaint on temporary layer changes automatically.

(edit) @12102   13 days michael2402

Fix #14763: Do not apply colorful filter op if source image is of custom type.

(edit) @12101   13 days michael2402

Fix #14765: Don't use runAndWait for table updates.

UserListDialog now does all table updates in EDT, this should make it thread safe. There was a bug where changes of the active layer were not registered when showing the dialog. This is fixed, too.

(edit) @12100   13 days michael2402

See #14765: Use a try-lock for map painting code: Don't freeze JOSM if layer is locked too long.

(edit) @12099   13 days michael2402

Use selection event manager to trigger repaints on selection changes.

(edit) @12098   13 days michael2402

Allow to globally add the new selection listeners that get detailed events.

(edit) @12097   13 days michael2402

Improve documentation of data selection listener.

(edit) @12096   13 days michael2402

Document fire mode parameter for selection event manager.

(edit) @12095   13 days michael2402

Extract color key searching (migration code) to new method.

This is cleaner and fixes a compile error in eclipse mars.

(edit) @12094   2 weeks bastiK

update test (see #14734)

(edit) @12093   2 weeks bastiK

fixed #14734 - Handling imagery offsets when reprojecting

(edit) @12092   2 weeks Don-vip

fix #14761 - Deleted featured are not removed from geojson

(edit) @12091   2 weeks Don-vip

fix #14762 - NPE

(edit) @12090   2 weeks Don-vip

fix #14756 - Download dialog should also parse URLs which dont contain "#map="

(edit) @12089   2 weeks Klumbumbus

see #14395 - avoid false positive connection warning with building=no

(edit) @12088   2 weeks Don-vip


(edit) @12087   2 weeks Don-vip

fix #14754 - avoid silent failure with invalid lat/lon coordinates in .osm file

(edit) @12086   2 weeks stoecker

see #14655 - drop another workaround

(edit) @12085   2 weeks bastiK

fix compile (see #14734)

(edit) @12084   2 weeks bastiK

offset bookmarks: migrate preferences from lists to key=value maps (+add getters & setters) (see #14734)

(edit) @12083   2 weeks Klumbumbus

fix #14673 - add shop=cheese, icon from sligthly modified, PD and CC0 licensed

(edit) @12082   2 weeks bastiK

minor fixes to ensure unmodifiable StyleElement classes

(edit) @12081   2 weeks Don-vip

checkstyle - disable MethodCountCheck

(edit) @12080   2 weeks michael2402

Relation editor: Make button tool bars scroll if the window is too small to show all of them.

(edit) @12079   2 weeks michael2402

ScrollViewport: Fix layout computation, natively support mouse wheel

The layout size width/height is set to the one of the inner component if scrolling in that direction is not enabled.
The ScrollViewport now supports the mouse wheel in both horizontal and vertical versions.

(edit) @12078   2 weeks michael2402

See #14485: Fix and test MapCSS sorting.

This adds support for real floating point values instead of fixed point decimal and tests for corner cases (infinity, nan, ...)

(edit) @12077   2 weeks bastiK

see #13956 - make cachePresets public

(edit) @12076   2 weeks bastiK

see #14740 - update test

(edit) @12075   2 weeks Don-vip

fix PMD warning

(edit) @12074   2 weeks bastiK

fixed #14740 - Current displayed data position changes when you press TAB

(edit) @12073   2 weeks michael2402

Show sidebar scroll buttons when sidebar content changes (buttons enabled, ...).

(edit) @12072   2 weeks bastiK

remove property change events in NavigatableComponent (can use ZoomChangeListener instead)

(edit) @12071   2 weeks michael2402

Fix #14736: Make removePrimitve(Primitive) do a full removal including dataset locking

(edit) @12070   2 weeks michael2402

Reset the SelectionEventManager listeners for each test.

(edit) @12069   2 weeks michael2402

Fix #14737: Preserve selection order and add comments that it is ordered. Add unit tests.

(edit) @12068   3 weeks stoecker

see #14655 - remove channels workaround

(edit) @12067   3 weeks stoecker

writer no longer has a newLine() function

(edit) @12066   3 weeks stoecker

see #14655 - enforce UTF-8 for output in files

(edit) @12065   3 weeks michael2402

More ds.beginUpdate()/endUpdate() try/finally fixes, checked all calls of beginUpdate().

(edit) @12064   3 weeks michael2402

DrawAction: Fix ds.beginUpdate()/endUpdate() try/finally

(edit) @12063   3 weeks michael2402

MoveAction: Fix ds.beginUpdate()/endUpdate() try/finally

(edit) @12062   3 weeks michael2402

DataSet: Replace manual node filtering by getNodes()

(edit) @12061   3 weeks stoecker

see #14655 - UTF-8 fixes on Windows

(edit) @12060   3 weeks Don-vip

sonar - fix two recent issues

(edit) @12059   3 weeks stoecker

fix silent import error for NMEA data

(edit) @12058   3 weeks Don-vip

fix Java/PMD/Checkstyle warnings

(edit) @12057   3 weeks michael2402

Make cleanupDeletedPrimitives code nicer, only use one bulk update

(edit) @12056   3 weeks michael2402

Use node.getParentWays() instead of filtered list.

(edit) @12055   3 weeks michael2402

Disable the read lock of the dataset while selection listeners are fired - they might want to write lock it.

(edit) @12054   3 weeks michael2402

Fix #14485: Increase sorting speed by removing compareTo complexity.

(edit) @12053   3 weeks michael2402

Fix #6447: Ensure that only move commands in same layer are combined.

(edit) @12052   3 weeks michael2402

See #6447: Fix same issue for the move command (shift+arrow)

(edit) @12051   3 weeks michael2402

Trigger JosmAction selection change on edit layer change.

(edit) @12050   3 weeks michael2402

Fix sonar warnings (modifiers, parameters)

(edit) @12049   3 weeks michael2402

Move quad bucket store of dataset to separate class.

(edit) @12048   3 weeks michael2402

Add per-layer selection listeners. Make selection listener code more generic.

(edit) @12047   3 weeks michael2402

Make TagMerger use the row based layout. Make merge buttons higher and easier to hit."

(edit) @12046   3 weeks michael2402

In conflict resolution dialog, only scroll tab contents and prevent vertical scroll bar from appearing on small screens just because the horizontal scroll bar makes the dialog content smaller.

(edit) @12045   3 weeks michael2402

PropertiesMergerTest: Test that buttons have been added.

(edit) @12044   3 weeks michael2402

Make conflict merge dialog layout more universal, make row titles in all panels the same

(edit) @12043   3 weeks michael2402

Add nicer padding to version info panel

(edit) @12042   3 weeks bastiK

applied #13956 - memory optimization with presets cache (patch by GerdP)

(edit) @12041   3 weeks bastiK

update netbeans project

(edit) @12040   3 weeks michael2402

Long segment test: Make condition for using nodes/ways easier to read.

(edit) @12039   3 weeks bastiK

fix ant compile (update in apache commons compress)

(edit) @12038   3 weeks bastiK

i18n update

(edit) @12037   3 weeks michael2402

See #14708: For long segment test, notify the user about the exact segment. Do not check segments that have not been touched.

(edit) @12036   3 weeks Don-vip

add more unit tests, javadoc

(edit) @12035   3 weeks Don-vip

add more unit tests

(edit) @12034   3 weeks Don-vip

add more unit tests

(edit) @12033   3 weeks Don-vip

add more unit tests

(edit) @12032   3 weeks Don-vip

fix #14708 - no warning about potentially erroneous movement of existing nodes

(edit) @12031   3 weeks Don-vip

add Node.getParentWays()

(edit) @12030   3 weeks michael2402

See #13604: Change error to a warning until we figure out what causes a layer not to be registered at that stage.

(edit) @12029   3 weeks Don-vip

add more unit tests

(edit) @12028   3 weeks Don-vip

see #14120 - fix java warnings

(edit) @12027   3 weeks Don-vip

add more unit tests

(edit) @12026   3 weeks stoecker

see #10529 - drop code completely

(edit) @12025   3 weeks michael2402

See #14120: Throw a nicer exception if a layer is destroyed twice.

(edit) @12024   3 weeks michael2402

See #14120: Fix unit tests by using a separate layer manager when mocking the map view.

(edit) @12023   3 weeks michael2402

See #14120: Do not overwrite the mapView field for unit tests. Fix map view scale/center.

(edit) @12022   3 weeks Don-vip

see #13387 - forgot debug code

(edit) @12021   3 weeks Don-vip

see #13387 - lower the max difference to 850 ULPs

(edit) @12020   3 weeks Don-vip

see #14120 - checkstyle

(edit) @12019   3 weeks Don-vip

do not output visible attribute when saving upload=no/never XML files

(edit) @12018   3 weeks Don-vip

add OsmPrimitiveType.newVersionedInstance() + javadoc and unit tests

(edit) @12017   3 weeks Don-vip

*Data: new constructors with a given id

(edit) @12016   3 weeks Don-vip

update to Groovy 2.4.11

(edit) @12015   4 weeks Don-vip

see #11889 - fix javadoc warnings

(edit) @12014   4 weeks michael2402

See #14120: Use a listener to get notified of way segment / virtual node highlight changes.

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